Oo, Titles...

Hey, everybody, I wouldn't be surprised if you all know already, but my internet has been -and still is- broken. Every now and then, I can go to the library for about an hour and use the computers there.
Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around too much lately. Stupid internet is the reason. It's up to you guys, Lego, and Kal to run this place in my absence.
No pressure. :P
lol, kidding. I know it won't be touble for you brilliant people. :D

In other news, I'm afraid I've gotten behind in my writing. It's really hard for me to write without internet. I know that might sound odd, but often I get inspiration chatting with people or looking at art or something-or-other. Plus, when I need to look something up or find out different words for something or something along those lines, I can easily online. So, yes, I've gotten behind.
I have high hope, however, that our internet will be fixed soon. My mom is checking stuff out with the company and whatnot. So, we shall see.
No matter what, though, as soon as my internet is fixed, I'll be writing a LOT to catch up and surpass, even all. Hehehe 8)
In the meantime, I'm working on some other ideas. That surprise I have planned for you folks is one thing. Also, well, other things. :P

Well, I'm not altogether caught up with everything everyone's written here while I've been gone, but overall, it looks like all of you are doing wonderfully! I'm so happy with you all. :]
If some of you feel down or unhappy or are just having a hard time writing, take a one day break and don't even think about it all. The next day, start fresh and be excited with the thought of your brilliance. ;)

Oh, and also, Make epicly delicious, simple, fun, fantastic cookie bars!

... Or get your mom to. ;-)
I just happen to have a lovely recipe for such a thing!




  1. Hope that your Internet is sorted soon :) *hugs*

  2. I hope your internet is fixed soon, Skyril!

    Also, really want those cookie bars right now.


  3. Damned Internet... Hope it's fixed soon ;)