My Characters...

When I say my characters, I mean MINE. MY characters. Not to sound selfish, but it freaks me out to think that my story ideas are gonna be stolen...and that's happened a few times to me already, SO!

Characters and things to note about them-

March Zoey Donnelly, founder of the D.A., nicknames Mar or later, Mar-Chu. Head of Unit 13 and the Tech Units, basically a Genius mad inventor, and has slightly heightened senses, originally to help her with noticing things around her, but has started to use them for other things concerning detective work...(Based off of moi).

Mirtil Lucifer, mad scientist, creator of the Digile's, artist, and one heck of a chibi demon. Has abnormal strength in her legs, higher agility, and a bit of a temper. Is sometimes overcome my her...ah, bloodlust and sudden urge to hit something. Head of Unit 15, and the Science Units. Also called Mir. (Based off of the real Chibi Demon, Mir).

Thalia Marlo, cargo-jacket wearing...ah, stealth master? She is the head of the Stealth Unit, and of Unit 7, but...I don't really know. Her character is open for change, so prepared for me to look at you quizzically for long lengths of time. (Based off of the real Thalia Jane Circe from real life, last name courtesy to her cat).

Ariah Curse, head of Information, in charge of supplies, and making sure people only know of the D.A. from rumors. Hispanic in descent, she enjoys all mexican food, but she doesn't speak it. Seems nice, but can be completely lazy at times, and in a flash she'll betray you if it concerns something she wants. But she will never, ever betray you for an elf. (Based off of the real Ariah Curse from school).

Lydia DeAname, head of med unit, and is information when Ariah isn't available. Is well on her way to being insane (not to mention she already is a bit), but she's the best friend you could ask for, and can keep any secret. Head of Unit 28 (or was it 27...still can't remember, sorry Lyd), and she always seems to be hungry for the weirdest food (Like fried chicken and dumplings, and jello). (Lydia is based off of the real Lydia DeAname, who I still don't know your chosen last name, so I improvised).

Arthur Diamond, in charge of bomb threats, death threats, any kind of threats, giving out threats himself, and the mutual safety of the public (Mutual because you don't see him locking Mir up, do you?). SAYS he's qualified to carry firearms, but no one quite believes him. (Arthur is an old character of mine, he was based off of someone, but he's been edited, and he's not anymore).

Ratchet September, the boy who I'm still planning. But all the same-MINE.

Dr. J. Dee, is sometimes just known as D, but is the head and creator of the Elfin Army.  His goal is to take over the world, if not one step at a time, and he's started with being the headmaster of the school, the school his base of operations. He's ruthless, cunning, and look and acts a bit like an elf himself. (D is based off of the real Dee in real life, who's real name may or may not be Dee...I'm still confused on that. No offense if possible to the real Dee, but we needed a bad guy, and your the original, and you SAID you had a Elfin Army, even if you were first accused as an elf by Ariah).

The Elf Girl. Ah, Elf Girl. Originally a name idiots used to call me on the bus to, I dunno, bully me or something (You could've done better, really), but now the Elf Girl has been turned into a evil bloodthirsty assassin created by D. (And now I can't help but laugh hysterically whenever one of them calls me the Elf Girl. Ah, the irony).

Digile- a cross between the words Digital and People. You figure it out from there.

OK! That's about it for the main characters. But just in case I may use these, there are-

Joan (Maybe Joan. Maybe You'll get revenge on Mar for kicking you out. Sorry, but you're just not the original).
Virginia Dare

Ah, yes, and the Digiles.

Sire Distract
Nurse Audiette
Scout One
Scout Two

Thanks for your patience!


  1. WOOT! Awesome characters Mar!

    (you ALREADY look at me quizzically a lot. I won't be surprised)

    Unfortunately, my cat doesn't seem in awe of the fact that you're using her name. I told her, and the only thing she did was stare at me. She'll be thankful later, though.

  2. Ha! Love them all, Mar! Brilliant and fun, every one!
    I just rhymed, didn't I... well, It was unintentional :P ~shifty eyes~
    ANYWAY, don't worry about them being stolen! I think you can trust everyone here. :D

  3. We won't steal your characters! They're really awesome! Love them!