Lil's Story (Post 1)

Before I begin with the post, I'd just like to say sorry to NJ... I'll miss you too, but I might comment ffrom time to time... and if something really big happens, I'll inform you guys... :) And Gepard... make me ;)

Right guys, in this, I'm just gonna be telling you all what my story's gonna be about! This will be me beggining a new book, but I'm almost done with the first, and until I finish it, I think I'll be able to handle two! This might even grow into a full-on series! I have BIG plans for this... It'll be called...

Earthbound Angel

It's basically a time in the future where all that's left of the earth are a few floating islands, and a murky fog of dust that obscures all view of whatever could be out there. The reason for this, is years ago, when the world was at war (again... gawd, we're SOOOOOO violent!), and the government got together a secret group of scientists. They were set to work on the "Dark Beast" project. The aim was to make a weapon that would deafeat all of their enemies. They were trying to create a human, who was able to change, or "Bio-Morph" whenever their body figured it was needed. For example, if they were thrown into a desert, their body would automatically change them into something that could live without water for months, much like a camel, but improved drastically. But tests were made... and people were changed, and the things that were left over were more beast than man... One of the scientists, Arthur Kinney, realised that they were getting nowhere. He got angry, and tried to get rid of the research so that the others would stop, before they went too far with the Dark Beast project... but then he spotted something that changed everything, and he had the answer. He took home what he needed, and worked in secret, calling his new tests the "Angel Project". He spent months finishing it off, then he finally found a volunteer to test it on. His name was Rowley Craig. Arthur was unable to do the experiment at home, so late at night, he let Craig in, and strapped him up, begginging the experiment. The army burst in, as they had found out about his secret project. They began to drag him away, trying to shut off the machinery for the experiment, but it was too late, Craig was too far changed already. He woke, and the army bagen to take him away with Arthur, but his new instincts kicked into action, and he fought them away. Basically, he ended up making his first change, one that gave him a massive, muscled body, that made him almost bear-like. (Here comes the technical part XP) The pain was excruciating for him though, and with his new extreme powers, his cries shook the earth, making it explode outwards violently, creating a gravitational void, and sending the tectonic plates of the earth into the air in multiple pieces. (I'll sort out the details later ;) I know it's REALLY impossible, but c'mon, it's a fiction book!) People were thrown about, and whoever from the Earth's population were left still alive only had ruins left to bring their lives back from. Rowley Craig was now also up there, and, as his second change, he grew wings. Already more used to it, he knew what was happening, and did his best to control it, but he still couldn't stop more madness, on the tiny island he was left on. He fell off the island... but the change completed as he fell, and so he was able to fly back up to safety. In the end, people on this island managed to build houses more, and they created a new life. Rowley got a new family... and his children too, had wings. Many years later, there have been more and more descendants of "The Angel" with wings. But every generation, there is one person thought of as the "True Angel" as they are the descendant of the generation with the most "true" blood. Other than that... the only extra point to know is that the creatures that were made in the Dark Beast project end up as these evil creatures that wander the fog around the islands, and sometimes take people if they go too far from the normal towns.
The main characters are Karen and Leroy who both have wings, and Kevin and Tia, who don't. They're all best friends, and basically, Kevin gets taken by the creatures... the rest... *winks* spoilers...

Tell me what you think please! Good, bad, stupid, or completely and utterly a total moron's idea! I wanna know!


  1. Oh, and guys! Last name ideas for the main characters would be much appreciated! Many thanks! ;)

  2. i think it sounds amazing, lil
    cant wait to read it!

    name ideas? oh i suck at these... i will let u know if i think of any

  3. Lilith you better!! You need to read my story!! Cus you are in it!!
    Btw your story is like amazing!! I hope it get published!! That would be like... AWESOME!! :)

  4. And as for names... I don't have any to suggest sorry. I suck at that kind of thing!! As you can tell... Look at the name of my story. And my friends!! Seriously I named my friends!! Secrets and lies come out to play!! That was the name!! It SUCKS and yet she STILL uses it!! Seriously is a good story you should read and follow it!! But the name SUCKS because it was ME who named it!!

  5. This sounds brilliant, Lilith! I would definitely read it :D
    Name idea, name ideas...
    Hmmm.... are Karen and Leroy related? Would they have the same last names or not? I'm going to assume not
    Karen Linette [Linette means bird]
    Karen Celeste [Celeste meaning heavenly]
    Karen Serenade [Serenade meaning evening music]

    Leroy Skye
    Leroy Lark [Lark being a song-bird]

    Ummm, can't think of/find any more good ones for those two right now. Let's see about the other two...

    Kevin Lewin [Lewin meaning dear friend]
    Kevin Carlyle

    Tie Farida [Farida meaning unique]
    Tia Isa [Isa meaning rainbow]

    Like any of those? And, of course, you can miss and match if you want to.

  6. It's Brilliant Lilith!

    I love the floating islands (Because, let's face it, Islands just floating in water are a bit boring. They need to float in AIR!)

  7. WOW! Great story idea Lilith! I love it!

    Hm. Unfortunately, I suck at coming up with names. Sorry, I have no suggestions.

  8. HAHA LIL I have absolutely no problem understanding the technichal part.

    *glares at the people staring* that's what you get for studying. It pays off.


    Erm, last name for Karen: Alasyte



    okay, take a joke, seriously. Last name for leroy: Edyyse

    Kevin: Geryd

    Tia: Fariquea (pronounced far-ee-ka, it's considered a very nice girl's name here :D)

  9. Ah! Your so great! I wish I could come up with ideas as fanamonal as THIS! Can't wait to see how it looks!

  10. *grins* glad you guys all like it! and OMG skyril! thankyou! love the names!!!!!! SO using them! :D

    Soz BB, I saw hers first and fell in love... ;) *noogies her* i wuv woo too!!! *huggles* ;D

  11. OH, and no, none of them are related ;) ... unless you guys think it would be a good idea... (?)

  12. Yaaay! I'm glad you liked them, Lilith :D
    Hmmm... should they be related or not... IDK... maybe... I like it both ways, two of them brother sister and two other friends... OR you could make one of the kids with winds and one without be brother and sister or sister sister or brother brother or whatever :P
    I like it both ways! It's up to you!

  13. LOL skyril! I think I'll keep them as just friends... though maybe Leroy and Karen can be cousins... Yeah, I like that :)

    And I've chosen:

    Karen Linette,
    Kevin Carlisle (My way of spelling it :P),
    Leroy Skye, and
    Tia Farida


    thanks so much sky! I'm really happy with these names! ^^

  14. LOL Okie-doke! Sounds good :D
    I'm glad you like the names! :D

  15. Don't you make me make you stay because if you want to make me make you stay you be crazy. I'ma make you stay by not making you stay! SO HAH!

  16. I think I might actually be becoming good at making up names... Mostly it involves a lot of searching for various names that mean something along the lines of something [if that makes sense] But YAY! :P

  17. *rolls eyes at gepard's comment*

    you can't confuse me! >:D