Umm... Just the small bit at the beginning, what's its name again, OH YEAH the Prologue


I remember…

… I heard a terrible cry, I woke up and walked down the stairs, I heard my mother begging. I looked in through the gap between the door and its frame into the living room. I saw my mother crying, kneeling by my father’s body.
“Please, don’t do this,” she begged. “We have children, please.”
The man paid no attention no attention; he walked forward and pulled her head back. He brought out a pen knife, without a second thought, as my mother cried in fear; he slashed her throat in one quick motion.
He let go of her and she fell to the floor. I ran back upstairs, I ran into my sister’s room she was fast asleep. I shook her as vigorously as I could. She woke.
“Ellisia, what is it? Get to bed, mum and dad will be mad if they see you out of bed.” She said, sleepily.
“Suza, please. There’s a man downstairs. He did something to mummy, daddy was lying on the floor.” I said, fear filling my voice to the brim.
“What?” Suza shot up. Before I knew it she was out of bed and running downstairs calling for our parents as she did. She barged into the living room to see our parents lying there, in the way I had last seen them. Suza ran to the phone, “Hello, police please. My parents have been killed…” She gave the police our details, trying hard not to break down in tears I stood there by the door, I didn’t know what to do. I didn't understand.
My life changed at that moment.


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  1. Omg this is awesome I love it!!!!!

  2. Wow! A really powerful beginning!


  3. Bit of advice. After you say something in " ", you don't capitalize. Example;
    "Bloody hell," he murmured.
    Look at the he. No capital :)
    Anyways, ~grammar mode OFF~, love this beginning!