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Kallista Pendragon walked slowly down the darkened alleyway, framed by containers. She was being as cautious as she possibly could, and doing her best to stalk the man who was her target. So far, she was doing well.
Well, apart from the giggling.
Kal was trying very hard not to laugh, very hard indeed, but the man had a funny walk. And bad hair. Well, most of his hair was bad. The rest was gone.
Kal saw a cat scamper across a gap in the large containers. Why did he have to go to a dock, she wondered. Couldn't he have gone to somewhere not creepy and not easy to get lost in?
Regardless, she saw him nip into one of the rows of iron boxes, and she too turned the same corner.
She only lost sight of the man for a second, but she still had enough time to catch a glimpse of him again, before he nipped down another column.
Kallista sprinted after him this time, unwilling to lose him, and she turned every corner he turned, went up every column of containers he did, followed him every step of the way.
He was too fast, though. He turned one corner, and Kal thought she had lost him, until she saw that the door of one of the containers was ever so slightly ajar. Grinning, she walked over slowly, cautiously, to the door, before pulling it open sharply. She struck a dramatic, "HAH, I FOUND YOU" pose, and pointed her finger at where she expected the man to be.
Kal looked around the container, which was somehow much larger on the inside. Hellboy, still panting, removed the wig and coat he had been wearing.
"Damn," he puffed. "You're quick."
Looking around the container, she could see all of her friends, except for the boy she most wanted to see.
And then the cake exploded.

Naturally, Venice was standing closest to the cake. Others shrieked and laughed and jumped. Niall, after checking she was okay, shook his head
“What a waste of cake.” He commented sadly. She glowered at him.

Kal went around hugging and nooging everyone one by one, and again if she felt like it. Eventually she made a bee-line for Venice and Niall, who were whispering into a small device, looking unhappy.
“Whats the problem!?” she was putting on a happy face, but she knew the answer to the question. Venice took Kallistas hand in hers.
“Well, Kal. You know how you love Octa?” her sister in all but blood nodded. “well, hes… Kal, hes…”at that point, Venice buried her head into Nialls shoulder.
He took over.
“Kal, you see..” he bit his lip, as if trying not to grin. 
"Kal, look behind you!"
Kallista whirled, and the love of her life caught her by her shoulders, resplendent in a suit lined with purple… and a massive purple bow that looked as though it had only recently been attached.
“Dammit Octa, you were supposed to be behind the cake!!”
Kal and Octa started hugging happily, and so Lego started shooing people out good naturedly, along with Ann-Marie and Skyril, leaving them with dimmed lights and a picnic of epica proportions.


  1. Add me in! (Btw, I don't do soppy, I don't do birthdays, I dont do love and I eat human flesh...) But plzzzz add me in especially if u make me a bad guy! PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. REALLY good riters research characters before adding them into a story:


  3. My dear wonderful beloved sister, Venice! *hugs a million times* I remember reading this and loving it but am so dismayed I never left a comment. It's so unlike me!
    I happened on it again as I was looking for something else on this blog.
    It was a treat and a joy to read again. I have always loved your writing and was (and still am) honored that you did a story with me in it. :D
    You are an amazing person Venice! I am so glad that I had the time I did with you. I will always treasure that and consider you a blog sister (which is closer then a real sister to me)
    Thank you for everything. Should you ever wish to chat with me again, I am around. <3