Hmm, I've always hated titles... Maybe I should get some help with a title for this post? Or perhaps I should just call it Walla-Walla-Washington! I suppose I might be slightly stealing Bing's quote there from A Conneticut Yankee, but I don't think he'll mind, do you? Naaaah! So I dub this post, "Walla-Walla-Washington!"

Well, well, well, the month started out with a bang for me! A bad bang O.o
And speaking of bangs, I dreamed I blew someone up with dynamite the other night... I think it was in a hotel room... yesss... but it blew the cover off of a Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer book in the blast.... It was a very sad thing. I think I was in another dimension too! Fun dream ~Nods~

Er, what was I saying? Oh, right, it was kind of a bad time to start off the month for me, but I was able to do it with some scribbling furiously in a notebook as I used my ds for a light in the middle of the night.
Don't underestimate the many various uses of a ds, my friends. 8)

But I was wondering how all of you are doing. Are you having fun? Dreading ever joining SPG-U? I hope not because it's awfully soon to be dreading it. :P Maybe in a few months... Nah, not even then! ;]
But how is it coming? Have any troubles or has it been easy going? [I know Poor NJ is having troubles with her comp. Actually, it's broken :/. I really hope you can get that fixed soon, NJ!]
Anybody need any help with ideas or names or suggestions or critiques or any such thing as that? Or anything else NOT such as that? If there's anything anybody needs or wants to talk about, really, don't hesitate. Leave a comment or better yet, make a blog post about it!

Now I was looking at some quotes a little while ago and thought I would bring them up.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Agatha Christie

I agree, and we've all gotten started so we're getting ahead already :D
But then there's this quote

“The hardest part of writing is not to get the ideas but to remember why it is important to get them.” -Jonathan Safran Foer

That's true too, I think. So remember why it is so important to get them and to write them! Sometime in the future after so much writing, we'll finish our books one by one. Then guess what?
You'll have written a book!
That marvelous thought alone keeps me excited and so very enthusiastic to keep at it!

"The key to success is not through achievement, but though enthusiasm." -Malcolm Forbes

Oh, that's a lovely quote, that is. I like it very much. I also agree with it, and it's not that hard to keep enthusiastic because just think of what you're doing! All of us are so young! Most are in our teens or even younger, and we've joined together to write books! Books! Our very own lovely thoughts, ideas, schemes, plots, villains, heroes, heroins, monsters, creepers, shadows, darkness, sunshine, moonshine, intergalactic starlight, rainbows, and I could go on forever. 
It's just amazing. I'm constantly awed by every single one of you because you're all so fantastic. Don't ever forget that.

There's a surprise Kal, Lego, and I are planning for everyone! I can't tell you about it yet, but soon, my lovely comrades, very soon you'll know allllll about it! I hope you're excited, and I hope you will enjoy it :D
I'm not sure when I'll post about it, but likely it will be sometime this month! So keep checking back and keep writing! Let inspiration fill you, let thoughts scream their plans, and most of all, write because you're brilliant, and write because such amazing people need to spread their stories throughout the world!
So, my friends,

"Be shocking, be daring, be bold, be passionate,"
-Jane Porter
And simply be the marvelous writers I know you all are!


  1. How come I'M not included in this surprise?! Hmph! >:(

  2. Loved the titled, Skyril :D

    I'm doing OK on my books. Writing a bunch of different things at once. Not sure where any of them are going.

    I liked the quotes. Those are good quotes.

    I'm excited for this surprise! Can't wait :D

  3. What is the surprise??

  4. Aw, ~hugs Gep~ Because I wanted it to be a surprise for you too! :D
    I didn't want to ruin the surprise for them either, but I thought I should tell Lego since she made this with me, and I wanted their opinions on something. :]

    Hehe, thanks :P
    Yeah, I'm not exactly sure where my book's going either... I have a couple ideas, but nothing solid. I'm hoping it will come to me as I go :P

    LOL I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait :P
    Wooo! You guys like my title! ~cheers~