Here is a rather small post, destined to be a small post by those darn destiney-ers up in the sky. You know, those guys with the strings? Oh, different story? Oh.
     Anyways, I just made an account to NaNoWriMo because I was bored, and I think we should all do it. If you do have one, post your username in comments so I can add you all. Hehehehe.
     My username is: ViviannaSpark.
     Original, huh?


  1. Mine is just NJ Maverick, also Original, I don't know how to add buddies.

  2. Kingtigerterror :P very cool... only i'm on the young adult one... not the adult one with the mahoosive word goal :)

  3. Same Rachel. I'm on YWP Nanowrimo and my name is (can you guess?) *drumroll* JaffaMorbid!
    aren't we just a creative bunch of people :P