The Element Plains

OK so  here is my new idea, the Element Plains! It is a world made up of five nations.

The god nation: 
This nation is supposedly where it all started. There was five gods, The Element Gods.   It was once a small island, which had four rulers. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. They each had a crown, each with a crystal. Then they went to war creating an army each of warriors who possessed their elements. When the gods collided their power exploded, (killing all but one), creating a whole world. The god who wasn't killed had to test survivor warriors from each army to create new rulers, this time just for the nations. Leaving only one god.

The Water world:
This is the world ruled by the  ice Queen . It is made of ice, seas and everything else associated with water.

The Earth kingdom:
This world is made up of  deserts, rocks and mountains, etc. This plain is ruled by The Earth Warrior.

The Air  country:
this world is made of clouds and the sky basically. It is ruled by the Air count.

The fire Plain:
This world is made up of volcanoes and other things to with fire... And this world is ruled by (you guessed it) moi. Oh and each world has its own animal. Mine is the fire phoenixes.

Earth= Earth Wolf
Water=Water Turtle
Air= Air Eagle



    I think my heart exploded into thousands of mini cartoon hearts when I was sitting here reading, and the image of all those cartoon animals popped into my head.