Help! Weird names?!

Hello, this is my first post!
I don't really want to give away the plot but there is this tribe in my book, so I was wondering if any of you know some really weird names? Please comment, I need help!
Lots of Love,


  1. Wait, do you want a weird name FOR the tribe or do you want weird names for people IN the tribe?

  2. No sorry. D: I'm not good with peoples names. You could just google Irish Tribes or African Tribes or whatever country the story is based in and it might give you the names of the leaders.

  3. How about some of these?

    Tariq [means star or path]

    Shiva [after a Hindu god]

    Wekesa [means harvest]

    Maliha [means beauty and strength]

    Chaska [name given to the first born son]

    Cha`risa [means elk]

    Angwusnasomtaqa [means crow mother spirit]

    Lulu [means rabbit]

    Koko [means night]

    Enola [means solitary]

    Abequa [means stays at home]

    Zeltana [means high mountain]

    Abooksigun [means wild cat]

    How are those? If you need anymore, I'll try to get some. :]

  4. Sorry I'm to tired right now to think of some names. But it looks like Skyril has a fair few.

  5. Ah, Skyril, you have the answer to everything.