Thalia Has Something To Say

Well, it's the second day of October, everyone!
Y'know, I was going to make this post at what would have been midnight for me last night, but there is a possibility that I fell asleep, and now I can't remember half of what I was going to say to you all.

Ah well.

You better all be writing. I know I am. You see, I think was going to tell you all what my plot is, but then I remembered that I'm working on about four drafts at once. Yes, four. I bounce around with ideas a lot. It's hard for me to find one I like. So I don't want to tell you all one thing, then do something completely different.

Anyway, that is all. Stop reading my ramblings and write!


  1. Haha, awesome-sauce, Thalia! :D
    Woot! Write write write!!

  2. Yes Ma'am!


    *opens word document*

    Ready to write!