...I'm Stuck...Oh, and a sample

...I'm stuck...

But I haven't hit a wall. Noo, just a fence. It's not that tall of a fence, and all I have to do if find a way over.  I'm smart. I can find the resources.

...Okay, metaphorical speaking put aside, I'm a bit stuck on where I should go next with my story. I'm one of those people who NEEDS to write from beginning to end, not going around from one part to another.

But...It's just so many ideas...

I have sooo many ideas buzzing around my head, how things could turn out in later books, but I need everything to PERFECTLY add up to when they make the D.A..

It's just me putting random coincidences, I guess.

It's just-


*dives down and gives her weird dog a hug*

*bolts off to write about the next coincidence inspired by her dog, but not before leaving the bloggers a sample*

NAME: Mirtil (Mir) Lucifer
AGE: 15
OCCUPATION: Homework Hating Artist.

Mirtil Lucifer sat at the back of the class, doodling randomly in a big, white sketchbook, zoning out all the noise around her. She didn't like school particularly, but it was time to see her friends, so she put up with it.

A girl with honey brown hair slid into the seat next to her, shoulders shaking slightly as she laughed.

Mir looked up. “What?”

Thalia Marlo grinned, tapping her fingers on the desk to a fast-paced rhythm. “I bumped into Ratchet and Ariah on the way here. Apparently, that new girl isn't one to fall under Dee's evil reign.”

Mir whistled. “Cool. March Donnelly, right?”

That's her.”

Ah. She seemed different.” Mir looked at Thalia, then began to draw her friend in her sketchbook, inspiration suddenly striking. Black cargo jacket, flashlight in hand, and cocky insane look on her face. It was a rough sketch, but it was all for practice. She'd do a more detailed one when she got home.

I knew there was something strange going on about the teachers here.” Thalia said.

Well,” Mir looked up, “There always was something weird. We were just too young to realize it.”

Yeah...” Thalia paused. “I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't...Not to mention that for a bit I thought I was going insane for thinking it.”

There was silence for a few more minutes. Well, all for the other kids in the class, the sound of the hallway, and the other little background noises.

Hey, Thal.” Mir poked her friend, distracting her from the big textbook she was looking at.


Mirtil pointed to the drawing. “Can you draw algebra equations or something in the background? It confuses me.”

Thalia started scribbling advanced equations with a bright blue pen, her face contorted in a mix between concentration and joy. Mir cracked up laughing, and the taller girl looked at her.

What?” Thalia blinked. “Do I have something on my face?”

Yep.” Mir smiled.

After a moment, Thalia spoke again. “Are you going to tell me what?”

Nope.” Mir shook her head.

Thalia raised an eyebrow, but when back to writing equations. “So,” she said, “What's up? You're acting all sleep deprived and weird.”

Mir yawned In reply. “The chemistry teacher thought it'd be funny to give me extra homework. 20 extra pages to be exact.”

Thalia's jaw dropped. “20!”

20. I'd be getting revenge if I weren't so tired.”

And off too...” Thalia finished. She handed Mir the sketch back. “Here.”

Mir nodded. “Thanks.” She leaned back in her chair, eyes closed. It was just so tempting to fall asleep...but nah, she couldn't. She'd just not do homework tonight or something. Spend that time sleeping.

The brown haired girl frowned sub-consciously. Homework didn't prove anything. Why was there even such a thing as homework? All it did was take time away from other things. She liked chemistry, she really did, but she absolutely despised the teacher. And he despised her. It wasn't a very friendly relationship. One day, Mirtil was going to loose it and go maniac on him.

Mir would much rather be fighting something, or doing some kind of violent workout. Maybe she should pick up Karate. Get a good workout, beating up a dummy or something. Meanwhile, she could only terrorize the boys during dodgeball. Couldn't do baseball, however. When the bat made connection with the ball, it tended to splinter into thousands of little pieces.

Because she couldn't do that, however, she was stuck being an artist. She couldn't even be a mad scientist in school. Mir didn't really want her time wasted with being yelled at. But, on the second thought...who couldn't want a little beginning of year explosion?

Hey, what do you think of the new substitute?” Thalia leaned her head to the side, rising Mir from her daydream. “Seems a bit different, doesn't he?”

Mir opened her eyes, looking to the front. There was a sub, of about 30 or so years old. He had blond hair, and had on a blue shirt and black pants, but a florescent yellow tie. He seemed to have a nice air around him.

Mir blinked. “He looks like a goofball with that tie.” she stated. “Who wears that color?”

Apparently...him.” Thalia said slowly.

The two girls looked at each other, then burst into hysterical laughter.


  1. ~high-fives Twinkie~

    LOL That was super duper awesome-sauce-ness, Mar! Kept my attention the whole time and was just so fun. :D I loved it

  2. I love it! Especially the way you got straight into the characters and their personalities. Can't wait to read more!!!



    I love it! You're a completely brilliant writer, you know that? This is just amazing!