How's It Going?

How's your word count going? Have you reached 5k, 10k, maybe even 40k? I know it's hard to keep on going and just do it. I blame the novel for calling itself crap. But that's just for now. Once it reads itself over it'll realize that it's awesome! Seriously though, don't stop. Because once you're finished you're eyes will go wide and you'll jump around the house, screaming, "I DID IT! I DID IT!" You wrote your first novel. That's a HUGE step in a writer's career. Once you type that last word that changes everything.
  I, personally, have reached 31k in my novel, Bitten. I've won YWP NaNoWriMo and I've been asked by an agent if they want me for them to represent me. I declined as I'm only fourteen and I don't want an agent right now.
  Anyway, make sure to write at least a paragraph a day and if you can't, make up for it the next day. Just keep going and never give up.
  Tell me in the comments how much your word count is!

EDIT: @Kalia Mist, try not to post one-liners, it's not necessary, and this isn't a place to post your fan-fic. Please keep that to your blog. You can post your actual novel/book/story, whatever you wanna call it here though. Thanks.


  1. ....I jump around the house screaming ANYWAY. But it'd be nice to have an actual reason to.

    Heh, alright, no, really, onto the actually point of this comment.

    *hugs Gepard*

    That's FANTASTIC! About the agent and NaNoWriMo and such and such. Also, you're so far in your novel....

    I've written 6,469 words in my book so far, though I'm about to go re-write some and do some more writing, so it'll change in just a couple of minutes. I'd be farther, but until January (ish), my brother and I share this computer for homework as well as free time, so getting on here at all it a life-or-death struggle (not really, but....)

    You get the point. Good luck to everyone with their writing!

  2. @Thalia NO! Worst thing you could ever do, edit before you're done. You must keep going 'till the end no matter what even if the edit is NEEDED. It's rule number 2 of writing.

  3. I just....I just needed to switched a couple of names around in a conversation. The characters I put there haven't even entered the book yet.

    I know, I'm not supposed to edit, but I couldn't help it.

    Me sorry ;___;

  4. Mine is currently 3086, Stupid GCSE's have been holding my back, i will be trying ever so hard to make up for it in December though, hopefully.

    And like Thalia, I have to share the computer. However, any day now my brother will be buying his own, so I will have this Laptop all to myself (except when my dad wants to use it, or my uncle when he's at the house, oh boy), so yeah Finger crossed.

  5. *looks*

    ...............Oh shoot I don't have a lot o' words....

    *starts writing, humming a song that vaguely sounds like "Call me during Doctor Who and I'll kill you"*

  6. OMG AN AGENT! AHHHHHHHHHHH! *jumps up and down frantically with excitment* I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! *glomps and never lets go* THAT'S AMAZING!

    But seriously, I'm at *checks word count*
    5,381. But I have more on my I-pod from when I suddenly think of something and my laptop isn't handy.

    I'm kinda dissapointed, because I honestly thought it was more than that.
    Homework, Exams, Piano, Guitar, Drama, Badminton, Reading, and Drawing are kinda slowin' me down. (I'm supposed to be re-drafting an essay right now...) But I'm sure that I only have a couple of more exams left, and when they're over...

    I'M GONNA TYPE MY... BUTTOCKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I'm planning on some MAJOR writing when I'm through with schoolwork. I promise - I WON'T LET YOU DOWN, GUYS! WHOOOOOOOOO!

    I can see it now... My bloodied, mangled fingers from furiosly attacking the keyboard... Ah...

    I have to share this laptop with my mum, but I might soon be getting my own ^^
    The Holidays have never been so anticipated...