Look what I turned into...

Do you guys remember part 1, when Kip and Angelista saved me and I was cute and when you read how scared I was and how I looked at Kip like he was a hero and all-powerful and stuff you kind of went a little goo-goo eyed over it? Well, just to prove I'm NOT cute, NOT a good guy and NOT easily vanquished, here's the latest part of the fanfic starring me... damn, pompous!

I awoke to the scent of blood again, realising Kip must be helping himself to more and more each hour. The light coming through my curtains was dull and dimming- sunset. At last! I rolled sleepily out of bed, yawning. My eyes almost refused to open and my limbs felt heavy, but still I limped to the wardrobe, picking out a new pair of dark jeans and a simple black t-shirt. I laid them on the bed then went to the bathroom to get a shower. Kip was munching noisily on the packet of blood as I passed, but neither of us said anything. I moved back to my bedroom, dried my hair, brushed it, and slipped my clothes on. I pulled my boots on and went back to the living room, where I found Angelista already dressed. I slipped into my gun belt and coat, then leaped through the window before they could react.
     I looked up, seeing both their heads smile down at me. They followed and we all ran through the streets on all fours, up walls, on rooftops, all in the beautiful silvery moonlight. We dropped into an office, where a sorcerer was attempting to kill someone...
     It was from quite a distance away that we first smelt the evil on his person. Silently, we dropped into a small buisness' building, straight into an office in which a sorcerer was holding a Mortal by the collar, threatening to kill him with a strange looking knife with black emeralds all over it, even on the blade. It looked like it was infected with black emerald acne! He didn't have time to scream before I plunged my fangs into his neck, piecring his windpipe. It was as efficient as slitting his throat. Angelista and Kip dived on his remains, eating furiously. I had to push my way in to get any, but none of our hungers were fully satisfied. Suddenly, the skeleton detective and Valkyrie Cain burst in, obviously looking to arrest the sorcerer we just ate. Valkyrie looked faintly discusted at the skeleton dangling limply from my coat's sleeve. I grinned.
     "Brought any Cleavers?" I asked. "We're still peckish."
     Cleavers burst in through the windows, spraying glass all over the room and surrounding us. I didn't flinch, but instead reached for my pistols, so swiftly they did not see me move, and shot the first one down, which Angelista dived on and began to tear apart. They swung their scythes in unison, but I blocked with my sleeves. "Only the Grim and his deciples may use the scythe to kill, morons!" I muttered, throwing them aside and shooting them before they had a chance to react. Kip and I moved to consume them, punching our way past the Cleavers and pulling the corpses apart. I had his left arm in my mouth when they charged. I shot twice, catching two in the chests. Both collapsed instantly.
     "Now, now. You're wasting our food!" I tutted as more advanced, jumping over their heads and clinging to the ceiling. They didn't stop, however, and swung at me in fury. Laughing, I dropped and landed on the blades of their scythes, using my feet to twist them round and catch them all on the chin several times. They were'nt put off, although I could smell the blood on all of them. I flipped my ankle, throwing a scythe into the air, and held it. It felt almost familiar, which made me grin.
     "Come on, then!" I laughed. They sprinted for me, then leaped at the last minute, kicking out. I was ready, however, and spun, swinging the scythe. It sliced easily through them, splitting them in half through the middle. "Ange, Kip, would you mind taking this little lot home to the fridge while I talk to the detectives?" I asked, and, to my surprise, they obeyed. "Now, let's try this again," I said, adressing Detectives Pleasant and Cain. "My name's Kalia Mist, and you are Skulduggery and Valkyrie. Let's be friends." Before they could throw me into a wall or something, I shook Skulduggery's hand and leaped for the window, but a wall of air slammed into me, throwing me into, you guessed it, a wall.
     "Let's not." Skulduggery said, clearly holding me in place. I didn't struggle as he held me there, but instead smirked as another sorcerer with yet another emerald-acne knife slammed into Valkyrie, taking her off her feet. She screamed, which diverted Skulduggery's attention for just a second and allowed me to drop to the floor, then dive on him. Pinning him, I smiled.
     "Race ya!" I ran toward where Vakyrie was being dragged, rushing on all fours, leaving Kip and Angelista to cart the massive pile of bodies back to my house; I caught a glimpse of them through the window, with two huge wheelbarrows of corpses, heading for a door that had only just appeared in the wall of an alley.
     Skulduggery was fast, for someone with no muscles. But I was far faster on all fours, and was soon to the building next door, where Valkyrie was still kicking and screaming as the sorcerer held her down, ready with that wierd looking knife. I dived on him, roaring slightly, and we both tumbled off Valkyrie suddenly. I slammed him into a wall and laughed as he cried out. He went to pierce me with his knife but I punched his arm, breaking a bone. As he cried out, I allowed the magic to pour into my hands, causing them to glow slightly. Clenching them into fists, I punched hard with both hands and watched him turn to dust. The glow faded, luckily. I looked over to where Valkyrie was panting and weeping a little, but holding it in, which I admired. She seemed to have a large cut just below her neck. Lucky escape, I thought.
     "Why did you..." but Skulduggery burst in, and I leaped through a door that appeared out of nowhere.