I Fixed It! (I hope so, anyway)

I fixed the problem!

Well, you know how I've been writing tons of things all at once because I couldn't decide on one plot? Well, I've fixed that problem. I'm mushing all the plot lines together, with my favorite one being the main one (can't tell you what that is, sorry. I CAN tell you however that it will be sci-fi/fantasy in genre, most likely). From what I've written of everything so far, I'll go in, take little snippets I like, re-write things so they work, and ultimately just proverbially glue everything together.


This post is so SHORT! I don't like short posts. They're so..................short.

And so I leave you with a picture of the most awesome cat ever.

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  1. Ha, awesome-sauce!
    Good idea!

    Hehehe d'awwwwwwww! ~tackles the dancing cat in the snow and cuddles~