Remeber those wonderful pep talks? Well, they're back.

So, um, seeing as I have no life and oh so much free time, I've been checking this blog almost five times everyday, hoping agaisnt hope that somebody has posted something.
               I've been so disappointed.
 Kalia Mist has posted, I don't know, thirty times? And I find myself reading her posts over again because NOBODY POSTS ANYTHING ANYMORE!
 Remeber that amazing time where every single post had, like, seventy comments, and people posted ten times every day? How 'bout we try that? Am I the only one with no life? Oh how sad...
             Post more. Comment more. Bring out your inner writer. With the minds of these people, fun times gauranteed.
Here is a motivational picture Im really not sure what.           


  1. Ah, I know what you mean. I wish people posted more, and I would, but school has kept me and some other people I know really busy. It's all I can do to crank out a couple of sentences a day, let alone a paragraph.

    A lot of people don't comment for a lot of reasons. They may just not WANT to comment, or they may not get on the blogs often and not see these posts when they do. Or they may only have time to read a post, and not comment.

    So, yes, this blog is a bit empty. But I really understand not being able to get on, post, and comment. Especially now, around the holiday season.

    Give people time. They'll post when they're ready.

  2. Oh god. When I saw that picture moving, it nearly gave me a heart attack.

    But I agree.

    LONG LIVE THE SPG UNITED TO WRITE!, but seriously. Write.

  3. Hey! It was not thirty! I posted three times recently and two times earlier on so thats five times- FIVE not THIRTY!!!! but thanks for reading my posts. I will check them out now! XD

  4. P.S, its Caramel Dansen. The picture is of some random manga thing doing Caramel Dansen.

  5. *sigh* I feel… uh… never mind I can't think of a word.
    But I am annoyed. I have NEVER been so busy with life before. Back in the day, I would have nothing to do all the time. But now?


    I don't want a routine! I liked the spontaneous life!
    It's sad really. I hardly ever have spare time nowadays, and when I do it's filled with homework, piano practising, drawing, reading, and trying to make sure my friends remember my face.

    I try to write when I can, but lately I just can't find the time to post or comment. But I do read the blog when I have a spare minute!


  6. I can't sit down and finish A post lately, it's too hard with homework, school etc.

    But yeah...