I've set this off for much to long

  OK, a lot of you have commented on my story draft (see below-Viviannas Story) and said you would like to be in it. I'm delighted, and honored, but there is one problem. Names.
  NOTE: I am making your apperance WHATEVER I WANT. I do not care what your O.C. looks like.
  So, uh, I need to come up with some fake names for those of you who commented. So far I have;
   Gepard Valk- I'm gonna' keep your name. Good evil name.
   Skyril- Your names gonna' be Winter. You'll know why if you read down...;)
   Octa- Oliver
   Lillith- Keeping name
   Ayesha- Hazel
   Dogs Like Bones- Max. Max can be a girl name to!
   N.J.-Keeping name
   Mar Chu- Riley
  Rachel- Keeping name
  Thaila- Alexandra
 So, those are them. If you would like to be in my story, The Meliorate Project, please comment your character status (good or bad)
 And Octa, Ayesha, Kallista, Darkane, please comment the names you would like in the story. They need to be slightly normal. :)
  I'm going to post the powers of the people listed above. Note; In this book, magic is something stemmed from the Genetic Code in the DNA. I can't explain because I don't want to spoil, but here are the powers.
  Valeria Maddison Nuit- (My character. Main) Controls nature. Nothing more to it.
  Gepard- Sorry, but you don't have any in this particular story. Your a soldier of the army, and one that is in charge of Cell 713.
  Skyril- Aha! I have figured it out! Your power is, you can freeze the moisture in the air. BAM!
  Octa, or Oliver- You, my friend, can turn into pretty much any animal. But it's a rather painful process.
  Lillith- I got the idea from the mythical creatures Sirons. You can screech and knock people out cold, but you can only do it for minutes at a time.
  Ayesha, or Hazel- You can see through walls and solid objects. You can see through people, and almost anything.
  Dogs Like Bones, or Max- You can make objects fly to you.
  Kallista- You can feel peoples mood through their thoughts. You can't really read their thoughts, but you can sense if someones feeling hostile, or peaceful, etc.
 N.J.- You can talk to animals. Whenever your outside, they, like, flock you.
 Mar Chu, or Riley- You can screw with the force of Gravity. You can't completely make it disappear, but you can lessen it in certain places and sort of float.
 Darkane- Yours is fun. You can melt. Like, really, melt. So you can melt, go under doors, and then un-melt.
 Rachel- You can create a sort of force-field bubble. But it takes complete peace and concentration.
 Thaila, or Alexandra- You can run super super fast. Like, a blur.
 Venice- You can blend in with your surroundings. Like, a lizard thing. Watchamicallitt. Cameleon.
   Just so everyone knows, those listed above are all going to be in the little group of Gifted kids that refused to help with the Meliorate Project, blah blah blah, and I can have, like, a couple more people in it. Bad guys, are probably going to be  soldiers in the army, blah blah blah, don't want to spoil everything. I'll just say this is the first time I sat down and planned for a book, instead of just running into writing. Like, I usually just come up with things as I go on. Not this time. (Has anyone else noticed that I say 'like' a lot?)
  One more thing. I need advice on whether I should write in First-Person or Third-Person. If you could all be so kind as to comment little pro's and con's on writing in either one, I would be most grateful.
  So yes, that's all I have to say. (For now)


  1. k, i think 1st person would be cool... though somehow, to me, 3rd fits better for this in my mind... meh, im rubbish at tis stuff, so you can ignore me ^^

    oh, and yeah, small reactions and things I would like to say:

    1. OMG!!! MY POWER IS AWESOME!!! LUV U VIV!!! ^^
    2. :O I'm so jealous of Darkane!!! *crosses arms* IIII want to melt!!! XD
    3. are you gonna make fun of my character?! *goo eyes* PWEASE?!
    4. I'm now officially buggered! can you help to think of another name for NJ, 'cause... ahem... reason is secret for all of you guys *winks* but seriously... I need a name D: preferably beggining with "n"
    5. just to tell you how serious I am, I have made another point about the making-fun stuff!!! I WANNA BE THE JOKE OF THE BOOK!!! XD (and how about that dying in an embarrassing way? *looks hopefully*)

    k, before I finish my monster comment, I would just like to say that it is AWESOME that you're keeping my name!!! XD I know, it's just so cool, isn't it?... ;)

  2. :D Bloomin' awesome, Viv!!

    *hugs* thanks for keepin me in ;) and LOVE me power!

    Kall is an empath, is she?

    onyhoo! this story's gonna go SO far, viv :) can't wait!

    as for the narrative... 1st person works well, but 3rd person is somehow nicer for me to read...
    cant explain verry well, but it's almost like in 3rd person u can relate more to the character as its not specific as to who it is. you can almost pretend it is yourself- unlike in 1st person.

    if that made any sense whatsoever... :P

  3. I have no idea what I should be called. I want it to be kind of strange, either really long or really short.....

  4. Hmm.... good other name for me. Normalish.

    How about Oliver? Orc? Oenone? Something beginning with O.

  5. Good bad guy name? *happy dances.. I mean evil dances*
    Yay, no super power!

  6. LOL.
    @Lilith; I kind of want to keep your character. But your the, always trips and falls when trying to run away from the bad guys, kinda person.

  7. *sniff* No Venice??

    also, dear god posts are impossible to read now ¬_¬ SKYYYYYYRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    but it looks Epica!!!

  8. I would like to be called either Hazel, or Amy short for amelia, well something like that, you can pick out of the two!

  9. Exactly, Venice! The design hurts my brain!!!
    And, would you like to be in my book? :)

  10. Also, Venice, Whats your name gonna' be? Would you like to keep it the same? Because yours is slightly normalish.

  11. I gotta admit, I think Skyril's power is EPICA.

  12. Oh my god my power is AWESOME!


  13. Omg I love my powers!!!!!!!!!!

  14. My power is brilliant. I feel so awesome now.

    Thank you~

  15. My god I love my powers! And name! Thank you so much!

  16. That sounds AWESOME, Vivianna! And thank you for putting me in it! :D I LOVE WINTER AND AUTUMN! So it's perfect :]
    It sounds REALLY interesting! I sorta am half planning mine. :P I should really probably plan it some more... lol
    But anyway, awesome-sauce :D

  17. Vivianna - its sounds so good!
    *teacher mode engaged*
    First person is easier to write in, and at first seems to be the better option, and one of my favourite books is written entirely in first!
    but thrid person allows far more freedom. You can see the more than one charachters thoughts, describe the surroundings, and just generally be more well rounded and freer!
    *end teacher mode*
    just choose what you enjoy.
    also - Instead of Venice, I think Clarissa/Clarisse, Lucia or Minerva would be better... IDK, its just more... normal? yeah. (Minerva was my second choice of name =P )