Mar's Post!


I'm writing this post when I really should be writing my story. I'm angry at this computer because it doesn't have a word document...thing, and when I'm trying to write it and then email it back to myself, its getting all funny with the wording. It's stupid, really.

I'm starting to write down my story NOW, BEFORE October, because really, quite frankly I need to write down my ideas immidietly or else they're just...lost...and forgotten...and that's a bit sad, don't ya think? (And I'm having too many ideas for JUST one book, and I'm already on the planning for book four. Go me~)

Yeah, well, some people have already heard me rant about my story topic on my blog (which really has turned into more of a blog for ranting then writing. I just like to write down my thoughts, or something like that...).

It's The End of The World As We Know It!

jk, jk, tha's not my topic. But it's a GREAT song. That may appear in my story. It'd be funny, I guess (no, seriously, its an awesome song. It lists a bunch of ways how the world could end).

Anywho, my topic is about the Digital Army, or D.A. for short. It's based on something that actually happened, but it's more fiction then fact, I guess (I'm guessing alot today. Hmmm...). It's about this army of-

Well, okay, looking back, I can find one scentance that pretty much sums up the topic of the book, that the main character says, that I can afford to share. And it is-

"Yeah, we're regular teenagers. I'd believe that. I'd believe that IF the Principal wasn't bent on destroying all that humankind has made and turning in into his own epmire. I'd believe that if we weren't trying to stop him, by forming a army that comes to life and is made from a computer program. I'd believe that if I wasn't a general to my own Unit. I'd believe that if he hadn't just ASSASSINATED someone. So sure, we're normal teenagers. But we're way cooler then any other normal teenagers. Plus, we're completely brilliant."

Yes. Okay well tht didn't EXACTLY sum up the entire plot, but I'm too annoyed with this keyboard to write anything more detailed.

(I just realized that I can affored to share this with you because I'll most likely change it later. Now if you excuse me, I need to go and get the better laptop)

(Ah, yes, and anyone who offered for me to use your character in my story, I may NOT use them in the story, beause I'm like to reserve rights to characters uncase I might want to ah...end their existence, so I'm keeping it to the origonal members of the D.A. [you know who you are, I'm sure])


  1. Love this story, Mar! :D

    You can still use Soot if you want to, you DID originally come up with her, I just edited her :P

  2. That sounds great Mar! I started smiling as soon as I read "Digital Army"
    Awesome! :)

  3. *grins* You may be on book four, but for ONE of my books (im now doing two series-es... series's... series... :S), i'm on book 6, soon to start book 7! ;) I WIN!!! :P

  4. Most definitely Brilliant! Love it, Mar :D

  5. Love the idea! :D My oh my, we're all so brilliant...