I'm REALLY bored.

         Um, so, yeah. I've been writing, and I've finished one chapter. Quite pleased with myself, let me tell you. Anywho, I'm fantastically bored, because my laptop is gone, and I'm on another computer that does not have Word. Sooo, I turn to you, my faithful companions. Bit of a survey, like. Or something like that.
        1.) When you have writers block, what do you do? ~EXAMPLES. Music, Television, Etcetera~
        2.) Purple, or blue?
        3.) Favorite genre?
        4.) Favorite person to write in? First, Second, Third?
        5.) Uh, I ran out of questions.
        Soooooooo, answer in comments, for example, mine would be;
           1.) Music.
          2.) Purple
          3.) Roma-ction (Romance, Action warped together)
          4.) Usually Third. Sometimes, First.
          5.) Fantastic.


  1.         1.) I go to school and let my mind twist it where it may with my completely bonkers teachers and insane friends. 
            2.) Triangle.
            3.) Science Fiction and Fantasy.
            4.) Third person, but first person also has some good humor. I view first as a bit of a easy way to write however, For first timers. However, people who dedicate thenselves to first person...AMAZING. Third takes skill, and Second people are insane to write in second person. 

  2. 1. Whatever works at the time :P

    2. Blue

    3. Sci-Fi/adventure/fantasy/romance :P

    4. Third person, on occasion first person

  3. 1. I read, listen to music and sketch!
    2. Purple!
    3. Adventure, fantasy and anime!
    4. Hmmmmm...probably 3rd, but I normally write in 3rd, so maybe I should start to expand a bit...

  4. 1. tumblr!
    2. I dunno...I don't really have a favorite color anymore. it's rather sad.
    3. sci-fi/fantasy/spy/poetry/whatever it is that john green writes.
    4. I really like first person, but it's mostly because I like the kind of things that I write in first person much more than anything else.
    5. Gingersnaps!

  5. 1) Sleep it off, or chat with Mar

    2) Red

    3) Sci-fi and fantasy

    4) 3rd or 1st. Depends on the story. Don't like 2nd that much. It's OK, but I couldn't read more than 10 pages in it before getting irritated.

    5) The fish tank actually has fish in it. The world is ending.

  6. 1.) Well, I do various things. Sometimes, I just stop thinking about it altogether, and do something completely different. When I do that completely different thing, well, it varies highly. Could be music, could be watching something, could be chatting with people, could be browsing art. Ah, the possibilities are endless.

    2.) Purple, most definitely :D

    3.) Well, fiction. The possibilities in the fiction sections are broad.

    4.) Third

    5.) Lovely