What could possibly Frighten a Ghost?

Dark hallways and bitter, weeping souls trapped in purgatory, all of which humanity seems to loathe and also fear. Such things from such a low and detestable species are much appreciated by the undead, and allow them to revel in eachother's scariness and happiness at the discomfort and horror of the Human race. However, what spooks spooks? What possible wickedness and diabolical evil could frighten the undead into fits of screams and shivers? The most we can say is that they do fear, and fear is what they enjoy. But, there are five who chill each and every being- alive or dead, from the most complex of alien beings to the simple, single-celled organisms that could never previously register emotions. Such heart-crushing fear do these five inspire that planets have been known to stop turning in their shadows, ectoplasma has been known to melt to nothing and screams have been known to echo in the ears of all who hear them for the rest of their lives.
     Suitably named, these five females with such power and fright are, and always will be, known as
The Fears...

I will inform you of The Fears in a later post.

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