[Insert Something Spanish Here]

What? I couldn't think of a reasonable title...

My brain is confusing me. Hurrurrrurrrurrr...I'm thinking of so many ideas, in so many of the books that...well, I'm ready to write all of them at once.

Should I?


I'm currently a bit stumped on where to go with the chapter I'm on, so I'm reading the Manga online 'Death Brigade'. It's AWESOME.

Ah, I'd have fun in a job like that.

That's why I founded the D.A.

(No, I'm kidding. Maybe. Probably)

Go google it. Read it first on The Duck website, then the other one you may have found. I Forgot the name.

I'm gonna start doodling one day, in a big black book, and It'll turn into the book where I can rant all my ideas down. My mad, mad, mar ideas. About Elves and Classes and Corn Gods.

I think I'm gonna draw something now, probably.

...dang my head still hurts.

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  1. *pats Mar's head*

    You sick or something? We need you at school. Mir and I are going crazy.

    Anyway. Can't wait for your books. The corn gods are still out to get me. I really want to read Death Brigade now. I have a cat eating my sock. That is my report.