You aren't going to believe me... But I SWEAR it's the truth!!

Okay my computer is broken so I can't post my part that I have written of my story!!
I know what you are thinking, you are thinking 'But hey, didn't you just post this post?'
Yes, yes I did. Using my dads iPod touch!! I don't have a touch, but my dad has so all is not lost I will be writing on paper so I don't lose my ideas!! That is the best I can do for now!! I hope to be back properly soon but until then...


  1. Aw! Stupid Computer!

    *puts on boxing gloves and starts punching NJ's computer screen*

    *screen cracks*

    Opps. I think it's still broken.

    Here's an idea though! If your dad will let you, why don't you type up something on the Notes app on his i-pod - that's what I do on mine. If you don't like physically writing your stories like me.

  2. Hmm that's an idea... But won't it take up memory??

  3. *duct-tapes NJ's computer back together*

    I'm really sorry it's broken :(

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    *hugs NJ*

  4. Nah dont think so. Plus, I-pods have an enormous amount of memory.

  5. Aww, I'm sorry, NJ!
    ~Hugs~ I hope it can get fixed soon! :(