Silent Moon

This is... a dead end. But I like it anyway, I just don't want to do sci-fi anymore... I'm also pretty sure its about a year old.

Dreams aren’t like how I remember…

I’m floating – I think. In space. Usually this impossibility would bother me, but at the moment I can’t summon up the willpower to care. An angels voice drifts by asking me something I cannot hear and I try to reply, filled with a swift certainty that terrible things will happen if I don’t. after trying for gods knows how long I find myself giggling hysterically, then suddenly Im falling, falling, falling up or down I don’t know or care but still falling forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and falling and falling and…


“Did he just giggle? ‘Cause I am not having gigglers on my ship, I don’t care what you think”
I try to move, to speak, but everything, even the air, feels like lead.
“No, but you care what I do, and what I know. And I know he looks like…damn his brainwaves are spiking! Throw me the red capsule before he has a heart attack. That would be a pity…”
I hear footsteps and something pierce my arm. An excruciating, pulsating something.
“Fuck Almighty!” someone shouts.
I hear laughter both soft and dark. It seems like it was me who shouted
“Fuck almighty. Alright, he probably is Arrons kid. But lets get some more out of him before we assume anything else.”
“No. he needs some time to recuperate. Let him sleep.”
Even as she speaks it I feel more and more tired. So I decide to sleep, but only for a moment, or maybe two…

When I wake all the pain has gone and I feel almost weightless. I open my eyes and see that Im in a small medical room that should have been pure white and impeccably clan and tidy, like the ones in the hospital back home, but was instead light blue with a dark steel desk in the corner. The walls are covered in chaotic shelves and cupboards with no discernable order and suspicious burgundy stains splattered on the floor. Realizing that I have no idea where I am so knowing my surroundings is pointless, I attempt to get up from the bed. Ignoring the feeling of numbness from my limbs I swing my legs off the bed and place my feet on the floor. My face shortly follows. Along with an amused exhale from the other side of the room.
“Trying to run before you can even sit up straight is not the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. Mind you it’s not the most stupid either” the owner of the airy voice pulls one of my arms over her neck and hoists me lightly back onto the bed then draws up a chair and sits next to me.
“So” she says crossing her legs and leaning heavily backwards “You can call me Æva. You’ve got approximately five hours before you can fully walk again. What would you like to know?”


  1. This is EPICA Venice! So awesome! I love it! Must see more!

  2. Wow! That was really exciting! It got my attention right away and kept it! It was really awesome-sauce, Ven! I hope you can keep writing this!

    The only thing I would change if I were you is the strong profanity. Some people [my parents for one] would never let me buy it if they knew that was in there.

    Otherwise, though, I love it! :D

  3. I really think you should continue on with this if you get time. I would definitely read more!

  4. I love it!!
    Hope to read more!!
    You are REALLY talented!!

  5. I want to know how the story continues thats what!

    Love it! More sooon!