What is it with Octa and Kallista and the like writing fanfics about eachother and including eachother? I can't help feeling left out. Can anyone cure me of this evil?!!! (And I don't mean being a Reaper, that's not evil, it's cool!) Anyway, I want to be included and I feel unloved, unwanted and depressed! DX But that's just becuse all the fanfics you guys make are so awesome! I want to be in one, so I'm upset. Awesomeness is what you guys do so well! ; ( PLEASE! *puppy dog eyes*

I came up with a reason for me to want to join the good guys and I will tell it in a line of a story so YAY!

Kalia snatched back her pistol, a scowl on her frghteningly pale face. The vampires may be dead, but that was not good enough. Not while Karx Epo and the Cult had escaped. After years of searching and tracking, Kalia had finally found them and was going to take revenge when these teen detectives turned up, and Kalia was STILL hungry for human flesh. It irritated her at the least, and now Kallista had used HER pistol to shoot at her, thinking she was with the cult. She glared with those black eyes, putting the gun back in its holster, and stuck out her black, forked tongue, showing her needle-sharp fangs and black mouth.
     "Don't do that again, EVER." She growled, looking her in the eye, (it was embarresing she was the same height as someone so much younger than her) then helped Angelista and Kip to their feet, checking them for wounds or bite marks...



  1. KALIA! *hugs*
    You are ALWAYS welcomed and loved here. Things get hectic when th eothers get on a chat and talk. It takes a lot of reminders to get my friends to read my stuff. I understand as they all have other things going on in thier lifes too such as a heavy load of homework.
    You are a wonderful and talented writer. I love you story! :D
    Thanks for coming here to tell us how youfeel. We need to be reminded of our fellow writers who need encouragement!

  2. lol it was you in the story...

    Wait a minute, you SHOT at me!