Octa's Story Line

Well. I was planning to keep my story line a secret. I'm certainly keeping all the twists and suprises secret. But since you all shared your story lines I feel like I should share mine. Well the bare bones of it. That's all I really have. Apart from the twists and surprises of course. Which shall remain secret. Anyway here it is.

The title of my novel is 'The Lost Continent'.

Basically the idea is what would have happened if the continents of North and South America had never existed? Not just the people who lived there but the actual landmasses. If a great big ocean stretched from the shores of Europe to East Asia with nothing in between?

Anway I have two main story lines so far. One follows James Calvin Washington, president of the USA's son and one follows Emanuel Schroder- an orphan who lives in London in the alternate world that has no America.

James' story follows him leaving a message for the people of the alternate world- telling them that the fabled continent of America is real and an idea of how to restore it. (He overheard the plan to remove it. Of course it was actually removed by malicious intent, not by some freak accident- I need evil villains you know?) Although it is sort of freak accidentish too.

Other story line follows Emanuel- who finds James message- fragments at least. He then starts noticing documents disappearing- villains removing evidence of America. His story is of his journey across the world after being thrown out of London- and both story lines the villains attempts to stop them.

The only other thing I'll mention is there is a superweapon called WODEN, a slave race building a secret thing (well not for me) in space, Asgard and the mysterious Institution of Injvar.

Oh and of course the Unified Swedish Autarchy is now the worlds main superpower.

Any details you want to know just ask in the comments and if I know the answer or if I know the answer and it isn't a secret then I'm happy to answer them.


  1. Wow! That sounds crazy and epic!
    I LIKE it!

    I can't wait for all of y'all's books to be published so I can read them xD

  2. I liiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    reminds me that I need to do Mortal Engines fan-art, was planning a pic in Archeology... BAD VEN!


  3. Octa

    This sounds DEADLY
    I love it!!

  4. VERY nice! BUH-BYE NOW! *runs off to write other comments before she has to so her mum doesn't kill her for being on the computer*

  5. It sounds really brilliant, Octa! I love it's originality and awesomeness!

  6. No one wants to know anything else about my story?

    Not one ickle question?

    I want a question :P

  7. Sounds really good Octa! I love these kind of stories. The ones that make you think, "What if..."
    Awesome! ^^

  8. Umm... I wasn't going to say but I do mention you in the story. It's really just part of a reference to blogland but I do mention you!

  9. Oh Octa! *hugs*

    *hugs some more*

    *keeps hugging and smiling*

    I really should leave a proper comment.

    I love everything about this story. It sounds brilliantly original and intriguing!
    I can already imagine how masterfully written and thrilling this will be. I'm so excited!!!
    I WANT A SIGNED COPY FROM YOU WHEN IT'S DONE!!!! I will buy several and help promote in America too. Just as I'm trying to do with the SP series. :D

    *looks up again*

    Hmmm...Sweden as a main world power eh? Who would have thought? :D
    *whispers* Most likely ruled by a beautiful woman right?
    Well done Octa!
    OH! Just one more thing....

    *pulls Octa into another long hug*


  10. Oh! ...and THANK YOU OCTA FOR YOUR REPLY!!!!
    *blows him some butterfly kisses*

  11. Ah, Kallista...How your insanity stuns me :) Anyway, Octa, brilliant story line! Im so excited!