Lilith needs YOU to help her!!! You must all remember EVERY SINGLE NAME of EVERY SINGLE PERSON that you know that comes on the chat/blog!!! You must comment NOW! If you remember more that you didn't previously put in a comment, then PUT IT IN ANOTHER ONE!!! If someone else has already done all of your names, then FIND SOME MORE!!! Now, GET TO WORK SOLDIER!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ah. I've made a list of this earlier. Not the completest list but quite extensive.

    1. Kallista Pendragon
    2. Dragona Pine
    3. Nicolette Croga
    4. Derek Landy
    5. Lunar Tears
    6. Skylara Wolfbane
    7. Knight Fantasy
    8. Darkane Claw
    9. Sarthacus Bolt
    10. Mary Hiashi
    11. Skulgirl 13
    12. Octaboona Ambrosius
    13. Skyril
    14. Thrice Dozer
    15. Florence Black
    16. Leo Sparks
    17. Hellboy
    18. Lizzy
    19. Pyro Dawn Tyromant
    20. Rosella Embers
    21. Mar-chu
    22. Alex (Necros)
    23. Tristessa Murano
    24. Nyx Dawn
    25. Alexia Rue
    26. Quinnera Elviana
    27. Lenka Sweet
    28. Aquila Felis
    29. Thalia
    30. Bryony Rose
    31. Thor
    1. Ann Marie
    2. Niall
    3. Jaffa Morbid
    4. Venice Rain
    5. Everisse Eterna
    6. Lily Thornton
    7. Pandora Wakeshima
    8. Ayesha
    9. Rachel
    10. Mir
    11. Leona Raine
    12. Orius Rove
    13. Jasmine Lovelace
    14. Iris Blackflower
    15. Crescent Lovelorn
    16. Indigo Darke Light
    17. Lilith Nightshade
    18. Gepard Valk
    19. Isabella Midnight
    20. NJ
    21. Taia
    22. Rubescent Sunshine
    23. Nicole
    24. Legolas
    25. Chanoro Flashfreeze
    26. Blood Butterflies
    27. Sadhbh
    28. That Latkinson Guy
    29. DogslikesBones
    30. nights.raven
    31. Snoogy
    32. Genesis Aggelos
    33. Tori
    34. Halo Pickle
    35. Wonka
    36. Jaguar
    37. Brambo
    38. Amelie Cain
    39. Scarlet Creed
    40. Morgana Wolf
    41. Evangeline Crow
    42. Insanity Nova Moonshine
    43. Donkey Shooter
    44. Luna Devine
    45. Cypher Infamous
    46. Krane Farlin

  2. i definitely dont know them all... i will look again later octa! thanks!!! ^^

  3. *Sniffs*
    I was added as an afterthought...

  4. Octa, why am I number 18?!?! I SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! ONE I TELL YOU!!!!

  5. Octa killed everyone's opportunity to make a list of people. You hear that, Octa? You. Killed it.


    Sorry, I'm in a violent mood today. Not sure why. Probably because I haven't gone a day without having to kill a bug in my house for the past few weeks, and today there were no bugs. Probably a good thing, but it feels odd.

    Also. The new design is bright. That's all I have to say.

  6. It is kinda glaring.

    Erm. I like violent moods! And derek should come here. *nods*

    Ahem. Random.

  7. That's some list Octa! And I'm on it! I was reading it and I keep thinking "He'll forget me, he'll forget me, he'll forget me because I'm still relatively new…" But you didn't! Thanks! I feel good now ^^

    I have to say though, the new design isn't as easy on the eyes…

  8. Also there's Vanaerah and Dess and Ghost and Natalie Jay and Rue Nightlocke to add to that list.

  9. Oh, never mind. I see the design has changed again…
    This one is easier to read, but I think I liked the first one best. Ah, well.
    I bet as soon as I post this it will change again…

  10. lol, sorry about all that, Bones. Gepard and I were trying a few things out. I think it will probably stay like this for a while. Perhaps a little addition here and there but basically the same. For a while, anyway :P
    I'd like to change it up a tad every once in a while to get something new and fresh. I get tired of old things before they really turn old... but I'll try to refrain myself from changing anything too frequently :P