Wow....We're all crazy lunatics.

     Has anyone else looked at this blog and all the posts and all the comments and just grinned? Because I do that. I do it all the time. I can't wait 'till Writing Time.
     But anyways, I felt the need to write this because now that everyone's posting their story lines, maybe we should set some ground rules. I can't make you follow them, but they're for your satisfaction :)
     (I realize that these 'ground rules' have already been presented. I just want them to look official-like)
        Writing Norms;
            1. Try, like, not to post everything about your story...A small summary of the plot is fine. I say this, because Gepard has kindly pointed out that if we post everything about our wonderful stories we won't be able to get them published! And that, is a very sad idea.
           2. Follow rule Number 1
           3. And, er, Yeah.
      Wow this is a small post. Eh, well, whatever.
       P.S. I'm still here. Hi! 


  1. Hi Viv!

    Yes I know that if we post it all we won't get published.

    That happened to me before. But yeah we can always take them down. And they're very basic storylines. I think it'll be ok.

  2. So, basically we cant post ALL of our stories, Just like, the first few chapters??

  3. Correct :) But as Octa pointed out, we could always take them down. I hadn't thought of that :)

  4. LOL Yes, I HAVE looked at all the comments and just grinned, Viv! And I AM really looking forward to starting, although I'm kinda nervous now that it's so close :P

  5. @NJ
    Or if you want an opinion on a particular chapter or paragraph or some such such as that, you could post it.
    I'm thinking, though, that I might seal the blog once October is here to let only blog authors be able to come here in case someone wants to post something but is afraid to do so. That way only we, the people who are participating, can comment and read it, and all that.