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There are a load of things going on outside of blogland, and sadly, writing is not one of them! -.-
Anyways, the book of mine will be on hold for a while, so I'm sorry about never actually posting anything about it... but when I tried, for some reason the post never actually... well... posted... 0o
It then disappeared, because it was neither saved nor posted! *shrugs* not much I can do about that...
Anyways, I'm off to do loads of homework! Sorry guys, about the book! Bye! ;)

Violet Dawn, Zorabose Reckfien, Vladan Syribil and Alzaric Firenzec

Violet looked up curiously. The blood on top of the ceiling looked strange almost inhumane. It dripped with a plop. She smiled and turned to see the  three other new agents who were on this case with her.. 

Zorabose Reckfiend looked positively happy, seeing that they were on a case involving six murders. She had  long dark wavy hair, pale skin and bright red lips. She was petite.

Vladan had bright blonde hair. He was broad and burly. He was red faced, just after running from a close in- counter with a very boring looking sweeping brush. (he was about to be made clean the sancturary)

Alzaric was the newest of the three agents. He was quite small, But though he couldn't fight aswell as Vladan he had more common sense and knowledge.

Violet peered at the three unlikely people she had been paired with. She smiled again and said " well then scout for clues and we'll meet back here in ten".

Alzaric laughed. " Was it just me or did that sound like something Fred would say out Scooby-Doo?". Violet glared at him.

They were back were they started, in the sitting room of the murder scene. They had found nothing of course. The blood was dry now, not much good. Violet was fed up. Alzaric was rambling on about some theory, while Zorabose and Vladan were being all mushy. She fell backwards onto the couch and sighed heavily.  Everything was a blur.

 Violet started to say something but then shouted "Alzaric your a genius."

"what?" he blankly muttered.
"Say what you just said."
"i said it couldn't possibly be human blood."
"which its not, i should have seen!  Its Phoenix blood."

"What?", they all gasped at the same time.

Just then a bang!. The front door slammed. They all ran in that direction.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PART TWO COMING TO BLOGLAND NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

three posts that aint bad.. YAY!

The Element Plains

OK so  here is my new idea, the Element Plains! It is a world made up of five nations.

The god nation: 
This nation is supposedly where it all started. There was five gods, The Element Gods.   It was once a small island, which had four rulers. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. They each had a crown, each with a crystal. Then they went to war creating an army each of warriors who possessed their elements. When the gods collided their power exploded, (killing all but one), creating a whole world. The god who wasn't killed had to test survivor warriors from each army to create new rulers, this time just for the nations. Leaving only one god.

The Water world:
This is the world ruled by the  ice Queen . It is made of ice, seas and everything else associated with water.

The Earth kingdom:
This world is made up of  deserts, rocks and mountains, etc. This plain is ruled by The Earth Warrior.

The Air  country:
this world is made of clouds and the sky basically. It is ruled by the Air count.

The fire Plain:
This world is made up of volcanoes and other things to with fire... And this world is ruled by (you guessed it) moi. Oh and each world has its own animal. Mine is the fire phoenixes.

Earth= Earth Wolf
Water=Water Turtle
Air= Air Eagle

OK so this is a post.... something i haven't done in a long time.....

The blood caked into my scalp itched like hell. I then knew instantly that going into the old, abandoned warehouse was a bad idea. Charlie stood in front of me with a flashlight, looking scared even through his brave facade. We heard whines and hard footsteps on the ground. I jumped and yelped causing my big Brother Charlie to drop the flashlight smashing upon impact with the ground. We were in the dark.  Our friends Alf and James were snatched by the voice, a high shrieking wail of a thing. It was making all this happen,  the one who also broke Toms ankle. We couldn't carry him anymore so we left him a while back. I know what your thinking, going into an abandoned warehouse that has been in your town for over a hundred years, supposedly haunted, is a stupid thing to do? Right? And then being assaulted by a voice, letting two of friends dissapear? Then leaving your other one behind, promising you'll come back with help? Yeah well if you think i'm a bad person, then do, because i am.

See I've never been able to grab the aspect of normality. Not once. I can see things, people. Dead ones. Yep that's right i'm a freak. I see ghosts. There is others like me too. Charlie for example, he doesn't know what is happening when it does. I do because one of the people showed me how, and why i speak and call ghosts. But i'm not going to tel you. If i do i'll have to start from the start. So i will.....

Well if you read this please comment. I don't know how this is going to progress and i think it's contorversial (please ignore my spelling). Ialready have the last lines wrote so i have lead up to that. So yeah....

Oh and btw, im thinking of audititioning for the christmas talent show in my school...

Off to learn Ed Sheeran a team.....

How's It Going?

How's your word count going? Have you reached 5k, 10k, maybe even 40k? I know it's hard to keep on going and just do it. I blame the novel for calling itself crap. But that's just for now. Once it reads itself over it'll realize that it's awesome! Seriously though, don't stop. Because once you're finished you're eyes will go wide and you'll jump around the house, screaming, "I DID IT! I DID IT!" You wrote your first novel. That's a HUGE step in a writer's career. Once you type that last word that changes everything.
  I, personally, have reached 31k in my novel, Bitten. I've won YWP NaNoWriMo and I've been asked by an agent if they want me for them to represent me. I declined as I'm only fourteen and I don't want an agent right now.
  Anyway, make sure to write at least a paragraph a day and if you can't, make up for it the next day. Just keep going and never give up.
  Tell me in the comments how much your word count is!

EDIT: @Kalia Mist, try not to post one-liners, it's not necessary, and this isn't a place to post your fan-fic. Please keep that to your blog. You can post your actual novel/book/story, whatever you wanna call it here though. Thanks.

schoolwork, lolwuts that?

The rain poured down, only mildly cooler than the baked streets. Inside a cafe with deep maroon painted walls, a woman sat with her feet on the table, crossed, lazily making notes on a pad of paper, whilst reading  a paperback in the other hand. Her age was impossible to place, and deep auburn waves shielded her eyes from the onlooker. A boy, who walked like a man, with deep chocolate skin, nodded to no one in particular, psyching himself up. No reason to be scared. She is just a woman, nothing more, nothing less, and a weak one too, by the looks of her. But still, the way she sat... like you could offer her all the world and she wouldn’t care.
So he might as well ask.
Striding over before he had a second chance to think, and ducking under the lintel to the small cafe. A bell rang, and she looked up momentarily, saw him at the door, and went straight back to scrawling on the pad. His legs took him over to where she was sitting, and his mouth coughed. She looked up again, and once again ignored him. He cleared his throught again, but this time she answerd.
“What?” irritation and nothing else rang though her voice, still scrawling a note. At closer inspection, it appeared to be a collection of random doodles. “Tell me and then piss off.”
“Alena White?” she nodded. “Lukas Lee sent me.” She looked up abruptly at that, but closed the book slowly, as if trying to kid herself and him that this was only something of mild interest. 

Still playing around with names. Alena White, I think I'll keep, but not Lee...

any suggestions? something generic, but mildly asian. He comes from Crimea, which is in Ukraine, but that dosesn't matter, borders are pretty much ignored by the general population. 
Also, the cafe is based off of one in Camden market, but this chapter is in...

yeah, I need to work on my world. Can't decide if alt universe, or compleatly new world... 


you get a kitten every 100 words.

my pleasure.

((Also, I keep Gepards at bay with a wedding gown))

Remeber those wonderful pep talks? Well, they're back.

So, um, seeing as I have no life and oh so much free time, I've been checking this blog almost five times everyday, hoping agaisnt hope that somebody has posted something.
               I've been so disappointed.
 Kalia Mist has posted, I don't know, thirty times? And I find myself reading her posts over again because NOBODY POSTS ANYTHING ANYMORE!
 Remeber that amazing time where every single post had, like, seventy comments, and people posted ten times every day? How 'bout we try that? Am I the only one with no life? Oh how sad...
             Post more. Comment more. Bring out your inner writer. With the minds of these people, fun times gauranteed.
Here is a motivational picture Im really not sure what.           

How do you write when in a bad mood?

Someone tell me how, because I have no idea how to write when in a  bad mood.

Look what I turned into...

Do you guys remember part 1, when Kip and Angelista saved me and I was cute and when you read how scared I was and how I looked at Kip like he was a hero and all-powerful and stuff you kind of went a little goo-goo eyed over it? Well, just to prove I'm NOT cute, NOT a good guy and NOT easily vanquished, here's the latest part of the fanfic starring me... damn, pompous!

I awoke to the scent of blood again, realising Kip must be helping himself to more and more each hour. The light coming through my curtains was dull and dimming- sunset. At last! I rolled sleepily out of bed, yawning. My eyes almost refused to open and my limbs felt heavy, but still I limped to the wardrobe, picking out a new pair of dark jeans and a simple black t-shirt. I laid them on the bed then went to the bathroom to get a shower. Kip was munching noisily on the packet of blood as I passed, but neither of us said anything. I moved back to my bedroom, dried my hair, brushed it, and slipped my clothes on. I pulled my boots on and went back to the living room, where I found Angelista already dressed. I slipped into my gun belt and coat, then leaped through the window before they could react.
     I looked up, seeing both their heads smile down at me. They followed and we all ran through the streets on all fours, up walls, on rooftops, all in the beautiful silvery moonlight. We dropped into an office, where a sorcerer was attempting to kill someone...
     It was from quite a distance away that we first smelt the evil on his person. Silently, we dropped into a small buisness' building, straight into an office in which a sorcerer was holding a Mortal by the collar, threatening to kill him with a strange looking knife with black emeralds all over it, even on the blade. It looked like it was infected with black emerald acne! He didn't have time to scream before I plunged my fangs into his neck, piecring his windpipe. It was as efficient as slitting his throat. Angelista and Kip dived on his remains, eating furiously. I had to push my way in to get any, but none of our hungers were fully satisfied. Suddenly, the skeleton detective and Valkyrie Cain burst in, obviously looking to arrest the sorcerer we just ate. Valkyrie looked faintly discusted at the skeleton dangling limply from my coat's sleeve. I grinned.
     "Brought any Cleavers?" I asked. "We're still peckish."
     Cleavers burst in through the windows, spraying glass all over the room and surrounding us. I didn't flinch, but instead reached for my pistols, so swiftly they did not see me move, and shot the first one down, which Angelista dived on and began to tear apart. They swung their scythes in unison, but I blocked with my sleeves. "Only the Grim and his deciples may use the scythe to kill, morons!" I muttered, throwing them aside and shooting them before they had a chance to react. Kip and I moved to consume them, punching our way past the Cleavers and pulling the corpses apart. I had his left arm in my mouth when they charged. I shot twice, catching two in the chests. Both collapsed instantly.
     "Now, now. You're wasting our food!" I tutted as more advanced, jumping over their heads and clinging to the ceiling. They didn't stop, however, and swung at me in fury. Laughing, I dropped and landed on the blades of their scythes, using my feet to twist them round and catch them all on the chin several times. They were'nt put off, although I could smell the blood on all of them. I flipped my ankle, throwing a scythe into the air, and held it. It felt almost familiar, which made me grin.
     "Come on, then!" I laughed. They sprinted for me, then leaped at the last minute, kicking out. I was ready, however, and spun, swinging the scythe. It sliced easily through them, splitting them in half through the middle. "Ange, Kip, would you mind taking this little lot home to the fridge while I talk to the detectives?" I asked, and, to my surprise, they obeyed. "Now, let's try this again," I said, adressing Detectives Pleasant and Cain. "My name's Kalia Mist, and you are Skulduggery and Valkyrie. Let's be friends." Before they could throw me into a wall or something, I shook Skulduggery's hand and leaped for the window, but a wall of air slammed into me, throwing me into, you guessed it, a wall.
     "Let's not." Skulduggery said, clearly holding me in place. I didn't struggle as he held me there, but instead smirked as another sorcerer with yet another emerald-acne knife slammed into Valkyrie, taking her off her feet. She screamed, which diverted Skulduggery's attention for just a second and allowed me to drop to the floor, then dive on him. Pinning him, I smiled.
     "Race ya!" I ran toward where Vakyrie was being dragged, rushing on all fours, leaving Kip and Angelista to cart the massive pile of bodies back to my house; I caught a glimpse of them through the window, with two huge wheelbarrows of corpses, heading for a door that had only just appeared in the wall of an alley.
     Skulduggery was fast, for someone with no muscles. But I was far faster on all fours, and was soon to the building next door, where Valkyrie was still kicking and screaming as the sorcerer held her down, ready with that wierd looking knife. I dived on him, roaring slightly, and we both tumbled off Valkyrie suddenly. I slammed him into a wall and laughed as he cried out. He went to pierce me with his knife but I punched his arm, breaking a bone. As he cried out, I allowed the magic to pour into my hands, causing them to glow slightly. Clenching them into fists, I punched hard with both hands and watched him turn to dust. The glow faded, luckily. I looked over to where Valkyrie was panting and weeping a little, but holding it in, which I admired. She seemed to have a large cut just below her neck. Lucky escape, I thought.
     "Why did you..." but Skulduggery burst in, and I leaped through a door that appeared out of nowhere.



What is it with Octa and Kallista and the like writing fanfics about eachother and including eachother? I can't help feeling left out. Can anyone cure me of this evil?!!! (And I don't mean being a Reaper, that's not evil, it's cool!) Anyway, I want to be included and I feel unloved, unwanted and depressed! DX But that's just becuse all the fanfics you guys make are so awesome! I want to be in one, so I'm upset. Awesomeness is what you guys do so well! ; ( PLEASE! *puppy dog eyes*

I came up with a reason for me to want to join the good guys and I will tell it in a line of a story so YAY!

Kalia snatched back her pistol, a scowl on her frghteningly pale face. The vampires may be dead, but that was not good enough. Not while Karx Epo and the Cult had escaped. After years of searching and tracking, Kalia had finally found them and was going to take revenge when these teen detectives turned up, and Kalia was STILL hungry for human flesh. It irritated her at the least, and now Kallista had used HER pistol to shoot at her, thinking she was with the cult. She glared with those black eyes, putting the gun back in its holster, and stuck out her black, forked tongue, showing her needle-sharp fangs and black mouth.
     "Don't do that again, EVER." She growled, looking her in the eye, (it was embarresing she was the same height as someone so much younger than her) then helped Angelista and Kip to their feet, checking them for wounds or bite marks...


What could possibly Frighten a Ghost?

Dark hallways and bitter, weeping souls trapped in purgatory, all of which humanity seems to loathe and also fear. Such things from such a low and detestable species are much appreciated by the undead, and allow them to revel in eachother's scariness and happiness at the discomfort and horror of the Human race. However, what spooks spooks? What possible wickedness and diabolical evil could frighten the undead into fits of screams and shivers? The most we can say is that they do fear, and fear is what they enjoy. But, there are five who chill each and every being- alive or dead, from the most complex of alien beings to the simple, single-celled organisms that could never previously register emotions. Such heart-crushing fear do these five inspire that planets have been known to stop turning in their shadows, ectoplasma has been known to melt to nothing and screams have been known to echo in the ears of all who hear them for the rest of their lives.
     Suitably named, these five females with such power and fright are, and always will be, known as
The Fears...

I will inform you of The Fears in a later post.

To Be Or Not To Be!


OK, well, I feel conflicted. Should I writing rough drafts for the others books?

Because, well, the DA is BORING when they's not actually a DA formed yet. I need to write when it's actually formed, to keep, I dunno, tabs on what's actually happening NOW.



Maybe So?

(I love how that rhymes, heh)


I'm finding it so hard to finish a post, and stories.....

This is kinda a stupid post... but yeah

One more thing :

why does no one comment here any more?

answer my question please?

Characters are Fun

The South Rainbow is a town made of butterflies and bunny rabbits. To be exact, every building is painted a bright and vibrant colour, with three parks- one to the far north, one to the far south and one directly in the centre of the little town. There is one marketplace and one small buisness in the printing industry. There is a joint high school, primary school and collage, where children learn, above all else, to be thankful and happy.
    These are two things Laura Meriweather Jones was not. Her house was directly behind the tiny cemetary, where every tombstone was polished and beautiful, decorated with multicoloured flowers and bright green grass. It was a mockery of what cemetaries should be like, she reflected as she stared through her bedroom window, deep in contemplation. Real cemetaries didn't have beauty or loveliness. They were a symbol of the suffering the dead had gone through in their lives, following orders and never actually doing anything worthwhile with their wretched selves. No one in the South Rainbow gave a second thought to social structure, or ever bothered to consider changing the world. To Laura, being a normal child was like torture. Every piece of homework she had to do was like a two tonne weight on her shoulders, pushing on her brain and giving her a headache. She despised the girls in her class for being so prim and perfect, always doing their homework, sniggering and giggling like their brains had leaked out through their ears. She hated that teachers would be so patronising and helpful all the time. Each time they asked "could you help me with this, buttercup?" she'd gritt her teeth and grumble her way down the corridor, listening for the eventual crash as the books she was supposed to help with clattered to the floor.
    Laura herself was the image of beauty; she had long, blonde, straight and flowing hair, and her skin was pale and smooth. Her eyes were a gentle green and large, yet her perfect red lips never seemed to smile in kindness or happiness. She was quietly brilliant, and could often be seen reading horror fiction in the corner of the playground while the rain was thick and heavy, shivering under the huge umbrella she carried to keep the scorching sun off her pale face. She would peer over the top of the book, looking up through the tops of her eyes, whenever a small child would approach to mock her with their stupidity and helpfulness. She had never played their idiotic games and never made friends or even acquaintances of any of them, and never would. The only game she enjoyed was chess, and that was only because she was so good at it. Her teachers would call it a gift, but she called it a need to destroy her enemies in battle. She despised the fashionistas and gossipers, and would enjoy endless days torturing them by telling them she had read in a magazine that Cheryl Cole had been spotted nearby, wearing a bright pink wooly hat on her head and fluffy orange legwarmers. Out of devotion, they would inform everyone and take to the streets searching for her obediently wearing their bobble hats and legwarmers. She would snigger, looking up from her horror fiction, at the large group of ridiculous girls buying Cheryl Cole t-shirts and bright pink bobble hats, only to realise they had wasted a month's pocket money on "we love you, Cheryl" banners and new clothes.
    Once people heared about her (since no one in the real world seemed to get to know anyone before asking around what exactly they were getting themselves into), they would know she was a thoroughly dislikable, dark, and pompous emo with nothing better to do than bury herself in horror fiction when there was a world of beauty all around her. Laura had lived in the cities, living amongst horrible, dislikable, ugly bullying children until her tenth birthday, when her parents had found a winning lottery ticket and moved to a "better place". There, she had been the small nerdy, snotty little girl the others enjoyed pushing into walls on their way past in the corridors and laughing at her. She had submerged herself in horror fiction to prevent her mind from exploding from the pain being excluded from youth society, and the harsh reality of life stuck her like a fist. None of these feelings left her when they moved, and suddenly she was the scary, mysterious one. She was not going to be fooled into thinking anywhere or anyone could be all rainbows and bunny rabbits, and friends were only there to drag her down. The horror and pain had become who she was and South Rainbow was the worst nightmare she could have faced.
    She had lived in this so-called paradise for two years without making a friend or even raising a smile in anything other than a smirk at others' discomfort when faced with her strangeness and darkness. The moment her parents heared the great news, they had changed instantly from the pitiful, sorry sights she enjoyed outwitting and taking advantage of to happy, patronising, smiling lovers, who spent their time kissing and hugging eachother and attempting the same with her. She hated them sometimes- couldn't they see none of her problems had gone away? Still, she loathed the thought of becoming another happy, fashionable, stupid little brat who skipped and laughed and generally made a fool of herself in public.


(yo this ain't a random post yo)

Kallista Pendragon walked slowly down the darkened alleyway, framed by containers. She was being as cautious as she possibly could, and doing her best to stalk the man who was her target. So far, she was doing well.
Well, apart from the giggling.
Kal was trying very hard not to laugh, very hard indeed, but the man had a funny walk. And bad hair. Well, most of his hair was bad. The rest was gone.
Kal saw a cat scamper across a gap in the large containers. Why did he have to go to a dock, she wondered. Couldn't he have gone to somewhere not creepy and not easy to get lost in?
Regardless, she saw him nip into one of the rows of iron boxes, and she too turned the same corner.
She only lost sight of the man for a second, but she still had enough time to catch a glimpse of him again, before he nipped down another column.
Kallista sprinted after him this time, unwilling to lose him, and she turned every corner he turned, went up every column of containers he did, followed him every step of the way.
He was too fast, though. He turned one corner, and Kal thought she had lost him, until she saw that the door of one of the containers was ever so slightly ajar. Grinning, she walked over slowly, cautiously, to the door, before pulling it open sharply. She struck a dramatic, "HAH, I FOUND YOU" pose, and pointed her finger at where she expected the man to be.
Kal looked around the container, which was somehow much larger on the inside. Hellboy, still panting, removed the wig and coat he had been wearing.
"Damn," he puffed. "You're quick."
Looking around the container, she could see all of her friends, except for the boy she most wanted to see.
And then the cake exploded.

Naturally, Venice was standing closest to the cake. Others shrieked and laughed and jumped. Niall, after checking she was okay, shook his head
“What a waste of cake.” He commented sadly. She glowered at him.

Kal went around hugging and nooging everyone one by one, and again if she felt like it. Eventually she made a bee-line for Venice and Niall, who were whispering into a small device, looking unhappy.
“Whats the problem!?” she was putting on a happy face, but she knew the answer to the question. Venice took Kallistas hand in hers.
“Well, Kal. You know how you love Octa?” her sister in all but blood nodded. “well, hes… Kal, hes…”at that point, Venice buried her head into Nialls shoulder.
He took over.
“Kal, you see..” he bit his lip, as if trying not to grin. 
"Kal, look behind you!"
Kallista whirled, and the love of her life caught her by her shoulders, resplendent in a suit lined with purple… and a massive purple bow that looked as though it had only recently been attached.
“Dammit Octa, you were supposed to be behind the cake!!”
Kal and Octa started hugging happily, and so Lego started shooing people out good naturedly, along with Ann-Marie and Skyril, leaving them with dimmed lights and a picnic of epica proportions.


I've overcome a small dilema in my series.

But instead of writing like a good little Author, I drew a picture. I don't even remember what this post was originally supposed to be about. I was drawing the picture instead.

Behold the picture.

...Okay, I'm sorry, but HOW THE HELL DID THAT END UP SO SMALL?!

...Euuuugggghhhh...... Zoom in, whatever.

(Incase of ignorance, that is me wearing a fez, with cool boots, a Torchwood shirt, D.A. dogtag, cool boots, a fryingpan in one boot, a pikachu clip, Mar-Chu the dumpling, and...oh yeah, I'm standing triumphantly on a Toclafane, for some strange reason. Should've drawn myself wearing a Vortex Manipulator, or something. Yeah, pretty much it. I'm sad because I couldn't color it, and it;s so small)

...I think the Master's going to come and laser me now. Stepped on his minion, and all. 


*runs away screaming*

This is CRYSTAL DARKFLAIR's story....

Ok before you read this it isn't mine this is Crystal's. She wants me to post it here..


Pristina Keerie
I was walking home from the shop down  the road one day. I had an ice cream in one hand and my Gucci handbag in the other. I was smiling because business was good at my boutique. Some tailors had closed a while ago, and all of there customers were coming to me. I was walking home-also my boutique-after my lunch break.
    Suddenly a hand closed over  my mouth and a man pulled me down a dark alley way. “Hand over the money now”, He said, and trying to look hard he added,” Now! Or e-else!”. He looked scared. As if, if this went wrong he was in trouble, big trouble. I wasn’t scared of him though. Even if his grip was a little bit sore he wasn’t stronger than me. I pretended he was though. I pretended to struggle because, I  had a plan. “What money?”, I said through his hand,” I have no idea what your talking about”. It was true I didn’t. I also wasn’t sure if this man was a sorcerer or not. But my question was soon answered. “Y-You’re lying! You and that Sanguine guy! You know the guy who can go through walls and stuff? Well you two took money from my boss! Hand it over. Now! Or else!”, he said again. I think I had an idea who he was talking about.
     Billy Sanguine or something like that came to my boutique. He came with a blond haired woman. This man attacking me could have thought I was her even though I had a more ginger hair. Sanguine came to my boutique to buy a suit. He took two suits into a dressing room with him. He came out again a few minutes later with a suit he had picked. An expensive (€1000) bulletproof suit. I h ad to take his name because his credit card was out of date. He looked really angry when I said it wouldn’t work. The blond girl paid in cash for him instead. They both left then. I realised he left one of the suits in the dressing room so I went back to get it. When I walked in I nearly cried. The suit was in shreds on the floor. The suit was a €2000 designer suit not very practical for fighting but it was expensive! I would never ever forget Sanguine.
      “I don’t know any Sanguine”, I said to the man. He frowned. Then I attacked. I summoned a small flame in my hand and pressed it against his arm he yelped and jumped back. I could’ve run for right there and then but he probably knew where I lived so just to be sure I used the air to push him against the wall and getting my emergency revolver out of my handbag I held it to his head. “Now you listen to me”, I said to him, “if you ever, ever come back around here again I will set some of my friends at you. And you wouldn’t want that, trust me. So don’t come back. Do you hear?”
 “Y-Yes but you s-see I w-was told you w-were and adept?”, I looked at him and smiled. “ I think you just kidnapped the wrong girl darling”, and I ran back to my shop just in time to open again.
 I saw someone waiting outside it, looking in the window. As I got closer I realised it was the blond girl who was with Sanguine that day………..

Wattpad help. Could really use you guys.

Could you guys PLEASE vote for every chapter?????? It would mean SO much to me.

Small little thing, really.

Here is a tiny little excerpt;
     "Why whenever I wake up, it's in this room," I asked tiredly. "What's wrong with the Cell?" SpiderWoman didn't answer, she just kept smiling at me. It wasn't, as you can imagine, a pleasurable sight. Her dark curls framed her pale, round face, enhancing her features to look even more spider-like then usual. Her thin, spidery fingers crawled over the desk compulsively. She looked like a fat tarantula, spinning its web and about to feast. I didn't want to hear what she was going to say, and I found myself seriously considering hanging my head back and snoring right in her stupid, superior face. That would not only be as close as relaxing I could get in this situation, but it would be hilarious to watch the expression she would make. But instead, I leaned back in my chair and looked around. There were no bodyguards here, only walls. Walls and chairs. Huh. A small frame on the wall held a crinkled piece of paper, but I couldn't see what it said. With my eyes still fixed on a small puddle in the corner, I turned my body to her.
     I tore my eyes away from the suspicious substance, and glanced over at SpiderWoman. "Should I find the lack of guards flattering, or insulting," I cracked sardonically. Not expecting an answer, I was surprised to watch her mouth start to move.
    " Don't worry," she simpered, her honey-sweet voice burning my ears like hard candy in soda,"I'm well protected." I hung my head back and laughed. Yeah, because that was what I was worried about. Looking around some more, I noticed the chair I was sitting on had wheels. I gingerly placed a toe on the ground, and when nothing hurt me, I slowly laid my whole bare, dirty foot flat. Pushing off with my heel, I zoomed back a little. Then, a brilliant plan formed in my head, and suddenly I was grinning. But, as quickly as it had come, my plan started to fade; there must be some extra precaution. . .
SpiderWoman frowned ever so slightly, as if reluctant to show that much emotion. "What's so funny," she asked suspiciously, slowly. I didn't answer. I wanted to do this before she started whatever she wanted to do. It was worth a shot, at least.
     Suddenly, I swung my rope-tied hands over the back of the chair, and it rolled forward. I jerked back as hard as I could, and it flipped. Laughing, despite the terror in the situation, I sprang up and ran the hell away from the woman behind me. She stood up and shrieked words I didn't understand, and it didn't stop me from sprinting head-first. Anger darkened her features, but I turned my face around and slammed my shoulder into a very-much solid door.
     To my surprise, it opened. I bolted through, ignoring the politely  astonished faces around me. Only until I reached the end of the room did anyone react, yell and shouts erupting like a storm all around me. But too late now; I was already at the end. "Yes!" I was so close. Just one more step. . .
     BAM! A large fist swung into my shoulder, and I yelped and flew a few feet back. No. Dammit, I was so close this time. . . With the world swirling around me, I opened my eyes to see Valk's muscular hand reach for my hair. . .


     Here is a rather small post, destined to be a small post by those darn destiney-ers up in the sky. You know, those guys with the strings? Oh, different story? Oh.
     Anyways, I just made an account to NaNoWriMo because I was bored, and I think we should all do it. If you do have one, post your username in comments so I can add you all. Hehehehe.
     My username is: ViviannaSpark.
     Original, huh?

A poem that doesn't have s name... OR two...... YAY!!!

Poems are NOT my thing, so bare with when these are crap...

The church bells rung softly,
As I sat and awaited my fate,
A priest appeared, I yelped quite loudly,
For holy men I fear....

I sit inside my dinky car,
The priest long dead now,
I killed him quick, with one swift slash,
And ran to take shelter...

I fear for my life as Dawn is to come,
I've nowhere to run,
For I'm a vampire, one without a hope,
I've nowhere to run, not now, not ever...

Dawn quickly came, My life almost over,
I try not to cry, as I'm a hundred and five,
Church bells ring, and I fear for my life,
And then ashes appear where once i was sitting.

AND no. Two!!

I sit at my bedroom window,
Sad to see it go,
The leaves from my old oak tree,
Blowing ever so....

I sigh quite heavily,
Myself, I'm growing old,
My old oak tree stands patiently,
Waiting for me, I do believe, silently and strong...

I'm quite old now,
Reaching past eighty,
My oak tree stands sadly,
Forlorn to see me cry...

I planted as a girl,
Now I'm old and weak,
Sick on my death bed,
My oak stands and weeps..

It is my time,
To leave a life well lived,
My oak tree gone, chopped for firewood,
Parts this world with me....

No writing has been done!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
I've only written a page!! I've been really busy and I'm using the midterm to catch up on studying. Once I've caught up and don everything that needs doing for school I will write. But for now this is all I've done.

Carolina looked around the dusty shelves. She remembered when she was five and her mother had brought her in to see if she could get a job as a messanger. The contense had changed a lot in ten years. They were organised the same way but the wings had grown duller, the hooves less shiny and the horns less extravigant. She remembered the fire of the pheonix feathers and the shimmering unicorn horns. She had been awed by them until she found out that the animals had been killed to gain their finery. Now she was the one doing the killing. She had moved up the ranks in her time. Sometimes she felt discussded at herself, but it was the only source of money she could find. She had no qualifications in anything else and now that her family had been killed by the government she had to fend for herself.
She turned and grinned as she saw John coming through from the operating room. He wiped his crimson hands on the grubby cloth at his hip and leaned on the counter.
“This had better be good,” he grumbled. “I left Chris to finish and you know what he’s like. He can hardly handle the simple stitches.”
Carolina just raised an eyebrow and dropped her bag on the table. The leather made a muffled thump and something clattered inside. John pulled it towards him and tugged open the tie. Caroline couldn’t help giggling at his expression as he tipped the magnificant horn on the table.
“Where did you get it?” he called over his shoulder as he rushed off to wash his hands properly.
When he came back, his hands finaly clean so he could hand the horn properly, he looked at her in awe.
“There were rumors that unicorns still survived in the Mountains near the capital so I thought I’d check them out.”
John shook his and muttered something about stupid risks but bent over the horn with his eye glass to study it. Carolina sat back and waited for him to finish his inspection. When he finaly looked up he looked even more impressed.
“This is in exellent condition. You’re getting better at picking good specimens.”
“I try,” Carolina blushed at the compliment.
John moved to pick up the horn but Carlina pinned it to the table.
“Payment.” She demanded, holding out her hand.
John’s face paled and he started to stammer.
“I…. I’m just waiting for the operation to finish and then I’ll be payed.”
“Then I’ll just have to wait won’t I,” Carolina said, pulling the horn into her lap settling back into her chair.
“Of course,” John grimaced as he turned away and hurried back to the operating room.