A little advice, so I don't eat you.

    This post is written by Vivianna! Not Skyril! I don't think she even knows I'm writing this, so I really hope she doesn't glare at me!

         Anyhow, I just came on here to say a couple of things. Terms of advice, so I don't eat your face. That would be unfortunate.....For you.
         Skyril and Lego's idea is a great one! Whether it is simply great because it might lead to a solution to our problems or not, it is still great. You know why? Of course you don't. I haven't told you yet.
         It's great, because it's something that makes them happy, that gives them a tiny ray of hope that maybe, just maybe, they can actually do this. It's great because it's an idea that motivates them, that excites them, and whatever else! That's an amazing feeling, one I feel- and you feel - every time I follow my passion. So. My word of advice, is; Do NOT. And I repeat, NOT, post anything negative on this blog. For if you do, I will cut your soul with words as sharp as glass, and eat you.
         I mean it, I will.
         But, that's not all I came on here, risked my life, and risked getting GLARED AT (Which terrifies me in every way possible) by Skyril, for. I also would like to add a little explanation, for the....'special' ones, (you know who you are) who don't understand this.
          This is not an idea, to say; "Oooh, lets all contribute are amazing writing skills and whip up a book out of nowhere." No, it is an idea to say;"Wow, we are all amazingly good writers in our own ways, and if we contributed that, maybe we could make something." In this case, it happens to be a book. We are all great writers! There are many of you, (right now, it's a certain someone who will be nameless to spare their blushes), who don't believe you're a great writer, or who don't believe that they could do anything to write a book.
          You people, two things. First; You are ALL amazing. Everyday, I am overcome with how bloody epic all of you are. I mean, you all come up with special things that can make me laugh easily, like breathing! Second; Skyril is not asking you to write the whole damn thing. She's asking you that maybe you could add a little here and there, and combined with everyone's sheer epicness, we could have an amazing story, easy as pie!
          And no, it will not be easy. I'd be crazy, and I think I just might be, to say we could make a BOOK easily. We are good, but not that good.....Well, maybe me. I am good.
         So grab your pens! (Or in this case, keyboards) And TYPE!

    (Please don't glare at me Skyril.)


  1. I must say, my pep talk skills are terrible.

  2. OH! OH! *waves hand franticly in front of Viv*
    Can I glare at you?

    *looks at her hopefully then becomes suspitious*

    WAIT A MINUTE! You SAY you are not Skyril. But maybe you ARE her! How do I know that you arn't?

    *pokes her suspitiously*

  3. HAHA KAL. It says: posted by Vivianna Spark.

  4. ~puts on sunglasses~
    There, now you have nothing to fear! Unless, that is... you get caught by a reflection from the sunglasses and get glared at by the sun....
    But ASIDE from that, nothing to fear! ;)

    ~grabs by keyboard~

    What? It's not October yet? Awwwww... ~pouts~

    ~grabs by keyboard anyway and runs off to Blogland~

  5. Woot! Pep talks :D

    I agree with everything in this post. This plan is just great in every way!

    Let's go forth and conquer!

    *strikes a heroic pose*

  6. I actually disagree, Vivianna, that pep talk was AMAZING!

  7. ~re-reads above post~
    Oh, actually, Pyro, you are correct. That is the plan.

    Hey, I'm sorry if I made it unclear and actually your idea is interesting. Perhaps some of us could do that as well. :D

  8. Who's the person who doesn't think they can write?

  9. Great speech Viv
    I think writing our own books AND writing a book together would be AMAZING!!

    If we wrote a chapter each, like Skyril or Lego could write the first chapter, then whoever writes the first chapter picks the next person for the next chapter and so on and so forth

    That would be SOOO fun!!!!

    Can we do that pretty please?

  10. Every chapter would be different because different people with different personalities would be writing it TOGETHER.

    We could wrte it on THIS blog and then copy and paste it to Word or something.


    Ahhhhh come back! *chases idea*

  11. @ Dess- :D sounds like a cool idea, and I think that it would be really awesome for anyone who's interested to do. But I'd like to keep, on here at least, to everyone writing their own book, just because a big point of this site is to provide support for everyone who wants to write their own book.

    If anyone has a different idea about this, please do tell.


  12. @Lego
    Yes, I agree.

    Hey, maybe sometime someone-like you- could make a blog for that purpose of everyone writing one book. I think it would be really cool. And I know it would be really fun! A long time ago on the blogs me and a few people would write a crack shot story like that. It was more random then would be acceptable as a real story, but it WAS quite fun. :]
    I do think it's a good idea to try out sometime, just at a different blog :D

  13. WOOT. Kal, you don't glare at me.

    *points at something over her shoulder*

    It's a pretty butterfly~~ *waves hands all ghost like*


  14. Grrrrrr I've never wanted it to be October more than I do know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Straps candles to head*

    I'll send out positive energy to whoever it is that decides what month it is.

    *Does weird dancing gestures*



  15. Ooh, look at this. My post is famous.
    Damn, I'm good.