Well, Everyone Else is, I might as well too.

Okay so, basically,It's about a girl called Ellisia.
She witnesses her parents being brutally murdered when she was 6 years old.

Now, she is fourteen and she is is starting secondary school. She befriends an outcast called, Bronagh. They become really close and learn that they have much in common. (You will find out during the story).
Then one night Bronagh does something terrible and confides in Ellisia what it is. Soon they are fighting to keep it a secret, but how long will it last? And what will happen if it doesn't work. Their lives are put in even greater danger when they uncover shocking information about the murder of Ellisia's parents. Will their friendship survive these trials? Or will they be torn apart?
They both have secrets, they trust each other, but how much?


  1. :D Verry intriguing NJ! my plot's a bit hazy at the moment... :P

  2. AH! It's like reading the back of a book! I wanna read the story nooooooow!!!

  3. O.o
    Ooo! I wanna know what Bronagh did! Very Intriguing!

  4. This would make an excellent blurb!

    Epic storyline!

    @ Rachel at least you have a storyline.

    Pyro has none at all.