Characters from my story pics:

All these are in the story:


  1. 0 thoughts??? Nobody's thought about me!!!!! DX

  2. Ha, that's epic. I love that you can make characters on It's fun, isn't it? And you're characters are awesome, by the way! :D
    lol, people have thought of you, I'm sure. They just haven't commented :P

  3. Here is me commenting! But you have to give it some time...

    I love the character pics. So awesome!

  4. Thank you guys! XD

    Things have got a little freaky in the latest couple of chapters. Plus there's quite a few bits that, if you look close enough, you'll go OMG that's from the origonal book! :)

    Yay you all think I'm brilliant!!!!!!

  5. Origonally, I had thought of the story as being another one of those in which a young innocent girl with a great but dangerous gift is turned against by the authorities and is forced to run along with dangerous people and becomes wiser and wiser but I decided to make her more like me and so she becomes scary and dangerous and more than just a bit gross. I'm not sure but I think I'm writing about a good girl becoming a bad guy...

    Read and tell me whether you're on my side in the story or not. (the latest bits)

  6. LOL Awesome! It's good when you just can't stop writing :D

    And your story sounds interesting, by the way. Sorry I can't keep up. I just keep having things to do when I'm about to read something.