The Plan

Hullo, everyone! :]
I'm Skyril!
And if you're reading this than I'm sure you probably already know that and are waiting for me to get on with this little explanation.
But first, cupcakes!
~passes out cupcakes~
Everyone comfortable? Okie-doke, then, I shall begin.

The name and url of this blog have a meaning, deeper than you may have first guessed. A good bit of thought and edits were put into both of them.
First off, the url, SPG stands for Skulduggery Pleasant Gang. Skulduggery Pleasant gang united to write. We'll get to the details of this in a moment, but first, the title of the blog.
Writers Rule the World. We decided on this name because the SP gang spreads across the earth from Louisiana to Yorkshire, from Sydney to Michigan, from California to Kilarney, and everywhere in between.
Writers from everywhere have united together through one man, one book, and now, what I hope for is something new to unite us as well.
The thought came from one longing.
One wish.
One aim.
One problem.
For us all to get together, all of the SP gang, and to meet and have fun. The problem with that is, most of us probably don't have enough money to get to that someplace to meet.
Well, thinking about that problem and trying to figure out a solution, seeing as I'm rather unlikely to win the lottery anytime soon, especially since I don't buy lottery tickets so therefore could not win and furthermore could not buy all of you plane tickets and hotel rooms and all that, an idea bloomed in my mind. That very idea is what drove me to create this blog after some considerate discussion and planning with one Legolas.
You see, all of you are so very clever, so very clever indeed. You write poetry, stories, songs, and many other fantastic things. Your skills in these trades shock me daily. So, I thought, we should use those skills. You should use those skills.
Use them to write a book.
Separate, wonderful books.
I just know, they're gonna be awesome!
I know that it might sound a bit silly right now, but I have faith.
You see, we've come up with a plan that Lego and I and whomever else that wants to will follow. It's a simple plan, true, but I think it will work.
So, starting on the first of October, we will begin to write and try our best to write at least a paragraph a day. We'll write and write till we reach the end, however long it takes. Then, once we're satisfied with it, we'll show one another somehow and give suggestions, or make small edits to help make it better. Then, of course, we'll try to get them published. :]
What this blog is for, is, well, a lot of things. Whomever wishes to do this with us will be made a member of the blog so that he can write a post if he so wishes.
You ask what we'd be posting about? Well, again, there are a lot of things you could post, such as hardships you're going through with writing your novel, encouragement to others, celebrations or exciting things that have happened, or, anything!
That's the plan.
It might not make us wealthy in the slightest. It might make us tired and sore; however, I think it will still be great fun no matter what.
If you wish to join and participate, then that's wonderful, and it will be a high encouragement to those already a part of it.
But, if you do join, I would appreciate it if you visited this blog frequently. Perhaps bookmark it or leave a reminder somewhere where it will be hard to forget. I would also appreciate if you commented or wrote a post sometimes to let everyone else know that you're still around, still writing, still sharpening the fantastic skills each of you already has.
If you do say yes, you want to do this with us, then leave a comment on this post with your email, any questions you might have, and anything else you'd like to say. You have till the end of September to sign up because remember, starting on October first we'll begin our writing.

I really hope to see many of you like this idea and sign up. For me, my heart has been pounding ever since I thought about actually doing this, and I've been grinning madly the entire time. :D

The only thing I need from you if you decide to sign up is your email so that I can make you a member :]
I hope to see you all here soon :]

"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd."

EDIT: I know October has already come, but if anyone else would like to join, feel free. :]


    *happily noms them*

    *gets glares at by Skyril for taking everybody elses*

    *sheepishly puts them back*

    OK! YOU KNOW I'M IN SKYRIL! Genius idea Lego and Skyril!


  2. We are brilliant, are we not? :D

  3. epic idea you two ^^
    why don't we just combine all our FF? I know I sure as hell won't have the time to write come next monday, I mean, Octa and Niall are hardly on anymore, and they are two of the best writers on here.
    also, NaNoWriMo, and Skype! not kidding, free via computers, cheap via phones...

    good god I love the internet!

  4. revan was the code thingy *panics*

  5. @Ven
    It's an interesting idea combining all of the FF; however, I kinda doubt we could get it published... Plus, most of ours aren't finished so we'd have to write them anyway.
    And I know all of you will be busy, but still, I think it would be possible for you folks to write a paragraph a day. I hope they decide to join because I KNOW they can do it :]
    As for the NaNoWriMo and Skype, well, I'm kinda having a hard time figuring out why you mentioned them xD What about them?

  6. I would like to join... one thing that may be a problem, is the fact that I am already writing my own book. I would like you to explain please. Would this be a problem? Could I count this as my one on here, or should I perhaps start a new one? I have many ideas, but I just think that it may be a bit hard. Please explain. :)

  7. YAY!! I've been waiting for someone to make something like this!! And also, like Lilith, I'm already working on a book (two actually xD) and I wonder if I could continue with those as my book on here? ish mah email!

    P.S. Who drew that pic?


  8. @Lilith
    No, that's not a problem at all. Lizzy and Gepard seem to be doing it already as well. And you don't have to post your novel on here if you don't want to. This blog is more for updates and discussion between authors rather than actually posting your story. What I thought was that in the end, once you've finished the book, then you could send it back to us, we could read it, maybe correct any typos or anything that you might have missed, and give suggestions if we have any to make it better.
    So anyway, nope, it's no problem at all that you're already writing a book. You could continue that one or write another one. Either way :]
    I do need your email if you'd like to join, though.

  9. @Gepard
    Well, I don't know who drew it. I just found it somewhere on the internet sometime except that the words were "The Munchkin Army want YOU" instead of the SPG-UnitedToWrite want you. I just changed the words :P

  10. Hang on. You're asking us to write a BOOK? 0o

    Nice idea, but completely impractical. Not a chance I'm writing a book, not for this, anyway. It's OK if you're already writing a book but to start from scratch...

    I don't like this at all. It's a good idea, but rubbish and impractical. Nice to think that you came up with this though, it's genius, but needs a bit more work to make it more... easy on time and effort.

  11. Skyril. I would be honored to join this. But I am not comfortable with giving out my email, because the email I use to sign into my blog account is my personal email that I use with real life friends and family, and it has my real name. I really want to join, though. Would this be a problem?

  12. *noms on cupcake*

    Erm... writing a book is a bit hard for me... I'm not the best writer...

    Great Idea anyway! :P

  13. Fantastic Idea
    I like it a lot and if I was to sign up is it okay if I message you my e-mail... Cus it's my everyday one... Would that be ok??

  14. A tad harsh Dragona, it's not impractical at all. It's a great idea! Everyone working together and all! :D

  15. @Dragona
    That's alright if you don't want to join

    Well, to make you member of the blog, I need your email. But you don't have to use your main one. You could just make a gmail account in order to get the invite or something. :]

    I bet you're an epic writer. But even if you're not, you can practice and get experience with this. :]

    Yeah, that's alright! Or you could just make a new email to use for things like this. :] Either way, but if you want to send me your email, it would be easier if you emailed it to me at my email- or

  16. Skyril - but that wouldn't work, would it? I mean, wouldn't you need to send the invite to my blog email so I could except it? I guess what I'm asking is: can I still be a part of this and not have to be a member of the blog? Like, I could comment on things with updates of my book.. That's really what I would like to know.

  17. @Thalia
    No, it could be any email, just sign in as yourself after accepting the invite.
    And, well, I would really prefer you be a part of the blog because I wanted everyone who "signed up" so be an author of the blog at least...

  18. Then I might not be able to be a part of this. I'm really sorry, but I don't know if I want to go through the trouble of making a whole new account just for this purpose, and I still don't understand how it would work. But I'll think about it and let you know.

  19. Aw, well, Thalia, if it's that much of a deal to make a new email, then I suppose you don't have to... I'd rather have you here, though not an author rather than be not here at all.

  20. I'm just worried about permission from my parents. I don't like keeping things from them, even if I don't talk to them that much about my life. But I'm thinking of alternatives.

  21. Yeah, I can understand that... I haven't told mine about this yet, but I might end up having to.
    Anyway, I hope you can figure something out. :]

  22. OK! We have a plan now! :D It will work, one way or another!

  23. Hey Skyril i think i will Make a new E-Mail Address and add it onto the Blog.

  24. Ok, NJ!
    Sounds good to me :]
    Just post it here once you've made it and I can send you the invite. :]

  25. Okay i think i have it Sorted!!


  26. @ Dragona- Excellent point. The idea of getting everyone to write a book so we can all meet up is a highly impractical idea. But that's okay, impractical ideas (imo) usually turn out to be the best ones.

    Even if this doesn't get us close to enough money to meet up (or even any money at all), we'll have a BOOK. That we have written. So yeah...for me this is very much a support thing for people who want to write a book, and however much money we can make is awesome.

    As for the difficulty from starting a book from scratch...yeah. Writing is hard. If you don't want to write one, then don't. Novels are hell if you're thinking about it as something that you're doing for money/someone else. But if you change your mind, it's fine to sign up as a member whenever you want, assuming that you'll keep with the commitment.

    Oh, and I totally agree that this (like almost everything) could be improved with some more work/thought. If you have any ideas as to what we could do, that would be awesome!

  27. crap...that was a long comment. Maybe I should have made that a post instead. Oh well.

    @ Venice- I'm hoping that this will be like a less insane version of NaNoWriMo. One paragraph a day is lightyears easier than 2,000.

  28. Skyril. I LOVE this idea.
    Ever since I found this blog, and you crazy people, it's effected me in a way I'll never forget. (Unless, of course a giant coconut falls on my head. That would suck) But, anyway, Writing. It's made my everday life turn into something amazing, and all the wonderful comments you guys make to me, and how you all encourage me, has just made my head rise higher in the clouds.
    NEVER. EVER. Tell someone that their ideas are rubbish. It doesn't matter what you think, or what your opinion. How would you feel if someone called your idea's rubbish? You would either think their wrong, or feel horribly sad. Either A, or B, it just causes nothing but sadness and problems. Also, Its mean.
    Count me IN. The idea of writing a BOOK, is going to leave me bouncing in my seat everyday at school. Thanks alot, Skyril.

  29. I really don't see how writing a book lets us meet 0o

  30. It lets us meet because once we all write books, we'll all be getting somewhere. The hardest part about success (for me, anyway) is beginning, anyway. Once I've done that, it's hard to stop.
    If we successfully sell it, then we can use that money to go abroad, and all meet up. Even if we don't successfully sell it, it'll be a beginning, and that'll get us through.

    That's my logic. But whatever...

    I love this idea. I think it's fantastic, a great way to get us all to meet up. Kudos+Alpaca coins+hugs to you, Skyril! xD

    I unfortunately have so much on my mind right now -___- But when things have cleared up, am I still allowed to join up? Maybe 1-2 months after Sep?

  31. @ Hellboy- We were going to have the starting date be the first of october, but if that doesn't work for you, you can join anytime you want.

  32. I am definitely part of the gang. COUNT ME IN! *gives cupcake to Kal*


    *bounces around the room*

  33. :) Sky!! Aquila ushered me over here- Sounds like a plan!!

    Sounds uber fun!!

    I'd be honoured to join :)

    (heres me email :P)

  34. I would love to join this! It sounds fantastic! Can I like write verses for poems instead? Or does it have to be a book? Anyway I'll email you my email. I trust you with my real name. :P

  35. No, it doesn't have to be a book! Poems are great :D
    Perhaps a book of poems :P
    Going to check my emails now. :]

  36. *sits in armchair* *noms on cupcakes* *i very comortable*

    OK, so first of all your saying, we should write a book. Each and everyone one of us. And get it published. And is it the money so we could meet?


    But there's a few tad probs for ME.

    Like Thalia, I'm a bit uncomfortable giving out my email. I dont have another one, and they both have a bit of info about me.
    Its also the one I log in for with blogger.
    Secondly, I AM writing another few books, but jsut keeping to myself, maybe printing out and stabling together but not publishing! First, I wouldnt know HOW, second, money... it would cost a fair amount... Third..*groans* Parents. I lvoe and trust all of you, but Im always getting warned ''never agree to meet someone on the internet'' blah blah blah. i would NEVER be allowed. but i SO SO SO want to do it! Oh i forgot. Couldnt write a book. I come up with ideas for book, halfway through them when attention spam DROPS.

    And Im bad at it!

    Parents would never let me do it.. *crys*

    I WANNA DO IT... Ill think about it..

    Great Idea! Thanks! *hugs*

  37. @Octa
    Sure thing

    Well, the way I came up with this idea was that we're all writers and don't have money to meet. BUT even if we DON'T make any money, I think it will still be really fun and give us some experience, you know.
    And I understand being uncomfortable about giving out emails because it's your name... but look, I trust you, and if you decide to trust me with your email/name, I'll tell you my name. I know there's no way to prove it is, but I hate lies and won't lie to you. As long as you promise not to look me as I promise not to look you up :P
    Yeah, I'm not really sure how to get anything published either, but I figure we can figure that out once we reach that point.
    I know exactly what you mean about getting bored with it. I'm afraid that that will happen to me; however, that's another reason I made this blog- to encourage, inspire, and help people who are having troubles with writing their book. :D
    And yeah, meeting people from online is sometimes dangerous. But by the time we've all written a book, I think probably a good bit of time will have gone by. Plus, we wouldn't meet in a secluded place or anything like that, and someone you know could come along with you.
    The meeting is far down the road, though, so again, I think we should think about that when it comes to it. :]

    I hope you decide to join! :D

  38. @ Skyril

    I have a little experience in getting published (I've had 6 poems published in various anthologies and had a book rejected by two publishers) So I have experience there that I'm willing to share. Also if you get accepted by a proper publisher (not self published) then it costs no money at all! So no worries there. Not sure how the publishing system for stories is but I guess pretty similar. I'll do research when I have time.

  39. Skyril - I hope to catch you online in the next few days. I think I'm just going to go with part B of the plan we made yesterday. It'll just be easier and quicker that way.

    Also, to anyone who's worried about getting it published.

    I was in a writing club last year. The girl who started it is around 3 - 4 years older than me? Anyway. She was getting her own book published, but she put in on hold because her mother died, which was extremely sad and unexpected. But her book will still be published eventually. I think she is doing the club again this year, for the grade a year below me. If I see her around, I can ask her for advice on getting a book published. Even if I don't see her around, a teacher in my school helped her organize the club, and I can ask her.

  40. @Octa and Thalia
    Thanks, you guys :D I appreciate the information and the help!
    ~hugs them~

  41. This is for UK publishing though. America probably has an entirely different one.

  42. I have arrived. You may all bow.
    No bowing?!
    Anywho, I just came on to say, still here:) I was bouncing in my seat all day Sky, and when the teacher asked me to answer a question, All i could say was; "Er...Uh...."

  43. @Octa
    Well, even so, there are many people that live in the UK and the information will be useful

    LOL ~gives her a cupcake~
    Well at least you were cheery at school, right? :P

  44. Thanlia! That would be SO AWESOME! Thanks for doing that! :D

  45. ~nods~
    We really appreciate it :D

  46. yay ill join its an awesome idea ... even if we dont sell the book its a great idea for all of us to do something together XD

    my email ->

    lol thats an email me and my friend made up so it looks a little weird XD

  47. Skyril! Legolas! How did you come up with this! It's a great plan! I'd love to join! I already have loads of ideas! Soooooo Excited! Excuse the explaination marks!


    I'll just e-mail you my e-mail :D

    It'd be soo cool if Derek saw this once it's up and running!

  48. This sounds awesome, but Ive never written fan fic before but I am halfway through my firt ever part and I'm probably a rubbish writer does that matter? But still I really wanna be a part if this it sounds like an amzing idea I would love to be a part if this here is my email I do hope I can join I would love it!!!!!

  49. I AM SOOOO IN!!!!!

    Whoop!! An excuse to write about whatever I want!!! Yay!!!!

    E-mail, yeah, right:


    (You still have my email, correct? I'll email you again, to see...)

    ADD ME! ADD ME!!!

  51. That's amazing! I could kiss you (I won't though)!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. @DogsLikeBones
    I'm really glad y'all like the idea and want to join! :D
    One problem.
    I'm afraid I just checked both my emails and didn't see one from either of you. Did you send it to me or Lego?
    Here're my emails again just in case :D

    By the way, Dogs, we're just geniuses is, all 8D :P

    Hullo, Natalie! I don't think we've met, have we? Pleasure to make your acquaintance :D
    Would you like to join? If so, I just need your email. You can post it here or if you'd rather be more private, send it to my email or PC me or Lego at

    Yay! ~throws purple confetti all over the place~
    I'm really glad you guys like this idea :]

  54. @ Skyril- I didn't get an e-mail either. Mine is if anyone needs it for this, or anything else. :D

  55. I guess it didn't work... oh well I'll just give you it here :

    P.S. I made this e-mail when I was very young. Hence the non-coolness of it ^^

  56. My email's on my profile page, Skyril. I don't want to write a novel, though. I rarely want to write anything, and when I do, it's fanfic, which is unsellable anyway. Any suggestions for what I could contribute?

  57. Hi! This is greatmaul from DA. I'd love to be a part of this. Anything that helps motivate one to write is a good thing, in my opinion.

    Anyway, my email is:

    Look forward to getting to know you all.

  58. @Ann Marie
    I'm sorry you don't want to join, but since you don't, I think if you're simply around here sometimes, reading posts, commenting on them, chatting with folks, you'll contribute a lot :]

    Yay, I'm glad you'd like to join!
    I've already sent out your invite :]

  59. Can I start writing my book NOW, instead of waiting for October? I really can't wait, and I kinda maybe sorta already started on it.....

    So, is that OK?

  60. LOL, Thalia!
    Sure you can. The official start is the beginning of October so you don't have to do anything now, but if you want to, sure, go ahead. Lizzy and Gepard and I think a few others have started as well :]

  61. WOOT!

    I actually just started on it today in study hall. But I actually have a plot, which is odd. Usually I just make it up as I go along!

  62. I would love to join! I think it's an awesome idea! I've been pretty busy lately, so I don't have much time to come chat with you guys, so I think it's great!

    May be a short book though...

    I also had an idea for Octa. Well, heard an idea (timing freakishly coincidental). This morning someone was describing a poem that was a book long, practically made up a book. So if Octa would like to write poetry, a suggestion could be to write a book entirely of poetry that fits together? I don't know. Just an idea.

    But I've been meaning to write something new for a while.

    And according to there are 11 people in the UK with my name. One of them me.

  63. Thats an awsome idea! :L i dunno if i'm good enough to even write tho...

  64. AH, I bet you are, Beefjerky! And besides, no matter what, this will be fun, and it will give you experience! :D

  65. *frowns* I would just like to say... I like the name, but I'm surprised no one else noticed that it would be kinda awesome if it said "It" at the end of the title :P :P :P I mean, "United To Write" is good, but "United To Write It" almost RHYMES! LOLOLOLOL Just sayin'! ^^

  66. LOL, Lilith :P
    Good idea! Unfortunately, I've already got a few people complaining about how long it is :P
    It does have a sort of rhythm to it, though...
    Hmmm United to write it, LOL

  67. *grins*

    It's only two letters!!! :P Surely they wouldn't even notice!!!

  68. Love it!!! That's my email!!

  69. I have a brand new spanking gmail account for you and it has absolutely nothing of my old one or any personal details of my... real identity...

    I hope you're happy you made me spend a few minutes online making a new email! *cries*


  70. LOL, Kalia!
    I'm really glad you made a new one to join :D
    I'll send the invite now!

  71. I would love to join if possible. (sorrrrry i know this is late.)

    Do you want our regular email or what?

  72. That's alright, Thor, you were busy.
    The email connected to your blogger account is the one, and thanks for giving it earlier. I'm glad you want to join :]

  73. i'm gonna join :)
    email is :

  74. Brilliant! This will be fun. :) No doubt about it.



    Kehe. :)