Chan's Storyline

Ok, so, basically, a baby from a strange world is dropped through a rift in space and time and it ends up in our world. so, it gets put in an orphanage and grows up to be a normal boy and then a normal teenager, but thats when things start to get weird, he develops the abilities to warp reality and create rifts in the fabric of time, who is he really?

I know, small plot right? but a lot can be done with it


  1. NJ took the words straight out of my mouth. Or, since I'm typing this, right off my keyboard.

    Anyway. Really awesome idea!

  2. I agree Chan! A lot can be done withthis! I imagine he will be good friends with a beauriful dark haired blue eyed girl, right? ;)
    I love this idea! :D

  3. What awesome abilities! Don't worry, I won't steal them for my story! :D

  4. Awesome story with amazing abilities!

    And yes a lot can be done with it!