It's Bones' turn...

Well, well, well... Well.

It would appear that a lot of us are pretty much ready to begin writing as soon as it hits October. I personally, am VERY excited, and grateful to all of you - I'm the kind of person who will have an idea, work on it a bit, then forget about it. I usually need someone to give me a kick. And thanks to you, I have that encouraging, although painful, kick. I came up with my story idea a little while ago, and wrote a lot of notes and made up a lot of characters. I want to hear your opinion on it, because even though I like it, I'm not sure if some will find it unoriginal. That's the last thing I want :/ So here goes nothing...

For now, I've just called it, Class.

Sitting on a large, rocky, uncharted island, surrounded by always calm waters, lies The Institute. A place for very special people. These people, have the power to command certain weapons, or items - This is called their Speciality. They are recruited to The Institute as young as possible, to master their Specialities, and fight the forces that oppose The Institute. They're just doing what's right - or so they've been told.
Nora and Edgar were childhood friends. Born and raised on the same street. Lived a normal life. Until The Institute's agents were sent for them. At a very young age, they have trained in The Institute and have become masters of their Specialities. The Institute quickly became their home. Sent on assaination missions most of their lives, they are confused when they are suddenly dumped with recruitment missions. It would seem that The Institute is gathering as many Specialities as they can get. A storm is brewing. And there are times, when it would seem The Institute's leaders cannot be trusted.


Well, that's kind of the plot. I don't want to give to much away. I have a couple examples of some of the characters Specialities :

Edgar's Specialtiy - Scissors with blades so sharp, they can cut a space in the air itself. (This comes in handy as he can cut portals so he can appear right in front of his enemies)

Ezra and Ophelia - Twins, new to The Institute. Fight together in perfect harmony, Ezra is as quick as his Twins Pistols, and Ophelia's fighting style could be mistaken for a dance, with the beautiful elegance of her Twin Blades.

Evanna - Your typical bad tempered teenager. Controls her enemies with her VooDoo Dolls. She has a tendancy to play with her foes before finishing them off.

I could go on and on, as I have LOTS of characters in this story. And, hopefully, big plans for them all. They fight toghether for a cause they are never 100% certain of, and toghether they make The Class.

So, please leave a comment, tell me what you think, tell me if you like it, tell me if you think you've heard it before and so on...


  1. Bones that story line is EPIC I LOVE it!!
    Can't wait to see what happens.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! *grins* I like Evanna's ;) Man, I'm so cruel to people I'm fighting! XD

  3. Yeah, I wish I had VooDoo Dolls... Evanna was the first character I thought of. And then I thought of what's going to happen to her... *Sadistic Grin*

  4. Never said that... Who nows? Maybe I'll tortue her. Maybe I'll turn her into some kind of demon. Maybe I'll make her a vegetarian and force her to eat meat. :)

  5. Fantastic!

    Ah, Evanna sounds like a dark little she gonna like, betray someone with her creepy voodoo dolls?


  6. Wow! That sounds like a brilliant and super fun storyline! :D I for one have never heard of anything like it. Love the idea!

  7. Thanks guys! I'm really glad you like it! ^^

  8. Bones! This is BRILLIANT! I love teh characters and everything. Yes! I hope you write it because I REALLY want to read it!
    Ophelia's fighting style reminds me a little of my oc. :D I love it!
    Love everything about it!

  9. *grins* You know, if you're gonna do something to Evanna... I'd go for the vegetarian one! ;) She'll be all like: "OMG! PLEASE STOP!!! NO MORE!!!!!" XD

  10. Awesome story line! And original! I've not read anything like it exactly.

  11. Brilliant idea. I want this to be a book so badly. Start writing!

  12. T-T You guys are really too kind ^^
    Thanks for all of your kind comments! I'm glad you like it!

    I WANNA WRITE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!

  13. LOL, Bones! WOOP WOOP! That's a good thing! You'll be all revved up to start in October then! ~cheers~ :P