Vivianna's Story Draft.

      I kinda don't want to give it away. But this is a story, that will have all of you in it. Comment if you'd like to be a bad guy, or a good guy who's really screwed for most of the story. So instead of telling you everything, Ill give you a small summary.
     Valeria Nuit. At the age of three, she can hold flames. Her brother, Jace, can influence vines and plants to his will. Their parents have forbid them to use their powers. She has never seen the light of the outside world, and has never breathed the air. She has lived in an underground shelter all her life, and her parents do not allow her to take a step in the outside world. But that's all about to change.
      One day, Valeria's parents don't come back from a journey. Instead of waiting and staying inside as told, Valeria and her brother decide to set out and find them. Except, the world isn't the same.
      Government systems have been overrode, presidents and rulers and mayors have been killed, or enslaved. Now, all the governments of the world are conquered by one ruler. And he won't stop until the world is perfect. Or in other words, The Meliorate Project.
       After her brother is killed, and she is kidnapped, Valeria is thrown in with a group of children her age. All, gifted like her. They are all faced with the same descision. Follow the new rule, and help kill half the world, making the other half the predicted peaceful and powerful. Or, refuse, and be killed.                  

     Do you feel the tension? 'Cause I do. I honestly can not wait to write this book. It's going to be called, the Meliorate Project. Remeber to comment! Good, or bad guy? The first, like, 20 people to comment they wanna be good, can be in the group Valeria is thrown in. So, comment ideas and if you want to be a bad guy, or good guy, and I can start proper planning.


  1. Awesome idea!

    And good or bad? Such a hard choice...

    Well I'd like my character to be a grey character. As in the good guy with a dark background who reformed themselves.

    I swear all good guys are like that.

    Volzotan Smyke

  2. VIV! I love it!
    I want to be the girl who seems careless and carefree. Not scared of anything. But she is sneaky and will do anything to protect the weak an dt heones she loves. She may do some bad things, pretend to be bad to get an objective done if needs be. Bt she will never do anything that will get some one killed. Does that make sense? :P
    LEt me know what you think.
    Ilov eyour idea so much! It' sbrilliant!

  3. Wow, Viv, that sounds AWESOME!! Ummmm...
    I'd like to be a good guy ~nods~ A good guy that worries about the one younger than myself. :D

  4. And the ones older than myself :P but especially the younger ones...

  5. Well, if this is going to be on the back, maybe don't reveal that much. And I would most certainly like to be a bad guy. Definitely bad.

  6. Oh this is interesting.
    CAN I PRETEND TO BE A BAD GUY BUT SECRETLY ONE IF THE GOOD GUYS, delivering information, continuously risking my life?? :D
    if that is possible, i mean. If not
    I would like to be a Good guy. Plz :D

  7. This sounds amazing! Hmm... I think I would like to be a good guy, someone who wants to protect others and doesn't really care about her self as long as others are alright!!!

  8. Amazing story line! I WANNA HERE MORE! How do you people come up with such good ideas? It blows my mind!!!! Anyway. I kinda wanna be a good guy and if you need any good guys to be killed off or tortured or anything you can kill of my character.

  9. YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS! *shouts sternly*

    MAKE ME EVIL, OR KILL ME! *nodds happily* *grins* Don't start going: "Oh no Lilith! You can't want to die!" I just want to have something like that happen to me!!! It'll make it more fun for me to read! *grins some more*
    Oh, and if you kill me, make it an embarassing death, like: 'Lilith leapt through the door just as it closed, Indiana Jones style, grabbing her awesome newly accquired Fez after her. She sighed with relief, leaning against the wall. As she stood up, she grinned. "Well, I'm certainly not dying any time soon!" And then a figure in black jumped at her and she was stabbed straight through the heart, instantly dead.'

    OMG! I'M SO GORY! XD But yes, I want a Fez... did I mention that before? :P LOLOLOL! And if I'm evil, I also wouldn't mind dying :P That would be cool! (Especially if one of YOU guys killed me! Heh heh heh... >:D)

    I would ALSO (man, the requests go on forever! :P) if I'm good, like to be the joke of the book, or A joke of the book, so bad and very funny stuff constantly happens to me! :P You don't have to do any of this, especially not the last one, but I thank you very much if you will! :P

  10. WOW! Awesome Vivianna! It sounds so cool!

    I think I'd like to be....a good guy who gets screwed over a LOT! More than other people. Like...comic relief! And you can kill me if you want, but if you do, I would like to die either a very heroic death, or a very ridiculous, undignified death :P

    Also, a question: Would you be using our blog names for our names in the story, or would you be coming up with other names for us? Just curious~

  11. What a great idea! Can I be in it too? Pweeease? ^^
    I'd wanna be a good guy, but you're not always sure if they're good or bad - like Snape from Harry Potter. You can only find out the truth about him just before (or after) he dies. I'd be female of course... You can kill my character if you wish ^^ that is if you can squeeze me in! Can wait to read your story!

  12. :D Sounds totally awesome Viv!!

    May i be in it please? that'd be awesome!!

    hmmm... probably good. Very thoughtful- will often stare off into the distance for a while and not be roused by outside stimuli... :) is not necissarily violent, and is very odd, but if fighting is called for, she wont hit someone softly ;)

  13. Cooooooool! That's fantastic!

    I wanna be in it! However, can you use another one of my characters? I'd like to use March myself, thanks.

    (But seriously, but me in it. Put me in as a girl named Riley who can fly, or something like that. Ah, memories...)

    Riley would be a serious comic relief character, and say the oddest things at the oddest times.



  14. Vivianna - if I'm in it, could I be named Alex? Short for Alexandra? Like Mar, my main OC is kinda special to me.

  15. *rolls eyes*

    You can use my OC as long as no one else is ;)

    I don't give a s*** quite frankly! :P

    But seriously... THALIA!!! STOP STEALING MY IDEAS!!! :P IIIIIII wanna be the joke of the book!!! *growls* :P Joking... Or am I? *angry shifty eyes*