If you would call it a "plot"...

I actually have an idea I like.

You may not know, but that's a strange concept for me. I made a few notes, but since I never know what one of my stories will turn into, I'm just going to give a short paragraph on the idea. I came up with it after thinking a little bit about Little Red Riding Hood. Okay, I was looking for a decent Little Dead Riding Hood Halloween costume, but that part doesn't matter. I'm struggling for a name though. Something along the lines of "I'm Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf", but it's too long.

The main character is called Eleanor. She's 16 and lost in the Woods. Everybody stays clear of the Woods, but nobody knows why. Maybe it's because of what happened 25 years ago. A body of a local teenager was found on the outskirts, mauled by an animal. The family grieved, but nobody looked into the Woods. Nobody ever has. So Eleanor hasn't been this deep into the Woods, but she knows where she is. What she doesn't know is that the trees can see her. Hear her. All but talk to her. And they're watching and listening. Then Will appears from deep within the vegetation. I'm not going to tell you who Will is, but you'll soon find out. The Woods feel guilty for what happened there. They blame themselves. But now Will has appeared. And they plan to rectify their wrongs.

It's not telling you much, I know. But that's the foundation, and I'll probably change things, and anything more I tell you could ruin any suspense I ever manage to make. Actually, reading some of your ideas, it sounds stupid and pathetic. But for now, it will do. And my storyline's and plots will get better, someday. I just wondered what the name Will/William meant, and it means Protector. That's actually pretty fitting.

Any comments appreciated. -- Loony Lunar :)


  1. WHAT! That's all we get of the it????? But...... I need to know what happens! *shakes Lunar madly*

  2. Wow! That sounds way more interesting than Little Red Riding Hood haha!
    I actually like the sound of that title… but, I am am a sucker for long titles ^^

    Yeah, I know. It's weird.

  3. Awesome-sauce! I like your idea a lot, Lunar!

    Hmm... how about Afraid of the Wolf?
    Or, um, I don't know :P I think yours was good, though, and not too long.

  4. AWESOME!!! and book names can be that long but if you insist that it is too long... book nam ideas:

    (the wolf)
    Big Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolfie
    All The Better My Dear...
    Afraid Of Wolves
    (red riding hood)
    Little Red
    Red As Blood (if you want horror ;) and it would be good to have the cloak thing as a front cover with this title :P)
    Riding Hood In The Wood
    (about the woods now...)
    Not The Wood
    The Wood Hears All
    Listening To The Leaves
    Dead Wood

    All random ideas that popped into my head at the time! XD I could go on forever with the wood ideas, but i guess you want more of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, no? I don't want to go off subject! ^^ Want any more ideas, you can ask me! ;) Or someone else LOL Feel free to mix and match!!! :D But do be warned... if you decide to choose certain ones, I will most probably end up stealing back the others >:D They're just too good to go to waste!!! :D *decides that that's enough in the monster comment*

    ... or is it?... XD

  5. I bet Will is the boy they thought had died in the Woods!