I am in the mood to think of titles... SOMEONE COME UP WITH SOMETHING THAT NEEDS A TITLE!!!!!!!!!! XD Seriously though, if you need titles, PLEASE ask me, 'cause I'm dying to come up with something... -.- LOL I'm using all of Aquila's faces now! ^^ But yeah, back to the subject... Uhh... my best in ANYTHING when it comes to writing (i.e. titles, just stories, movie reviews etc.) is always horror, but I can do other stuff! ;) Laters! Keep writing!!! :D


  1. :D awesome Lil! can u perhaps help moi?

    i need a name, or help for inspiring one, for a ship :P

    have no clues as of yet...


  2. omg rach... you are an eff-ing stalker 0o LOL you commented like right after I posted! XD

    Can ye help me??
    I need a Name for mine :)
    Thank you

  4. Lilith, if you can could you help me think of one for mine? It's on this blog under Darkane's Story Line. Only if you have time though. Thanks!

  5. Lol Lil :D i just must be psychic ;)

    righty o- i need a name for a ship. can be anything really, from something meaninful to a made up word :)

  6. Hey, Lilith!
    You know my story? For now, i've just called it Class. Do you think I should change it? If so, could you help with a new title?
    Cheers :)

  7. uhhh... well rach, if you want a word that means "ship" specifically... uhh... vessel could work ;) if you wanna be a bit more posh, something like: "great vessel" or "grand vessel" ;)

  8. Now... I will do these in order ;) NJ first!!! :D I'm on it my friend!!! ;)

  9. Ideas for NJ:

    "Unholy Secrets"
    "Sinful Secrets"
    "Sinister Secrets"
    (doesn't have to be secretS! it could be secret :P but yeah, I'm kinda leaning in that direction ;) if you have a better suggestion, please mention!!!)

  10. Ideas for Darkane:

    (thinking of the fact that apparantly the kids are descendants of the enemies)
    "Exotic Home"
    "Unknown Home"
    "Lost Descendants"
    "Children From Above"
    "Children Of the Above"
    "Floating Jewels"
    (if you're not quite happy with these, then ask for more! ;) I'm pretty dried up for names for you for the minute, but if you want more, just ask, and I'm sure I could think of something!!! :D)

  11. Ideas for Bones:

    "Lone Talent"
    "Rare Ability"
    "Special Children"
    (gtg now, though would like to do more :/ will be back soon to give you more ideas unles you are happy!!! :D)

  12. Awesome! I don't really need titles or names at the moment. But I will do shortly I just know it.

    Will leave another comment when I need one!

  13. LILITH THANK YOU *hugs*

    Sinful Secrets it is :D

  14. Thanks Lilith! *hugs* Floating Jewels is awesome.

  15. *grins* glad you like it Darkane!!! :D and I'm glad that you see how it connects (I'm assuming you do :P), 'cause I didn't know if you would!!! ^^

  16. Lil I need a name thing.

    Basically I have an evil god that lives in the centre of the Earth.

    Its' name in Norse is Odrsandraudiga- which means The frenzied one who dyes the sand red.

    But I need a nickname/abrreviation in English for it.

    Not a jokey one but a respectfulish one.

    Like The Sand Painter or The Blood Letter or something like that.

    But better. Thanks!