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The rain poured down, only mildly cooler than the baked streets. Inside a cafe with deep maroon painted walls, a woman sat with her feet on the table, crossed, lazily making notes on a pad of paper, whilst reading  a paperback in the other hand. Her age was impossible to place, and deep auburn waves shielded her eyes from the onlooker. A boy, who walked like a man, with deep chocolate skin, nodded to no one in particular, psyching himself up. No reason to be scared. She is just a woman, nothing more, nothing less, and a weak one too, by the looks of her. But still, the way she sat... like you could offer her all the world and she wouldn’t care.
So he might as well ask.
Striding over before he had a second chance to think, and ducking under the lintel to the small cafe. A bell rang, and she looked up momentarily, saw him at the door, and went straight back to scrawling on the pad. His legs took him over to where she was sitting, and his mouth coughed. She looked up again, and once again ignored him. He cleared his throught again, but this time she answerd.
“What?” irritation and nothing else rang though her voice, still scrawling a note. At closer inspection, it appeared to be a collection of random doodles. “Tell me and then piss off.”
“Alena White?” she nodded. “Lukas Lee sent me.” She looked up abruptly at that, but closed the book slowly, as if trying to kid herself and him that this was only something of mild interest. 

Still playing around with names. Alena White, I think I'll keep, but not Lee...

any suggestions? something generic, but mildly asian. He comes from Crimea, which is in Ukraine, but that dosesn't matter, borders are pretty much ignored by the general population. 
Also, the cafe is based off of one in Camden market, but this chapter is in...

yeah, I need to work on my world. Can't decide if alt universe, or compleatly new world... 

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  1. oh I like it! now write more things so I can do a proper critque, plz. *puppy eyes*