Extracts, Characters and Questions


So, I've been writing. Basically just a little scenario will occur in my head and then I type it up. My characters have wills of their own. I don't make them do anything, they do it themselves. I'm becoming one of those writers who are dominated by their characters. It's an odd sensation, knowing that I can't control them like I'm suppossed to. For example, I wrote this one part, and all of a sudden, Nora (The Main-ish Character) walked over, sat cross-legged in front of a fireplace and actually used the word "Dude". I never thought any of my characters would say that, but no matter how hard I try, Nora will not use the other character's (Jared - You find out how interesting he becomes ^^) real name. She can be really stubborn. Anyway! I have an extract and a question. Extract first.

I only have two extract's that don't give away too much so... It makes more sense to give you this one first. It welcomes a new character - Puppet.


"Shall we?" Edgar grinned.

Nora hesitated. Edgar's adrenaline corrupted smirk fell as the answer failed to reach his ears. He looked over to Nora and frowned, confusion settling on his face.

"Something's wrong..." she muttered. Nora warily focused on their opponents movements. She didn't look too keen on fighting them. More like she wanted to run. She looked scared.

As the realisation of this fact hit Nora, her eyes widened. She didn't know how to deal with a scared opponent. Their enemies were ferocious, brutal and insane. She'd never seen them looking... shy. Edgar followed her gaze, and after a while started to come to the same, startling conclusion. He wondered why she hadn't attacked them yet, while they were defencelessly frowning at her. She just stood there, fidgeting, nervously playing with the plain grey ribbons on her immense weapon that matched the ones in her faded blonde hair.

"Puppet!" her weakened master raged. "Kill them!"

The small girl looked at him in response, nodded slightly and turned on her attackers. There was no change to her vacant, shy expression as she walked towards them, dragging her huge Scythe behind her, leaving an ear-piercing, cacophonous screech.

Nora and Edgar gasped in disbelief as the petite girl stopped about five feet away from them, effortlessly lifted the massive blade and settled into a fighting stance.

"How can she hold that thing?!" Nora cried. Edgar was too stunned to even venture a logical explanation. With her skinny arms hoisting the Scythe above her head, she again waited for the confirmation of her master.

"What are you waiting for?!" he screamed. "I said kill them!"

The small girl sighed softly, "Why must I keep killing them?" Her voice was weak and nothing more than a mutter. Not waiting for an answer, she swiftly glided towards them.


SO! There is a sample of what I've been doing. And now my question - or, more of a pondering. I was sorting through various directions my plotline could go, when I started wondering what people were planning. I'd like to know if we're all going to make our books a novel, or a series. I wouldn't normally plan something like that, but I would need to know where my story was going if I were to choose - there are certain events, that if I include at the end of the story, I can't go any further. But, I could also span it out through a trilogy or something. I guess it would work either way, but it might help to know now.

If you could leave your thoughts on my question, my writing or my characters (all include improvements ^^) I'd be very grateful! Thanks!


  1. Fantastic, Bones! I really like your story so far. Very cool.

    I'm not sure if I want to right just a single novel or a series. Sorry I'm not too much help on this matter, I'm still writing four different things at once.

  2. Wow, Bones! I really like your story! There were two misspellings, to instead of too in, "He didn't look to keen on fighting them."
    And realisation instead of realization in, "As the realisation of this fact hit Nora, her eyes widened."

    Otherwise, though, it was quite brilliant and fun!

    Hm, on the subject of one novel or a book series or trilogy, well... I'm not sure I can give very good advice. I'm personally probably going to end it in a way that could do either.
    If you can, I'd do that. Maybe end it so that if you want to, you can write another book, but if not, then you don't have to.
    If you can't do that, well, I'd say go the way you'd prefer. Whichever way you feel more like going. :D

  3. Thanks, Skyril for pointing them out - there were just a slip of the finger.
    It's quite a hard choice because I know exactly what will happen at the end of whatever is going to be my last book, but if I use that in the 1st book, I can't possibly write anymore - that's the end of it all. But I'm not sure about spanning it out though... I have little idea's of how I could do it...
    Maybe I should just write with the main plot for now, and then see where things go. I'll decide later if I should add that backround plotline which would end the story.
    Ah, well. I'm happy you liked it!

  4. Oh, and Skyril? The 'realisation' is the British way of spelling it ^^

  5. That...was brilliant. It reminded me of one of those really plot-related scenes of an anime, where you're introduced to a character who'll have a huge role.



    For my stories, I will ALWAYS have more then one book. Always series's of things. I grow attached to characters, and they grow attached to me, I think (Except Malice. But he's Malice. Malice never likes anyone).

    I just have so many things and words to put into my stories, that I can never write just one story, there has to be many more. Like in school, when they tell you you have to write a story for some project in LA. My stories always suck because they don't give me enough time, freedom, character room, and space to write a story.

    (Like this mystery story we had to write. There was a limit on the characters, it could only take place in one room, could only be so many pages long, and we only had like a week and a half to write it. I like to have 10 or more characters, like lots of different settings, love a long story, and can't write anything is anyone is breathing down my neck to write something)

    As for characters controlling themselves...I think that's happening with Lydia and me. She's just...I had this whole chapter where she would have an epic chase scene and then smash a window by punching it to get detention. But APPARENTLY, she decided to run into March on the way there and tell her she's afraid of grasshoppers, not spiders.


  6. Lol Mar-Chu! I feel the same way about stories. I know I said that I would decide later but I've been thinking and I'm feeling more inclined to write a trilogy. All of a sudden I'm coming up with lots of ideas for different books. It's not for definite but I'm liking the idea.
    Anyway, thanks for the kind words, and I'm hoping to have Puppet involved quite a bit.