A poem that doesn't have s name... OR two...... YAY!!!

Poems are NOT my thing, so bare with when these are crap...

The church bells rung softly,
As I sat and awaited my fate,
A priest appeared, I yelped quite loudly,
For holy men I fear....

I sit inside my dinky car,
The priest long dead now,
I killed him quick, with one swift slash,
And ran to take shelter...

I fear for my life as Dawn is to come,
I've nowhere to run,
For I'm a vampire, one without a hope,
I've nowhere to run, not now, not ever...

Dawn quickly came, My life almost over,
I try not to cry, as I'm a hundred and five,
Church bells ring, and I fear for my life,
And then ashes appear where once i was sitting.

AND no. Two!!

I sit at my bedroom window,
Sad to see it go,
The leaves from my old oak tree,
Blowing ever so....

I sigh quite heavily,
Myself, I'm growing old,
My old oak tree stands patiently,
Waiting for me, I do believe, silently and strong...

I'm quite old now,
Reaching past eighty,
My oak tree stands sadly,
Forlorn to see me cry...

I planted as a girl,
Now I'm old and weak,
Sick on my death bed,
My oak stands and weeps..

It is my time,
To leave a life well lived,
My oak tree gone, chopped for firewood,
Parts this world with me....

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