Sparkly Sparkly Magic Desu

Okay, ignore this post. It has a funny title that makes me laugh, had a post where I had another small problem, but the problem is gone now (I've figured out what to do, rather), and this is just here for my own amusement.


does anyone know where you can get Melon Bread in Cleveland?

Oh! and Salt's a freakin rock! Did you know that? I didn't!


  1. Hmmmm.... well, hmmm... ~drums fingers on the table~

    Well, I say you should write a second story with magical stuff if you can keep up with both. Sometimes it's hard to write about multiple things at once. So if you think you can do it, then you should :D

    Hmm, what kind of magic interests me......... welllllll.... a lot!
    You know what? Maybe you should do something about a magical war. Something about battles and different types of magic and stuff like that. I would think that was very interesting :D

    No, guy in that black SUV! I DO NOT have blond hair! O.O

  2. *pokes head into the comments*

    Blond hair? What's anything got to do with blond hair? He just really didn't like the guys who painted our house because they wouldn't pay the city fees.

    Blond hair...? I don't have blond hair...

  3. Blond hair! It's the answer to everything ~Nods~

  4. Mar, there is a Chinese grocery store somewhere on the East side. I'll ask my sister for the exact address. It has good pocky and ramen, apparently. We can look for melon bread!

  5. Uh, I had blond hair, than I dyed it dark.

  6. Melon Bread! I've wanted that ever since I watched Shakugan No Shana! :)