This is CRYSTAL DARKFLAIR's story....

Ok before you read this it isn't mine this is Crystal's. She wants me to post it here..


Pristina Keerie
I was walking home from the shop down  the road one day. I had an ice cream in one hand and my Gucci handbag in the other. I was smiling because business was good at my boutique. Some tailors had closed a while ago, and all of there customers were coming to me. I was walking home-also my boutique-after my lunch break.
    Suddenly a hand closed over  my mouth and a man pulled me down a dark alley way. “Hand over the money now”, He said, and trying to look hard he added,” Now! Or e-else!”. He looked scared. As if, if this went wrong he was in trouble, big trouble. I wasn’t scared of him though. Even if his grip was a little bit sore he wasn’t stronger than me. I pretended he was though. I pretended to struggle because, I  had a plan. “What money?”, I said through his hand,” I have no idea what your talking about”. It was true I didn’t. I also wasn’t sure if this man was a sorcerer or not. But my question was soon answered. “Y-You’re lying! You and that Sanguine guy! You know the guy who can go through walls and stuff? Well you two took money from my boss! Hand it over. Now! Or else!”, he said again. I think I had an idea who he was talking about.
     Billy Sanguine or something like that came to my boutique. He came with a blond haired woman. This man attacking me could have thought I was her even though I had a more ginger hair. Sanguine came to my boutique to buy a suit. He took two suits into a dressing room with him. He came out again a few minutes later with a suit he had picked. An expensive (€1000) bulletproof suit. I h ad to take his name because his credit card was out of date. He looked really angry when I said it wouldn’t work. The blond girl paid in cash for him instead. They both left then. I realised he left one of the suits in the dressing room so I went back to get it. When I walked in I nearly cried. The suit was in shreds on the floor. The suit was a €2000 designer suit not very practical for fighting but it was expensive! I would never ever forget Sanguine.
      “I don’t know any Sanguine”, I said to the man. He frowned. Then I attacked. I summoned a small flame in my hand and pressed it against his arm he yelped and jumped back. I could’ve run for right there and then but he probably knew where I lived so just to be sure I used the air to push him against the wall and getting my emergency revolver out of my handbag I held it to his head. “Now you listen to me”, I said to him, “if you ever, ever come back around here again I will set some of my friends at you. And you wouldn’t want that, trust me. So don’t come back. Do you hear?”
 “Y-Yes but you s-see I w-was told you w-were and adept?”, I looked at him and smiled. “ I think you just kidnapped the wrong girl darling”, and I ran back to my shop just in time to open again.
 I saw someone waiting outside it, looking in the window. As I got closer I realised it was the blond girl who was with Sanguine that day………..