A Thing I Started 'Cause I Miss The Freezer

Okay, The Freezer is my laptop. And in case you haven't read below, he's dead. R.I.P. Freezer, you were my first.

So, since I actually don't have a choice--I NEED to write. I tried not to 'cause I felt I was betraying The Freezer, but it was IMPOSSIBLE. I WAS GOING TO EXPLODE. So I'm using my brother's laptop, and I should not be on the internet.. But this is what I have so far:

A snarl.
    Low, and mean. What should I do?
    Thump, thump, thump.
    Oh God, they’re going to kill me! I’m going to die!
    Thump, thump, thump!
    They’re getting close. Should I run, hide? But where? There’s only trees around me, and they’d be able to follow...
    I wish I’d never visited Rossbane! I wish I’d just stayed home... with Mom... and Dad.
    It broke through the trees in front of me. It’s eyes were as white as the snow that lay around me... what was I to do?
    I backed away, slowly, but every step I took back, it went with me.
    I fell over a fallen branch and landed on the ground, my brown hair splaying over the cold snow. “Please don’t kill me,” I whispered.
    It stared at me... no, it watched me. It was watching me!
    When I tried backing away it growled even more. I stopped, before standing up. “If you’re going to do it, then do it now! I don’t want you to kill me out of the blue. I want you to do it now. So do it!” Tears ran down my soft, pale face, and I pulled my jacket tighter around me, stretching the fabric. What did I care? I’d be dead in a minute or two anyway.
    It stared at me, before revealing its large, pointed canines and attacking...

As I scooped up the remaining rug sacks I’d packed with my clothes, my mother stood in front of me looking awfully worried.
    “Are you sure you want to go?” she asked, her frilly voice edged with worry.
    “Yes, Mom. I’m sure. Aunt Lyd hasn’t seen me in, like, forever.”
    “She saw you two years ago!”
    “Mom, I want to go. Cameron said he needs my help with something, and I’m helping. I’ll only be gone for two months.”
    Only?! Darling, I can barely stand it when you stay over at Emily’s house...” Tears streamed down her face... for the, what was it, twelfth time today?
    I sighed. “Please stop crying. If you want me to stay that bad then I’ll stay.” I meant it, I hated seeing my mother like this.
    She suddenly pulled me in to a hug and said, “Oh, I’m sorry Zel, I didn’t mean to make you upset. Of course you can go... I’m just saying I’ll really miss you. Promise to call every day?”
    “Promise.” I smiled and hugged her back.
    “Time to go, you two!” my dad called from downstairs. He always had to be exactly on time. No earlier, no later.
    I looked into my mother’s dark-green eyes and smiled. “Let’s go.”
The car ride to the airport was boring. Really boring. When Dad had started to discuss American politics with me I completely zoned out. Nothing in the world would be able to make me sit down and have a conversation about politics! Ever!
    I watched as the trees flew passed. I loved trees... and forests... and rain. I guess that’s why I loved living in Ireland so much. Because that’s all it was. Trees and forests and rain. But I wouldn’t be seeing any of that for two months. Not in America. Although, in his letters, Cameron had mentioned something about a nearby forests after I’d told him I liked them. Maybe we could walk through it...
    Cameron and I had been best friends when we were younger. He had been my knight-in-shining-armour-best-friend, or KISABF for short. He’d always stood up for me, saved me from potential death, and he’d just... been there. Until he and Aunt Lyd moved. My heart had nearly been torn from my chest by a rough, rusty pliers. I had cried four days straight, and hadn’t come out of my room for a week. Meals the occasional exception.
     He’d said in his last letter he needed my help. Badly. That something terrible had happened and his life was in danger. That had worried me. I didn’t show the letter to my parents, of course, because they would have freaked and called Aunt Lyd. So I just broke Mr Piggybank and bought a ticket to Rossbane. It was a surprise... of course, Aunt Lyd knew, because you can’t just turn up at someone’s doorstep. But she’s keeping it from Cameron. I can’t wait to see the delight on his face.
    Dad pulled the car to a stop and I legged it. I rushed out into the new downpour and turned in a circle. It would be the last time I’d feel rain on my skin in two months. I wanted to get the most out of it.
    “Zelda, honey, can you get the pull-along?” my mother asked. I sighed and ran to the boot of my car, taking out my pull-along case. It was white... I liked white.
    “My little girl going on a plane all by herself.”
    “Mom, I’m sixteen.” I rolled my eyes and walked into the airport.
    “You’ll always be my baby.” She nodded to a cafĂ© called Take-Off and told me she and Dad would get things sorted while I get a drink.
     “Hi there!” a perky blonde lady said when I reached the counter. The smell of coffee was really strong, and it made me kind of sleepy.
    “Umm, can I have... hmm... can I have a hot chocolate, please? Oh, and can you add marshmallows?” I smiled at her and she said, “Sure.”
    I sat down at a table and left my pull-along stand next to me. I caught sight of my reflection in a spoon that was on the table. Quickly, I tied my hair up into a ponytail, and started prodding at the bags under my emerald eyes. I hadn’t slept last night... I had been too excited about seeing Cameron.
    I started counting on my fingers what time it would be there... if it was eleven a.m. here, then it would be... around six a.m. there. 
    “Here you go!” the perky blonde lady said, handing me my hot chocolate. I dug into my pocket and gave her three euro.
    I smiled and she left. The hot chocolate was exquisite when I took a sip. Soft, warm, went smoothly down the throat. I wish Mom was able to make it like this.
    “Darren, can you get me a coffee?” my mom said to my dad as she suddenly appeared and sat down next to me. He nodded and went off to the blonde lady.
    “Zelda... I’ve just gotten a call from Lydia.” Her face was shadowed by nervousness, but also seriousness.
    “What’s wrong, Mom?” The worry appeared in my face.
    “Well, supposedly, Cameron’s gotten a new group of friends over the past month.” His last letter had been sent over a month ago... May 3rd, the date on it read when I took the folded piece of paper from my pocket. I’d written back, but he hadn’t... and he was the one who’d asked me for help..
    “A bad group. Lydia says they’re the messers of the town. She says his new friends are the ones that cause all the trouble. And she said Cameron was arrested only last night for being caught smoking... I know he said he wanted your help, Zel, but I’m not sure if you should be around him if he’s going to be acting out like this. I just don’t know...”
     Dad came back and Mom smiled up at him, before giving me a look that said ‘He knows nothing.’ I smiled at him too, before abnormally concentrating on my hot chocolate for the rest of the wait.
    “I’ll call you when I get there,” I reassured my mother. She wasn’t crying now... instead, she had pasted a look of concern to her face.
    “Okay,” she said, before waving and watching me board the enormous plane.
“ZELDA!” shrieked the shrilly voice of my Aunt Lydia as soon as I had gotten my bags from checkout. She ran to me, her too-big-to-be-real bosoms bouncing into her face as she did. Her arms extended and she engulfed me in a perfume-filled hug, before giving me a sloppy kiss on the cheek that left an enormous, pink-lipped mark.
     I rolled my eyes and smiled. I really did love Aunt Lyd... why? Because she was crazy. Bonkers, as my dad had put it.
    “Hi, Aunt Lyd!” I beamed.
    “Oh, hon, no need for aunt! I’m not that old, y’know!” Aunt Lyd always said that... even though she was forty-five.
    “Sorry. Lyd it is then!” I stuck my tongue out playfully and she slapped my arm lightly.
    “Let’s go, then.”
    And with that, we exited the shiny airport, and walked straight into a hailstorm.

I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. A place in America that had hailstorms?! No way. It just wasn’t possible. But there it was, outside the car window, pounding on the rooftop, making it impossible to see six metres ahead of you.
    “Cameron never mentioned it was like Ireland here,” I said as I turned to Aunt Lyd.
    “Oh, honey, it’s worse! The only days of sunshine I’ve seen here are when meteorites fall out of the sky!” I faked a laugh with her decided that meant she’d never seen a sunny day...
     “But, if it’s never hot then why’d you move here?” I asked, curious.
    “Well, you remember Cam’s father, Gerald? Yes, well, he got a job here, so off we went. Then I found him cheating on me with that skank, pardon my language, and I told him it was over. I kicked him out of the house, but I never left... I just like it here. And so does Cam... well, he did, up until a month ago. Did your mother tell you?”
    “About his new friends?” Aunt Lyd nodded. “Yeah, she told me. Who are they? How’d he get involved with them?”
    “They’re the terrors of the town. The worst kids. They steal, they smoke, they drink, the fight... I just can’t believe Cam fell for that girl. That’s why he’s their friend. Because of a girl named Aleesha. She’s the devil’s daughter, I’ll tell you that. Worst of the worst.
    “Although, I have to say one good thing about her... When she’s with Cam, he lights up. The last time I saw like that was when you two were in the same country. That’s why I think it’s a brilliant idea to have you. He’ll snap out of this spell that girl’s put him under and he’ll dump her... hopefully.”
    She hadn’t taken her eyes off the road throughout all of what she’d said, but her grip on the steering wheel had tightened immensely.
    “I hope that’ll happen too, Lyd. And I hope he recognizes me...” She took out the letter from her pocket again.
May 3rd 2012
Dear Zelda,
       I’m fine, had some major exams the past few weeks so I couldn’t get back to you. Sorry, dude. How’re you? I hear from Mom that your mom’s birthday is in, like, two months or something. Maybe we could visit. I really miss you.
    It’s great that you’re nearly finished school! Sucky American schools only get off for a month and a half. You get off for three months! I wish I still lived in Ireland. I can’t make any friends here... they don’t like me ‘cause I’m too awesome (awesome being the definition of Irish). You would’ve thought that Americans would love an Irish guy.
    Okay, enough with the crap. I’m in serious trouble, Zel. Like, life or death trouble. I’ve no clue what to do. I need help. Badly. I just... I might die!! Zelda, this is me, asking for any help you can give. Please... help me.
    He hadn’t even signed off. Just sent the letter. I brushed my thumb over the tear stain that he’d left.
    Noticing that Aunt Lyd was trying to read the letter, I folded it and shoved it into my pocket. My jeans were warm so I dug my other hand in my other pocket. Ahhh, that was nice.
    I relaxed my head against the window and shut my eyes for a few seconds.
    “Zelda... Zelda, honey, wake up. We’re here!”
    My eyes fluttered open. Aunt Lyd was shaking my shoulder. It took me a moment to remember I was in America.
    “Oh... sorry. I fell asleep.” I pushed myself up into a sitting position and instantly gasped. There was a beautiful house before my eyes. Deep-blue paint, shiny windows, perfect wooden door. Two storeys high, and wide. Really wide.
    “This is your house?!” I exclaimed, pushing the car door opened and getting out. The hail had stopped but it was still lightly drizzling. The smell of it was fantastic, and the wind blew softly against my face, waking me up.
    “Indeed it is,” Aunt Lyd said, getting out of the car. “Cam’s not here right now, so we better get the surprise ready!” What surprise?

So thanks, and comments please! Also... never mind!

Rant Thing





Oh my God. How? Just how?

Sitting here, writing. Well, was. Not right now. Well, I AM writing, but... Okay, I'll just start this again.

I was sitting there, writing. An EPIC scene, I must say, that I very much enjoyed writing. Gepard was being bad-ass, as per usual, and totally talking Arius out of it. Then bam, power surge and Quinn's there to calm him. Ending the chapter, I just randomly glance at the word count:

20, 038.

Now, I just want to ask, WHUT?! LIKE, OMG. LIKE, TOTALLY, WHUT?! I was sitting there and BAM I'm gone over 20k! I admit it, I fangirled for a few moments. But it was okay because it was for a good cause. A very good cause.

I'm so enjoying writing this book, and I want to thank you ALL for your amazing support. Gepard Valk is up on inkpop for now. I may just be putting up around 70 pages, depends on where the next chapter ends.

Dudes, I'm actually so ecstatic right now, so I shall give thee a glimpse at what scene I was enjoying writing so much:

“You don’t get to plan this. Now shut up.” Arius was about to retort when Gepard growled, “That’s an order.” He knew that Arius would be quiet, because he followed Nochturn law. Because he knew he’d be killed if he did otherwise.
    “I don’t want you here. And I’m sure if these guys knew what you were like they wouldn’t either. Just because you’ve redeemed yourself,” Gepard said, putting air quotes when he said redeemed, “to the Nochturn doesn’t mean you have to anyone else. You left us during the War, you turned against us. You were one of us, part of our team, and it’s your fault Otar died!
    “It’s your fault that Hickron killed him! If you hadn’t surrendered to them and fought then he’d be here, by my side! No, actually, he wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t be in this mess if he were alive! But you, you little dipshit, you gave up! You turned sides because you thought we were going to lose! Well I’d rather have died fighting trying to save the earth, the humans, the sorcerers, every living and non-living thing than give up! You’re a weakling, Arius, and I’ll never forgive you for what you did.
    “And if you even think for a second that I’m going to let you even try to lead this team, then you’ve got another thing coming to you… so be careful. Now get out of my sight. That’s an order!” Gepard shouted.
    Arius was fuming, his face gone red. His fists were clenched and his teeth were grinding together. But he knew to follow orders, so he walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
    Gepard was so angry, he could feel his powers welling up. He could feel the lightning coursing through his veins, and he knew it would be shooting around in his eyes.
    He’d forgotten all about Quinn until she was in front of him, her hands clutching his wrists.
    “Gepard, look at me. Gepard. Look, I’m here. See my eyes. I’m here, I’m with you. You don’t need to be angry, everything’s alright. Gepard, look.” He forced his eyes down to her and instantly felt the power ebbing, fading. Her eyes were so soft, so comforting, so… Quinn. He wrapped her in an embrace and thought back to when she’d shown up at his doorstep.
    It seemed she had too, because she replied to the embrace with, “Finally decided to give me that hug, huh?”

That's actually really short, sorry if it seems long. :3 Thank you guys so much and now, I return to writing, for I am addicted to this book! It's like I'm reading it, but when I stop writing, the story stops. So I must keep writing, to see what happens next! Will Gepard and Quinn become Gepinn? Or will Darkine swoop in and save her from a treacherous life with someone who could burst with lightning at any time? What does Quinn want? What about the holograms at Klicksheb? Were they random? What about his brother being some super-human who fights supernatural beings? And what does the Nochturn REALLY want with Gepard? 

This is all to be told in the next hundred pages or so... and then there's the ACTUAL plot. Yes, those were just side-plots, twists as you call them. The main plot is centred around the holograms that attacked Klicksheb. Kinda. This band of sorcerers are going to do a spell that kills 3.5 million humans/sorcerers to gain immortality. The Nochturn want Gepard to stop them... but what no one knows is that the Immorts (that's what I'm calling them for now) need Gepard to complete the spell. They need him to use his lightning powers. So that's another twist. He's walking right into their trap.

Is this a clever plot?



The following names are all the OC's I've been unable to find on Lizzy's TheSpotForBios.blogspot.com.

Nyx Willows
NJ Marverick
Natalie Jay
Acacia Volt
Elisabeth Vauge
Dantea Dredkin

If you guys could please either post your oc's here or on her blog and let me know, that would be good.

I'm terribly sorry for the delays... For some reason it's not going very smoothly and everything's taking forever. It WILL happen, though!
I guess you'll have to be patient -_-

You should all enter this. All of you. The writer is amazing. And you can win books.

I love you all.

This is a Sample

Because Hellboy the Destroyer and Gepard wanted to see it >:( You guys are lucky you are awesome, dammit.

Just this one scene. That's all you're getting. NO MORE PEER PRESSURE.

EDIT: Why oh why am I such a pushover. One more scene. One more very, VERY SHORT scene is added at the end now. NOW no more peer pressure!

Thalia ran through the old corridors of the abandoned building. Thick layers of dust muffled the sound of her desperate footsteps. It didn't matter that it left tracks – they would find her anyway.

A terrible shriek came from behind her. She gulped and hurried on.

A staircase loomed up in front of her. Up, Thalia thought. That was her only option. She took the stairs two at a time, almost tripping over her own feet when she reached the top. She caught herself and stumbled onto the landing. Another haunting scream echoed. Thalia scrambled up the next flight of stairs.

Her muscles ached and her lungs burned, but she wouldn't let herself stop running. The stairs turned from short bursts of straight stairs with landings in between them into one long, continuous spiral staircase. Thalia's vision swam slightly from exhaustion and dizziness. Finally, the stairs ended at a large oak door. Thalia threw her weight against it, not even bothering to try and open it the normal way. The door swung open upon impact, and she staggered most ungracefully after it. A cold wind immediately whipped through her hair and clothes.

The roof. She was standing on the roof. Thalia immediately snapped back to her senses and grinned. She could work with a roof, given enough time.

She didn't waste even a second. The door was slammed shut. There wasn't anything to barricade it with. It would just have to hold by itself. Thalia spun around again and dashed to the side of the roof, peering over. She was at least four or five stories above ground. A drainage pipe lead down to the ground, and it was old and rusting.

But she didn't have time to doubt its strength. It was the only way down that might not result in her being reduced to a bloody puddle.

Something slammed into the door. Thalia winced and glanced over her shoulder, grimacing. She had to work fast. Her belt was whipped off and slipped around the drainage pipe. It looked like it was only bound at the roof and the ground, which was good. There would be no restringing necessary during her escape.

Thalia positioned herself carefully. Her sneakers were balanced on the very edge of the roof, and she wrapped the belt twice around each hand before holding on as tight as she could. She was faced the door, the wind catching her coat and causing it to billow out behind her. Adrenaline put her heart on overdrive.

The door broke down, and Samhain walked through in her calm, unruffled manner. Two Nightmares followed her. A stab of fear raced through Thalia, but she had been most exposed to the corpse and wasp forms of the Nightmares. They still terrified her, but less so now. Over the past weeks, Thalia had come to realize that while it was fear that kept her human, at times like these, fear could suck it.

There was no time to be paralyzed by it. She just needed to take the terror in stride and overcome it.

Samhain frowned. It looked unnatural. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing,” Thalia replied innocently.

Samhain's eyes flashed, and the picture of calm perfection was shattered. Her Nightmare arm twitched horribly, longing to close around its adversary's throat. She took a step forward. That was Thalia's cue.

“I'd love to stay and chat, but you know what they say.” She smiled her crazy smile. “Geronimo!”

She kicked off.



The bell above the door of James White's bookshop jingled merrily. He ambled out of the back rooms with an armful of books, smiling. His entire facial expression was slightly dazed, and his eyes seemed to have the habit of looking just over someone's head. When talking to the young man, many had the impression that he was never entirely listening to them.

James blinked slightly when he saw the person who had entered his shop. It was not the usual middle aged man or elderly couple. No. A teenage girl, maybe somewhere around fifteen or sixteen, was leaning back against the counter, looking around the store with a bored look on her face. Her black suit made her look rather professional, which confused James. Why would such a young girl be a professional? More importantly, what was a professional doing in his store?

The girl caught sight of him, and her expression lit up. She hurried up to him.

“Excuse me, do you happen to be Mr. James White?” she asked pleasantly

He nodded. “Er, yes. I am.”

“Good.” She pulled a pocket watch out of her blazer, checked the time, then smiled and replaced the watch. “If you have the time, can I ask you a few questions?”

A Plea, Skyril

This is a plea, Skyril. Please, I need you. More now than ever before. Please, just try  to come on. I feel you're not even putting in an effort. Just please, Skyril. I'm going to break in the next few days if you don't get on... you need to sort me out.
    You're the only one that can do it. You're the only one that save me from the pit of endless nothing, the pit of sadness, that rests beneath my feet.
     I need you.
     After tonight, everyone knows just how badly I need you. Skyril, you need to come on. If you don't, I don't know what will happen with me... I just need to talk to you.

     You're the only one that truly understands, the only one that can help. Guys, you help too, but Skyril can solve any problem. You guys have saved up until this point, but right now I'm perched on an edge, and Skyril is the only angel with wings big enough to save me from that treacherous fall.


Covers, get your covers here! [RE-OPEN]

Hey guys! Gepard here, wondering if you would like me to make you a cover/promo. Fill this out if you do:

Subtitle(if there is one):
Mood(E.g. Dark, mysterious):
Plot(make it short please):
Ideas(if you have one):
Keywords: e.g angel, flower, death, balloon.









                                             BURNING COLD

The flames are cold on my skin. Too cold. Flames should hurt. I should be burning. But I’m not. Opening my eyes, I see why. I’m wrapped in his arms… and his wings. His long, white wings. His brown hair is nicely cut from yesterday, and when I look into his emerald eyes I melt. I push into his firm chest. I need him. I need to be with him. He can’t let me go. I’d be nothing without him.
    “Don’t leave me,” I whisper, my voice hoarse from the fire in which we had nearly died in only five minutes ago.
    “I’d never leave you.” His breath caresses my hair, my scalp. It’s warm. It makes me want his lips.
     His wings are freezing me now.
    “I’m sorry. Here.” I hear a soft foosh and watch as his wings become ash-black. They’re warm. I nestle into them and smile. Mmm. “Sometimes I forget that they hurt you,” he says to me, looking angry at himself.
    “They don’t hurt. They’re just cold. And I know it’s easier for you to be in your angelic form.” I lean up and kiss him, seeing his blood-red face, emerald-green eyes, snakelike nose and pointed ears. This is what he looks like in his demonic form. “But you’re my angel no matter what you look like,” I say after our intimate kiss. It’s as if it sent jolts of love shooting through my body.
    “Will they find us now that somethings happened? They know that we’re in the area. Maybe we should leave,” I say. When I look down I can see our house still in flames. Our possessions… the past month of our lives.
     “Okay. But we need to be careful leaving. Maybe if we can get the news people to think we died in the fire then The Takers won’t come after us.” He knew as well as I did that they would know we’d left.
    “Hang on,” Lucien tells me.
    “I’ll never let go of you.”
    I wrap my arms around his neck as he takes off towards the ground, and my raven-coloured hair whips down my back, and his black wings flapping every so often. We’re there within thirty seconds and in the car within another minute. The soft seat is a relief after the ordeal we were just in. The mirror shows my ocean-blue eyes looking wild, and my slender figure is just as good as it was yesterday, give or take a few burn marks.
    “Where will we go? We’ve run out of places,” I say, thinking. We’ve been running for five years, and from what I can see, we’ve used up all the spots in which The Takers would never look. But something always happens—a fire, a flood, a storm. All natural occurrences. But they’re not. It’s always The Takers. Their assassin finally gains enough power, which he gets from killing humans, to cast the spell that washes us out.
    “Don’t worry, Lilliana, we’ll find somewhere.”
    “You know what? No. I’m sick out running.” I get out of the car and cast my arms to outwards. An enormous fireball appears before my chest, the size of myself. “I’m going to fight,” I say. “If I have to keep running then it’s not worth living.”
    “Would you not live for me?”
    “Not if I know you can be killed at any moment. If we do this, then we can live without fear. We can have a normal life… we could have a child.” That’s what we’ve always wanted and I know it will win him over. I’m right. His eyes light up at the word of a child, and he steps forward, his angelic white wings bursting from his back. He curls his fingers and small white orbs appear.
    “Are you sure you want to do this? Because I sense he’s close.” Lucien looks to me as I push the fireball forward a bit, to get away from the heat.
    “It’s either now or never.”
     “He’s here… to your left!”
     I curl my fingers, imagining that I’m sinking my fingers into a tennis ball, and the fling my hands to the left, letting go of my imaginary ball. The fireball follows my movement and shoots of to the left where it hits something which erupts in flames. A man in yelling, then I see clouds appear in the sky above and before I know it, it’s lashing rain. It’s hard to see with no sun, but a man is walking out of the wreckage of whatever erupted.
    His bald head had a scar running along it, going from his right eye, and I think it crosses over his head to his neck, but I can’t see. His eyes are pure black. I catch my breath at his beauty. No, I think to myself, you only feel like this for Lucien. This man has been hunting you for five years, waiting for your death.
    My arms extend and erupt in flames. Time for some one on one with the assassin. I turn my head and nod to Lucien. Orbs the size of soccer balls of pure angelic power appear in the air and shoot towards the assassin. He tries to black them only to find himself flipping in the air.
    I run at him and jump, my leg lighting up with fire, and kick him in the back, the fire giving me extra strength. He roars in pain before falling to the dirty mud below. I land alongside him in a crouch. Is he dead? Or merely unconscious? I go with the second choice but before I can even register what to do next he grabs me and pulls me down to him.
    “You’re beautiful, darlin’,” he says, his voice coming out in a southern drawl.
    “Shut up!” I yell, before forming a small fireball in my hand and shoving it in his face. He screams in agony at the pain before he kicks me off, the impact to my stomach. I collapse on the ground, not able to breathe. My eyes clothes, the last thing I see being the assassin standing above me. When they open, lightning flashes all around me and I’m able to breathe again.
    It takes me a moment to get my bearings, and when I do I see Lucien and the assassin battling with their powers. Lightning threatens to break Lucien’s angelic force field, but his orbs seem impervious to the assassin’s barrier of the strikes from the sky, standing around him like a cage. They hit him and he sprawls backwards, before getting up and attacking with more lightning.
    “Don’t hurt him,” I shout, clapping my hands just once. But it rings around the area, and the ground in front of it is torn up, heading straight at the assassin.
    “You’re dead, Darlos!” Lucien shouts at the assassin. Then he laughs, almost maniacally. But he’s lost his concentration and Darlos lets one last strike of lightning rip from the sky, and it pierces the force field, shooting through Lucien. His eyes are wide, his arms flopping to his sides, before he falls. Knees to the ground, then face first into the wet mud.
    “No!” I shout. The earth tears up and through Darlos. A spike of it goes right through his chest, ripping him apart. The blood is everywhere, some even over my clothes.
    “Lucien!” I rush to his side, then smile as he opens his eyes.
    “You know I’ll never die… well, I will, but not right now. My angelic self is dying, I’m going to be stuck with my demonic wings and powers. I won’t be good anymore, Lilli, I’ll be bad. I’ll be a pure demon. I won’t have any angel to stop me.”
    “Lucien, you’re an angel no matter what wings you have. You’re the nicest, most holiest person I know. You’ll never be bad. You’ll always be my guardian angel.”
    I smile as his black wings replace his white ones, and the feigning force field around us that withstands nothing now turn a devilish red. Lucien’s hair is turning black, and I watch as his open, emerald eyes, turn a black I’ve only ever seen once. In Darlos’s eyes.
    “Lucien?” I whisper. He doesn’t respond. “Lucien! Hello?” His eyes slowly turn to me, before his hand reached out and grips my throat, intending on breaking it… He is the new Darlos. 

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