No writing has been done!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
I've only written a page!! I've been really busy and I'm using the midterm to catch up on studying. Once I've caught up and don everything that needs doing for school I will write. But for now this is all I've done.

Carolina looked around the dusty shelves. She remembered when she was five and her mother had brought her in to see if she could get a job as a messanger. The contense had changed a lot in ten years. They were organised the same way but the wings had grown duller, the hooves less shiny and the horns less extravigant. She remembered the fire of the pheonix feathers and the shimmering unicorn horns. She had been awed by them until she found out that the animals had been killed to gain their finery. Now she was the one doing the killing. She had moved up the ranks in her time. Sometimes she felt discussded at herself, but it was the only source of money she could find. She had no qualifications in anything else and now that her family had been killed by the government she had to fend for herself.
She turned and grinned as she saw John coming through from the operating room. He wiped his crimson hands on the grubby cloth at his hip and leaned on the counter.
“This had better be good,” he grumbled. “I left Chris to finish and you know what he’s like. He can hardly handle the simple stitches.”
Carolina just raised an eyebrow and dropped her bag on the table. The leather made a muffled thump and something clattered inside. John pulled it towards him and tugged open the tie. Caroline couldn’t help giggling at his expression as he tipped the magnificant horn on the table.
“Where did you get it?” he called over his shoulder as he rushed off to wash his hands properly.
When he came back, his hands finaly clean so he could hand the horn properly, he looked at her in awe.
“There were rumors that unicorns still survived in the Mountains near the capital so I thought I’d check them out.”
John shook his and muttered something about stupid risks but bent over the horn with his eye glass to study it. Carolina sat back and waited for him to finish his inspection. When he finaly looked up he looked even more impressed.
“This is in exellent condition. You’re getting better at picking good specimens.”
“I try,” Carolina blushed at the compliment.
John moved to pick up the horn but Carlina pinned it to the table.
“Payment.” She demanded, holding out her hand.
John’s face paled and he started to stammer.
“I…. I’m just waiting for the operation to finish and then I’ll be payed.”
“Then I’ll just have to wait won’t I,” Carolina said, pulling the horn into her lap settling back into her chair.
“Of course,” John grimaced as he turned away and hurried back to the operating room.

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  1. WHOA FTW!
    OH YEAH! *high fives Darkane* I love this so much! BRILLAINT writing My good friend! Don't you dare go and become hard on yourself. You aer doing a splendid job! You have already a lot of things to do to succeed in school and in your other activities. I think it's wonderful that you have been able to find time towrite at all! You have a real nack for writng Darkane. I was hooked from the beggining! Well done! XDDDDD