I haven't been on in...FOREVER!

     Here is an extract.

     After thirty minutes or so of them carrying me, I was getting pretty comfortable. Then they plopped me back down on the floor, and I glared up at them. "A warning, next time, would be much appreciated." The words next time rang through my head.
We continued to walk down the hallway or wherever we were walking. The men in black were so tall they blocked any chance I had to look around. I brought my eyes down from a name tag that read,"'Jevin.'" I snorted. Who has the name Jevin?
Soon, thirty minutes of not talking forced my thoughts down less pleasant manners. Though I would never call the manners I was in pleasant, by any means.
     I thought about my parents, and I wondered if they knew about all of this madness. I wondered if that was the reason they had kept my brother and me inside our whole lives. Guilt, regret, and sadness washed over me, making my eyes tear up. I ducked down and frantically rubbed the tears away. Now was not the time to cry. I pondered when would be an appropriate time to cry, but by then the tears were far away in whatever box or closet where tears were stored.
    In front of me, the men straightened into two lines, both of which led to a tall door with menacing chains. I felt a hand on my back, and the next second, I was being shoved in the direction of the door. Taking deep, calming breaths, I walked down. Every step brought me closer. At the last step, however, there was a blur, and a man appeared in my way. I jumped back in astonishment, and the man straightened up. He eyed me with eyes the color of the sea, and I dragged my eyes up to meet his. It took a while. He was a very tall man.
    "What," he drawled, "is this?" I glowered. I heard a voice behind me grunt, "Nuit." That washed away the smirk playing on his lips. His eyes changed from cruel and menacing to calculating.
"Funnily enough, she doesn't look all that powerful."
     But he smiled again, and it was a smile that made me want to run away and never turn back. I didn't, however, and he tilted his head. "Eh. Who am I to judge? Well, I'm everyone to judge, but nevermind that. My name is Lieutenant Valk. And you, my dear, belong in here."
    He bowed out of my way elegantly, his hands gesturing to the large door. I bit my lip and took a step closer until I could have reached out and felt the metal chains. I glanced back over to Valk, and he winked. This did not reassure me. I reached my hand out slowly and grabbed a thick handle. For such a big door, it was rather light and easy to open. As it was, I pulled with all my might, expecting something heavy. But it swung open, throwing me into the room it held with little more than a tug. When I whirled around again, the door closed, blocking off any light.
     In the pitch black darkness, alone and cold, I sat down. Tears streamed down my face in a heavy flow. I didn't try to stop them. I wanted my brother, and I wanted my father. I wanted my mother. But my brother was kidnapped, and my parents were who-knows-where. So I was alone. Alone in this dark, cold cell. At least, I was, until the lights flickered on and I saw a figure in front of me.
    Shrieking, I leaped back, and a cross voice behind me called out, "I am trying to sleep, dammit!" I clamped my mouth shut with difficulty and stared at the figure in front of me that was a girl with spiky hair. She stepped closer, and there was a blur Then another girl appeared next to her. I stepped back.
"She looks as if she's going to vomit, Kallista." Said the girl with long hair. The other girl, Kallista, eyed me and nodded, "Right you are, Alexandra." She turned her attention to me, and said, "Hello. I'm Kallista. If you are indeed going to vomit, could you be so kind as to not vomit on me? You are, of course, welcome to any one of the people behind you to vomit on."
     I didn't answer, and the dim lights above us flickered again. "Damn lights," muttered the girl called Alexandra. She blurred, and the next moment, she wasn't there. A voice far away said, "I'll get it!" I turned in its direction only to see the same girl almost thirty feet away. She was fumbling with a switch on the wall. I felt my jaw drop and heard my own voice say, "How...How do you do that?" The girl turned her head to me and raised an eyebrow. "What," she blurred again and appeared next to Kallista. "That?" I nodded slowly. She shrugged.
"How does Kallista read moods? How does Oliver--"
"My God, I am SLEEPING!"
"--Transform into animals?" she finished. "We're special." A sardonic voice behind me muttered, "In so many ways..."
   OK, so, I've already re-written this. So keep that in mind when you find typos.


    I love the whole Vomitting bit!! LAWL at Kal :P

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  3. Bloomin Awesome, Viv!!!

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