Ah, progress.

Ah, but how glorious is progress? 'Tis very glorious indeed.
  I still have to write my plot, even though I've written eleven pages.
I always write a few pages before a plot. I have an idea as to what the ending will be, but that's about it.
So, now I must scour my brain for ideas. Well Brain, have anything to say before I scour you?
  No, you cannot have a new set of ears. Ears are mine, not yours. So greedy.
  Anyway, I feel as if this is going to be good, be fun!
  I have a girl character who came in on about the fifth or sixth page. Her name is Quinn.
  I like Quinn. She's annoying. Annoying is fun to write. >:)
  Also, Sarthacus WILL be back. Oh yes he will. *thunder and lightning*

  Also, there may be a certain witch who may or may not try to suck everyone's soul out and add them to her own to be immortal. Probably won't be though. 0:)


  1. Haha! Sounds brilliant! I like witches! Well, I don't LIKE them, but you know... don't you? You don't? Oh, that's sad. But maybe it's not. I'm not entirely sure any more.
    So, right, yes, PROGRESS! I need to make some of that today. ~strokes imaginary beard~
    Yes, indeed, I do. I'm just so busy plotting and planning and testing and messing around with various future SPG-U ideas that I got a bit distracted.
    Yes, I did.
    HOWEVER, it was a good distraction, and you all will love me. ~Nods~
    Well, as long as it works, that is. I think it will work... probably will. We shall see, shan't we?
    I love OCTOBER!!
    It gets me all excited because it starts getting cold outside, and the holidays start coming! :D
    Oh, I think I'm going to be randomly happy and energetic a lot!
    ~huggles Geppy~

    This is going to be FUN :D

  2. Cool! I like writing mindless pages before a plot comes.

    (Bye the way, meant to tell you this- did you know Gepard is also the Hungarian word for cheetah? I figured that out in a oragami book that was written in Hungarian)

  3. lol, Mar, that is the origin of my name. My name translates into Cheetah Lightning.

  4. Oh, Gepard, how you make me laugh :D Anywho, it sounds brilliant, as usual.