I should post a synopsis first, I know.
But I'm sleepy and feel weird, so I want to post this now =P

Alena raised her head, and stared out of the window, at the low sunlight it currently framed. “Call them into the right room. Tell me when everyone is there, I’ll be along then. Alastair, please, do what you do best. It’s a long shot, but at least they’ll be in a slightly more positive mood. Alexi, go with him and help set up.” Alexi just gave her a quick silent hug of support before leaving without a second glance, and Alastair placed his hands on her shoulders, covering hers, in an attempt to reassure his sister
“I know” a flicker of understanding in their faces, then with a squeeze from Alistair and a weak smile from Alena, Alastair followed Alexi’s example. Alena stayed as still as marble, her head turned to the window, lost in thought.
Elise stayed silent, enraptured, before being almost dragged away by Curor.
Alena moved silently past the bookshelves to the window, placing her fingertips and forehead against it, hoping that the icy glass would soothe her mind. Why was she so confused? So lost? Why couldn’t she find the answer, the perfect scheme? She hadn’t felt like this since she was so young. She smiled at the thought of all those days exploring, enjoying her life, revelling in the freedom, attempting to find her raison d’ĂȘtre. With... him...
It hit her then. The clue she hadn’t even noticed had existed, but her subconscious had been playing with since she’d tried her best not to hear it. She pushed away from the glass and the sun, just forcing its way into the sky, and sprinted to what she now knew was needed. 

Oh, HAI. Its Venice, btw.


  1. Oooo, Ven, that was AMAZING! I can't wait to read it all once you get it published! Wooot! Brilliant!

  2. So good!!!!!! Amazing writing and I can tell it's going to be brilliant!!!

  3. yay!

    *attempts to think of a creative way to praise your writing skills*

    you must write MOAR!

  4. Venice...

  5. Awesome! I wanna know what happens! ;D

  6. Epic! Love it! You made the words flow so perfectly!