OK, who is doing CampNano in August? I will add you as Writing buddies...

OK, who is doing Nano in November? I will also add you as writing buddies...

Just, like, leave your username in a comment.

AND, anyone know the link to the Nano where you set your own word goal?

Leave that in the link below, also. Please and Thank you..

... Damn, I've forgotten!

...I'm pretty sure that I was planning to post something here, that I seemed to be really excited about. But see, I can't remember what that was. I think it was yesterday? I dunno...
To be honest, I'm starting to think it was a dream! Quite lately, I've been having A LOT of dreams that are really realistic. It's getting so bad, I can't tell if I dreamt something that happened or not ^^;

Well anyway, even though it was likely to just be a dream, I'm still sure it'll come back to me - I can kind of feel it... NO idea what it was though XD
(I would make a bad psychic lol!)
I still felt like I had to post something, even if it's about nothing really... Sorry to waste your time! Haha!

Right, let's make this worthwhile then - When is the summer  holidays for everyone? I guess everyone's will start at different times. Mine starts on friday, and I'm looking forward to lots~ of writing time! (*glares* And so should you... -.-)

So, everyone! UPDATES! I haven't heard form a lot of people in a long time :( WE MISS YOU! Tell us all what's been up people! :D

(And now for some writing!... Not the good kind. I have to write an 800 word discursive essay on homelessness, for tommorrow. I really should have started sooner an-oH mY gOd I cAn ChAnGe CoLoUr.)

Um.. A Link? Really...?



Link to my blog..

'Cause I'M cool like that...


The reason for this, is, well.. I can't be bothered posting a story here, but theres loads over there.

*Points to his blog, nodding like a lunatic*


Camp NaNoWriMo

Erm, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month.
Many of you have probably heard of it...

If you haven't, it's a ... thing, where you write a novel (50, 000 words) in a month. One month! I know!!! So, basically these people are really optimistic, but anywho.

It's on in November, but if you can't do it then, there's a camp in August.

So, if you have an idea for a novel in mind, and you're confident that it's one you're going to finish, then I suggest you join! Ideally it should be from scratch, but I suppose a few hundred words wouldn't matter much...

Even though I am NOT going to get to 50,000 words in ONE month, I joined. Hehe. Oops.

So I'm doing it in August, I think Gepard is too, and I'm pretty sure Flame is doing it in November... if you have joined or are thinking of joining, say it here! It's one heck of a task, so we need to motivate each other!



If you're... I forget the rest

This is my first post on this very popular blog that I just recently joined. I am, of course, a writer. Normally, I'd say a writer-in-progress or someat, but I am actually a writer. I have a 500 word... thing published in a huge book with other... things. I suppose I could call the things short stories. Sure, I'm going to go with that. The book is only available in Australia, and is going to be realised in August. Big month for me. Meet Derek, Kingdom of the Wicked, and I become a published author. It wasn't a very good story, so I believe they either have a very large book planned, or not many people entered the competition to get a story in. Meh.
I'm not trying to put myself down, that was seriously not my best work. I'm am currently in progress of writing three books at once. In one, I'm 11 chapters in. In another, I'm 7 chapters in. In the last, I'm one chapter in, but that's the only one that I know where I'm going with. Go figure.
I have several fan-fics and short stories that I may or may not turn into actual books going on. I haven't finished one, but I've got most of it in my head. The trouble is getting it on paper (or a word document, but that doesn't have the same flow of sentence...)
I hate not being able to translate my ideas into stories properly. Do you guys have anything to say about that? Maybe some technique that will give me the power to bend reality? That would be nice...
I won't be posting any of my stories on this blog, I have my own blog for that. The link will be in the comments, if anyone is interested. I don't mind if you aren't. It's one in the morning when I'm writing this, so please excuse me if I... annoy you? I don't know what I'm doing. When things are getting smaller and bigger without you mvoing, it's a sign to go to bed, right? It shoudl be.
Thank you for letting me join, and if you got this far into my post, thank you for reading.


So, I think this has been a LONG time coming. Just thought I'd say hey, how's it going. Maybe not..

So, I have nothing useful to post, I'm working on two books. Each of which are still on the first three chapters. I'm SO stuck....

And i have these chapters in my blog, which I shall leave a link to later on. And, I also have a new story which has two parts on my blog which, i shall also leave a link too.

And after this post, I'm going to go and post two poems on the poets of greatness, i shall leave a link in the comments..

Thats all.. I think.


I was in London the last few days. I HAD an AWESOME time.  I went to the London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds Wax Works Museum, LegoLand the Harry Potter STUDIOS. (It was filmed there!!!) (AND it was epic!) I also went to see Shrek the Musical and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Legoland wasn't the best, but the dungeons were brilliant.  I recommend them.

The wax work museum was good, we were queueing for an hour to get in. AND there was only two people on the cashiers. It was ridiculous.

Shrek the musical was inspirational.I loved it. If any of you have seen Wicked the musical, its way better than that. Honest.

Um.. The HP studios... EPIC. All the sets, props and shiz that were in the film were all there. It was amazing!!! There was a shop where they were selling HP stuff, and i nearly fainted, the amount of stuff.... I GOT A HP REPLICA WAND *scream* I've wanted one since i was eight.. I got McGonegels. (spelt wrong, i know. SHUSH) I love it... They have everything there, even a huge scale model of Hogwarts at the end!!! It was huge like. It was amazing. AND they also had a load of wand boxes at the end with every cast, crew and everyone that was involved in HP names on them. It was truly amazing.

AND i think i'll leave it at that.


D.A. Name Change

The D.A. has been changed. It stands for something new. First, it was the Dumpling Army. Now, that still exists... in this world. Then it was the Digital Army. That spiraled off into cyberspace. Now, it's the Dimensional Army, which allows me to take all of my characters and glob them into a bigger plot. >:D

I'm working not character development, tho. HEAVY character development. I'm going to try and write this like how I write fan fictions, because... well... that's SO much easier.


Yes. We will have fun. XD

-That is all-