Violet Dawn, Zorabose Reckfien, Vladan Syribil and Alzaric Firenzec

Violet looked up curiously. The blood on top of the ceiling looked strange almost inhumane. It dripped with a plop. She smiled and turned to see the  three other new agents who were on this case with her.. 

Zorabose Reckfiend looked positively happy, seeing that they were on a case involving six murders. She had  long dark wavy hair, pale skin and bright red lips. She was petite.

Vladan had bright blonde hair. He was broad and burly. He was red faced, just after running from a close in- counter with a very boring looking sweeping brush. (he was about to be made clean the sancturary)

Alzaric was the newest of the three agents. He was quite small, But though he couldn't fight aswell as Vladan he had more common sense and knowledge.

Violet peered at the three unlikely people she had been paired with. She smiled again and said " well then scout for clues and we'll meet back here in ten".

Alzaric laughed. " Was it just me or did that sound like something Fred would say out Scooby-Doo?". Violet glared at him.

They were back were they started, in the sitting room of the murder scene. They had found nothing of course. The blood was dry now, not much good. Violet was fed up. Alzaric was rambling on about some theory, while Zorabose and Vladan were being all mushy. She fell backwards onto the couch and sighed heavily.  Everything was a blur.

 Violet started to say something but then shouted "Alzaric your a genius."

"what?" he blankly muttered.
"Say what you just said."
"i said it couldn't possibly be human blood."
"which its not, i should have seen!  Its Phoenix blood."

"What?", they all gasped at the same time.

Just then a bang!. The front door slammed. They all ran in that direction.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PART TWO COMING TO BLOGLAND NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

three posts that aint bad.. YAY!

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