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    I haven't been on in a while... Im here to change that :) Here is an excerpt. Hope you enjoy. If you do, comment. If you don't...Keep that to yourself...

    A wave of dizziness woke me, making my stomach churn. I dropped my head down, not wanting to choke if I were to vomit, but nothing happened. After a few moments, the dizziness drifted away, and my stomach settled. I lifted my head weakly, and steadied myself before my eyes opened. After a few minutes of rainbows and unicorns in my head, I peeked through my lashes. I didn't see Valk anywhere, so I felt safe enough to open my eyes. Kallista grinned at me. "Good morning!" She cried happily.
   "No. . . " I groaned. Kallista frowned. "What?" She asked.
   I grimaced in her direction. "Whenever you're cheerful, dreadful things happen. Horrible, bad things."
   "Uh, OK. Er. . . Growl. I am angry." She articulated robotically. Winter snorted.
   I ignored Kallista, and closed my eyes, trying to remember how I got here. But all I could think of was a really weird smell before I went to bed. . . Oh! Oh. They drugged us. All I wanted right now was to sleep on a wonderfully soft bed, and then take a wonderfully warm shower. . .
   What I didn't want was to be in a mysterious room after being mysteriously drugged. But, of course, it was what I get. Whatever. I tried to rub my eye, but I realized my hands were restrained. I looked down to see my ankles tied together with a thick, rugged, splintering rope. I tried to stretch them, but the rope wouldn't budge. I felt the splintered threads prick into my ankle. I felt fear wash through me, starting to lock my joints with paralysis. I started to struggle, my breathing becoming heavier.
   Kallista read my mood, and looked over at me without thinking. She saw the panic on my face, and in my mood. "No," she snapped. "Don't struggle; it'll just rub your wrists raw." I took a deep, soothing breath. Rainbows, unicorns. Rainbows, unicorns. Rainbows, unicorns. . . My arms relaxed. I looked around to see the same types of ropes on everyones wrists and ankles, also. Oliver's wrists were red and bleeding. He must of tried to morph. He caught me staring, and narrowed his eyes. I looked away quickly.
   Looking around, I noticed everyone had thick ropes around their stomach. Except me. "Why don't I have a rope around my waist?" I asked. Venice shrugged and shook her head, making her gold hair fall into her face. Acting out of instinct, she reached up, but realized she couldn't reach up. She she decided to flick her head back and forth quickly, whipping her hair around, but whenever she stopped, it fell right back over her eyes. She spazzed for a while, then let out a puff and slumped down. A hair softly floated on top of her lid, but before she could burst into her spaz dance Riley snarled,"Goddammit!" And ripped the gravity surrounding the hair away, making it fly up on top of Venice's head. Venice smiled.
   "You irritate me," Riley barked.
   I tried to contain my eye-roll with difficulty, and repeated," Why don't I have a rope on my waist," again, but slower this time, in case they didn't understand. Lillith shook her head sadly. "We don't know," she said. "We've been wondering why." Kallista looked up and smiled absently. "It's probably not a good thing, though!" She offered. I glared at her until she lowered her head again. I looked over at Oliver, who was leaning against the wall with obvious tensity. "They drugged us," I said. He gave me a withering stare. "Your logic astounds me." Winter frowned. "Oliver. Don't be rude." Oliver gave her a side-glance. "Fine," he sighed. He looked back at me.
   "Yes," he sighed.
   "What do we do?"
   Oliver didn't answer. He just stared at me blankly. I don't think he had an answer. But then a frustrated voice rang out, and everybody looked over to see Alex and Rachel arguing heatedly.
   "Stop poking me!"
   "My hands are TIED!"
   Everyone watched with a mixture of amusement and annoyance, as the two girls shot words at each other from the safety of their ropes. "Don't deny that --"
   Suddenly Kallista and Hazel snapped their heads in the direction of the steel door in the corner, their eyes glazed over. "Shut up!" They shrieked in unison. "They're coming."


  1. That was AWESOME
    Who is coming??
    What will happen next??

  2. Wow! I love it, Vivianna! Brilliant!

  3. Viv! This is excellent! I wanna see who's coming! Please show us more! ^~^


    I LOVE IT! ESPECIALLY THE, "Er... Growl. I am angry." bit. *falls off chair laughing.

    Oh, and just one bit of advice. You need commas afte speech if you're going to say that someone said it, not just before. Example:
    "You can't do it," Hazel sighed.
    Josh spat, "Yes I can," before returning to the task at hand.
    Hope I was helpful!

  5. :O EPIC Viv!!! Love my line! :D can't wait to hear more!!

    also love Kal's lines... though it IS suspicious how whenever she's cheerful odd things happen O.O