Super Sucky Delays and what not.

Okay so while everyone else is probably writing super awesome and absolute GENIUS storylines, wanna know what I'm doing Homework, and if it isn't homework it's either preparation for my Speech and Drama Exam, or my Piano exam, both of which isn't too far away! Who knew 4th year was so hard? Anyway, I'm not on as much, my Ideas are in my head. (I should probably write them down somewhere so I don't forget). So I am terribly sorry.
But on a brighter note, I have my Halloween Holidays next week, an ENTIRE week off school, so I should probably, hopefully, get caught up then.

Right have to go now, oh my, it's 5.34am here now.



  1. Aw, school is so annoying sometimes. ~sigh~
    Hope you can catch up :]

  2. Hopefully I will next week
    *hugs back*

  3. School is annoying. I've been drowning under homework for the past ever. A whole week of school off? Wowsies, you lucky girl you.

    Hope you have more time to write soon!